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Step 1: Plant Proximity bomb on extraction point
Step 2: ????
Step 3: Profit!

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I agree with everything apart from the point on night-time, the way the game is designed if you keep doing missions during the night-time the enemies just start wearing NVGs which defeats the purpose of it being at night.

You should just do missions at the time you come across them

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Because that defeats the point of it being a limited edition console

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Never knew this existed, but sounds like something i'd use a heck of a lot.

Good luck everyone!

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Never knew this existed, but sounds like something i'd use a heck of a lot.

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I've got the demo and it really aint much just the one level and 5 characters, i would never spend money on it let alone $30 jeez

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When you have over a certain amount of games, they begin to drop off the main section and go into your library so it doesn't become a massive long list

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They mentioned the power brick, shuhei just said that it is inside the console so no power brick outside :D

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It won't be £100 when the PS4 comes out, no way. I'd go for one now if you want it.

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So you would rather pay £100+ more for backwards compatibility instead of just keeping your PS3?

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There is a link to his site at the end of the video yet he claims they gave him no credit? They pretty much just gave him some free publicity.

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I hope it's Fallout 4, i loved Fallout 3 but i felt that Fallout New Vegas was as good.

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Thing is, it's kind of their fault for storing a list of games you own locally that can be edited AND storing the Direct Download Links for games locally as well.

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It's $400'000 that they won, $1'000'000 was just the total amount for all the prizes. Fariko won $400'000, EnvyUs won $200'000 and some other teams got $100'000 each

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@jaymart2k if you seriously think that's the reason that there is no PS3 BC in the PS4, not the fact that they would have to include some of the PS3 hardware because it's so different to what's in the PS4 then i have no hope for you.

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It's optional in the sense that some games will utilize things like the play station eye which would not be practical to use during remote play.

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Actually on PC uPlay is the same thing as Origin in a sense but with ubisoft games and you have to install it to launch any new ubisoft games.
I have it on my PC because i needed to install it to play Far Cry 3.

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I have to say that this reminds me more of Team fortress 2 but set in the star wars universe rather than call of duty/battlefield.

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But there aren't any PS3 losses anymore....

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I like how he thinks that the lightbar used for tracking the controller by the new camera is the LED indicator for whether the controller is on and it's so big because Sony think we're all idiots.

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