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No one cares here in the states. I haven't seen a commercial or heard anyone say anything about it. I have Prologue but frankly, it's boring and I don't like waiting years and years for revisions because you're scared of your comp.

Maybe sometime soon I'll actually have something on PS3 to buy. Well, I do have Castlevania on PS3 and it rocks.

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Bubble up for you for not being stupid.

I will be adding these to my collection as soon as I can.

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If this was on anyother platform (namely Kinect) it would be getting dissed continously. But this is a mainly a European sdf site so I'm not surprised.

Keven Butler's "pew-pew" joke truly belongs here. A bad looking add-on for a bad looking add-on. Nice.

"But it has buttons!"...

Duck Dodgers want's his laser back.

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Stories like this one that get approved via a "non-biased" and "well balanced" system like N4G's bubble system.

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Oh that's right, I rememeber. You sound like every other person who's ever lived that didn't "get" or have the ability to imagine the possibilities with new technology.

Bubbs up for Angelus. I agree and I'm with you on that.

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My PS3 is used to watch blu-rays. Sometimes an actual game comes out that's worth checking out. Sadly, the console and the games are the most overrated that I've ever seen. The movies kick ass, the games are hardly what the sdf would have you believe.

It's gotten to the point where I have to dust the damn thing off.

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Sigh, it never ends on n4g.

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How about don't spend thousands.

Wake me when I have a reason to turn on my ps3 other than watching a blu-ray.

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That's what has kept Sony in mind and market share with the best games (rated or not) and in first place...oh wait, wrong company.

In other news, angry sdf squads attempt defending a freaking machine instead of enjoying it.

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It's not something that has changed gaming in any way, shape or form. Blu-ray is cool and all (mainly for movies) but for gaming? Reach has more content on it than most if not all PS3 games currently available (or worth playing) and it's on a dvd.

Compare the quality of the games with the sales of said titles and it speaks for itself. Having blu-ray isn't pushing PS3 games quality or sales through the roof (3rd place anyone) and despite the cries of the sdf all ...

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Reach is an excellent game that is better (imo) than any game I've played on PS3 and will definately have a much longer presence online in the years to come compared to the multiple failures of Sony to make an fps even close.

Some games are good, some are great. Reach is a legend.

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You deny he's right?

lol, kids.

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I way overhyped ps3 game with good graphics that no one plays or a good looking 360 game that's actually fun and people will still play a few months later.

Killzone a Halo competitor? lol

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I already have a Wii.

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Sony talks shit. Promises the world yet doesn't deliver. Nintendo says hello as Sony pimps Marcus and Butler. Good luck with that.

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We're only weeks away from watching sdf mass suicides and mental collapses from what Kinect can do. Some of us have seen the potenial and what is to come. Other's have placed faith inthe Wii didlo 2.0.

Oh how seet that crow will taste.

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Reviosnist history much?

Back in the PS2 dayes especially, all we hard about were sales and how graphics didn't matter. The XBOX comes along, kicks Sonys as in the visual department while offering robust online play and a solid catalogu (particulary Halo, a series they still can't match).

That's when Sony got cocky and starting talking trash.

Yet with nothing to justifying the purchase of a PS3 until ver rercently, now it&#...

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Yes. But, on a site full of sdf haters, what do you think they'll say?

Oh and a 10/10 is not saying the game is perfect. Some of you have zero clue what you're talking about when it comes to games.

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Instead of playing their "system from the god's", the typical sdf trolls are on n4g talking shit...again. When you don't have anything to play I guess that's what you do. Hate. But hey, there's always M.A.G. or Killzone 2 right?

Now back to Reach. My batteries are charged and I'm ready. Hopefully I'll have a game to buy for my PS3 that I'll actually play for any anmount of time. I'm kinda tired of watching blu-ray's.

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No interest in Move at all. Great tech no doubt. Just not for me.

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