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Just like everyone wanted a Darksiders 2 but when it came, everybody looked away. #5.2.2
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Exactly, this is a 6 months old game, the hype is gone so why would the PS4 owners run to get it unless they eagerly wanted to play it. Same goes for the Tomb Raider's sequel.

These are the games I buy from the bargain bin when there's a slow gaming month. #2.6
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Somewhere in 2015 sure, but not by the end of the year. Bayonetta is far from a heavy hitter and Dynasty Warriors usually don't sell that well, so putting a Zelda skin over it is not a sure shot. Yes, Smash will sell, a lot, but let say it sells as much as Kart (2.5), a bunch of Nintendo game lovers already have their Wii U, let's be optimistic and say it brings the Wii U to 1 million new users, we're just at 8.

10 will take a while. #5.2
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Coming from the brand that brought us the shovelware king console that sold 100 million units to kids and seniors, the same company that thought almost 30 years ago that the real Mario 2 was too complicated for the US, so they transformed a mindless but fun game into a Mario game instead.

I've seen some videos of Tropical Freeze and it seems pretty easy, nowhere near the last 2 Rayman.

Pretty bold to shame the casuals when it's their niche market. #35
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It truly does everything! #2.3
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There's a difference between wanting or hoping something fails and don't mind it.

I bought the PS3 reboot and enjoyed it, now a PS4 owner I know I won't be able to play it at launch and some time after. If it bombs, I really don't mind, it's not on my system.

I truly hope this game's a treat for X1 owners and maybe then I'll bother looking at it when it launches and drops to 20-30$ on PS4.

ND Uncharted 4 will be by... #3.1.6
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Please no Brolin and no Jackman for Joel.
If Wyle can add 20-30 pounds to fit the frame of Joel, I'd say yes, if not, Edgerton would also be a good choice. #4.6
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Yeaaah, but this is not a hack, so what's your point? #43.1
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Yes! #12.2
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Reports say 33% of the current PS4 owners are either old Wii or 360 owners. #8.3.6
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I'm sure I'm not gonna make any friend but I would go with Liam Hemsworth and age him a bit. He's similar physically to the Drake we know, witty guy, he would be able to give the role some of his personality just like Pratt did with Quill. #12.2
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At some level I agree, but if you watched Indie Game:The Movie, you might have noticed that to an extent the project was a failure to him.

It was like having a job that you hate for so long and releasing the project was like quitting. Now he's being asked if he'll ever return there.

Is he a d about it, yes, but I'd rather see him start fresh than doing something he hates. Though he should get public about why he doesn't want to do it instead o... #10.3
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M$ does it and so does Sony, that's all good. I'm not for it, but I'm not against it either.

People will be angry and that's totally normal, they pay the same price as the other side but get less.

It's a business decision, the game gets "free" advertising from one side, but they sure know that might turn off some fans on the other side that might in the end not get the game, or get it 3-4 months after launch to shave 20$ off the... #37
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Well, you can boycott that Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris. It should be easy to resist downloading it, the 1st one was crappy-ish to mediocre. #77.1
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It's probably just a timed exclusive, but they can't legally say it right now. If it was that clear that it's a lifetime exclusive, they'd say it like they did with Titantall.

They sold 2.5+ million on the PS consoles and less than 2 on the M$, that'd be weird. I'm more disappointed than angry about this. #62
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That's like asking if GOTY editions are bad.

Sometimes people skip over a game at launch or on its first year, GOTY and remaster will grab some of these people who missed on a great game. Besides more content and enhanced graphics, the game is cheaper...what's not to like.

And the argument of the studios putting too much effort in these is plain stupid; ND is making Uncharted 4 and a still unknown project, Tomb Raider is having a sequel in development... #22
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I don't know, it might be funny to see some celebrity look alike zombies or some overdressed ones. I'm sure they'll find many ways to make it worth the big city setup. #1.2.3
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It's usually not that bad because it's in the mood of the game and to some extent pure perceivable fantasy, but Heavy Rain (ex. cut the main character's finger) and Spec Ops : The Line (ex. launch that sarin gas) felt so damn real. Some plot points in these two games really turned my stomach. #25
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I still can't believe they traded power/price advantage for Kinect. The thing is almost 4 years old, has been implemented in 2 gens, and except for the dance games, it's pretty useless. I don't get it, am I missing something? #12.4
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It looks like there's some kind of blueish background in the first pic. Not sure what this is. Background plus blueish filter where you could alter the opacity or something? #1.4.2
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