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I'm not against that price jump based on the Canadian dollar alone, but the fact that we never got a price drop two years makes this adjustment kind of stupid. It's Sony saying it only goes one way. #2.4
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NHL 14 is awesome but prior to this one, the series was a joke. Each year they added a realism factor loose/break sticks, loose helmet, bodycheck a player onto the bench, stuff like that and made sure we knew these new things were in by overdoing them.

The GUI has always been fugly. The intro of a new game feels like a broadcast of the 90s.

If it wasn't a 20+ years series, I'd say they're doing great, but to me they look lazy, this game should be... #3
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Blu ray was much needed and it wasn't an add-on.
It wasn't like that super nice HD DVD add-on for only 199$ ;) #1.2.5
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Is X1 getting the Nintendo treatment now? I don't care about resolution and all those specs, all I care about is gameplay and story....yeah right!! #12.2
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I may be naive, but this is actually the first time I truly think this game will make it through soon. #1.5.1
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They need to get rid of that Kinect bs and drop to 400$, even my dumb dog could figure that out. #1.4.2
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We(PS4 owners)'ll get the sequel in two years, I'm okay with that. #42
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Mine might sound a bit weird but that's how I feel.
Didn't play TLOU yet.

1.3D Dot Game Heroes
2.Heavy Rain
3.Uncharted 2/3
4.Infamous 2
5.Resistance 3 #11
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We'll see how it goes but the least Sony have done with that is push X1 to present somewhat the power of the cloud **place lightning sound effect here**. #9
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Duke Nukem Forever : Definitive Edition! :D #5
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Just like I think Windwaker was overpriced...Both should have been 39.99.

Even more so for TR because it's a great game but it wasn't that successful, by making it one of the lowest costing PS4/X1 games, they could have expanded the fanbase and hit a homerun with the sequel. #17
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What are they smoking at Ninty...just weird comments over weird comments!? #73
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Have we seen a first offering of those new and more interesting possibilities yet of the M$ cloud computing in games?

If not, I'd rather have a debate about who would win in a fight between Godzilla and a giant mutated sasquatch. #4.3
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It must be Sony's fault for sure, not because of the low specs that makes it difficult to port games...That console is a joke. #61
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I agree so much with that statement.

And with all the money they got from the Wii, they could have built a juggernaut of a console that could break Sony and M$ but they tried to rewind and press play to play the same song again but it's broken and I doubt it will work once more.

All the solutions proposed are good but they would only work if we were still in the first year of the console and against PS3/360.

Now power wise, WiiU is a joke... #3.3
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Indeed, I think we'll see a TLOU PS4 port in June and Uncharted 4 in November. #6.1.2
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I don't see what the problem would be.

PS4 is still in a shortage state and this is the golden age for new PS3 gamers, console and games are cheap, lots and lots of amazing games plus it's an awesome blu-ray player.

Some people get in a console when it reaches that point and there's nothing wrong with that, I wish I was that patient :) #1.6
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You do know there's a shortage, right?

Hop in Best Buy's website and you will be able to order a X1 but you won't be able to order a PS4.

You'll say that they just need to ship more or something but the PS4 is present in 48 territories and X1 in 13, there's a cost to that strategy and we're seeing it. Japan is also coming in 5 weeks. #4.2.2
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I was so jealous of you X1 guys for getting this as I am PS4 and now I feel for you guys. Make it popular, rage about the 6vs6 and Titanfall 2 which will probably be also featured on PS4 will have a 10+vs10+ that makes sense.

Still, this is a real downer. #1.23
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It's too early in my opinion for cloud computing in videogames.

It's just a gimmick M$ threw out there to explain that even though X1 has way less power than PS4, it will do just as well and possibly 4 times better than the PS4 in their words. That's a pretty lie.

Which announced games will use cloud computing on X1?
What's the minimum broadband speed for this to have an effect and what happens if you don't have that speed?
... #13.2
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