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You need to read the books if you think that he'll top the MC. In fact, I think it's evident in the games that he doesn't. Not to say that he isn't cool, but come on, it's the MC.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again, Sony fanboys ruin this site. I fucking hate coming here sometimes. Any bit of Xbox news is swarmed by these turds and this article is no different. Fuck you guys.

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Now I have a reason to get a PS4, I've been waiting for this announcement.

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It doesn't matter what he says because the usual suspects will still think what they want to. A bunch of people who don't own and X1 and have no intention on buying one are the first to comment. What a shock. Sony trolls are the poison infecting this industry.

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Damned if you do, damned if you don't. I hate this site.

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Wrong. He's the guy at the party that makese sense when everyone else is trying to catch up.

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Despite the fact that this is N4G, a site known for trolls and crap articles, this has to be one of the worst headlines (re: missleading) that I have ever seen. Anything to make Microsoft look bad is the motto here.

This site is such trash.

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Sony is simply reflecting their degenerate fanbase. I'm not suprised in the least.

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This is the game I want to play the most, but I can already tell that ratings wise, it will be very polarizing.

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A few days ago it was all, "The X1 is weak and can't run native 1080p." Now that we have issues with the PS4 version it's, "Both versions weren't optimized correctly by Infinity Ward."


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Whatever they're working on will become the reason I get a PS4. They make great games, the only exception being UC3, I didn't like that one.

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I did read the article, you're just missing my point and what I was responding to.

That sound you hear is the plane flying over your head. Way to go, sorry I'm an asshat.

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No, they aren't equally as bad. Sony and their fans are by far the worst when it comes to this sort of thing. It reminds me of this gem from back in the day.

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Good article. It points out many of the reasons I don't like Sony. Between them and the average playstation fan it totally turns me off from their products.

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You're not expressing an opinion, you're being a jerk, that's the difference. If you had expressed a feeling other than the relevant content then you'd have an argument.

And stop trying to be clever, you're not good at it.

edit: Is that the best you could come up with? Lol, that's rich. Keep going for the gold RDF.

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Stop being a bitch, they have a different opinion than yours. Get over it.

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Joystiq and dailyjoystick podcast are two different things. It's obvious in the title.

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Some of you will jump on anything anti-Microsoft because you're haters. The site is run by trolls who jump with glee anytime a MS story pops up. I hate this site.

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I'm not a Sony fan at all, but I'm glad this clown got called out for his lies and misinformation.

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