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BioShock Infinite was an awesome game, but what was great about the first BioShock, much like the first Dead Space, is that eerie ambiance. Even if you could 5 minutes without facing an enemy, you had that feeling in those 5 minutes that at any moment one could get in your face out of nowhere. #3.4
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When surging means still coming 3rd but with a smaller margin, 57K from 2nd and 129k from 1st, all that with the biggest launched title yet on the console.

Sure, Wii U is surging...move along, nothing to see here. #47
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The last 2-3 years of the last gen had a bunch of games coming out. My backlog was so big that I passed on TLOU.

I got a PS4 a week ago and now I'm waiting for the remastered version to come out. Since roughly 7 million out of 80 million users played it, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one in that position. #1.4.2
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So true about Specs Ops, I played a bunch of games in my life and I feel like this game should almost be mandatory for all gamers, for so many reasons. This is only game I can think of that I feel that way. #11
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Maybe so, at least a little bit, but at the same the base is so strong for last gen vs current gen that I can't help but to think last gen is still paying a big part of the dev bill.

I don't mind because the current gen is still early on and other elements are holding it, like the time it takes to master both consoles.

In 2-3 years we won't have this discussion and current gen will be full blown. #19
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With all the J&D love shown in the Last of Us, the potential reboot they were thinking of just before the Last of Us, my money is on Jak. #15.1
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I agree.

Indie in video games, music, movies are the same thing, a great way to go off the mainstream road. It's relaxing and most of the time satisfying.

That article is useless, it's like asking why Transformers 4 sold more tickets than The Grand Budapest Hotel or Beyonce sold more than Birdy, mainstream vs indie will never win and it's just fine like that.

That's the beauty of indie. #3.9
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...and mind blowing! #11.1
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Hey, if Nintendo is up for a real, gritty and gory version of Mario with a couple of bloody fatalities, I say do it.

I'm sure NetherRealm Studios would create an awesome MK Mario character, but Nintendo doesn't have the balls to do it. #1.5
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I don't think so.

Feature enhancements on the OS often come from comments from the users, so you need to launch it to get those true users, not just devs.

As for games, the first year or so is tricky, you want the right amount of games that will please the early buyers, but won't be too much that some of these games get overlooked and not profitable. Depending on the success of the console, you still need to evaluate what's the right amount. PS4 a... #24
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The number of exclusives is very different though.
M$ has Forza, GoW, Halo, Fable and paid exclusives.
Sony has Uncharted, GoW, Sly, Killzone, Resistance, Quantic Dreams games, Infamous, and I could go on and on.

Sure, the exclusives M$ has are awesome, but the quality is also very good with Sony's and the quantity is unbelievable. #13.1.4
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They may not even reach 7 million units sold after 2 years on the market, do you really think this is what they wanted?

New kart game helped to sell a few more Wii U's, but they're at this point where Ubisoft is canning games they intended to publish on the Wii U, 3rd party support is getting thinner (ex. no Destiny).

What Nintendo intended was to grab some of the hardcore gamers, at least that's what they said, and it's yet again a Nintendo c... #1.2.1
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I don't know how their account system is coded, but usually, username and/or e-mail address wouldn't be the key. An ID would be the main key and username, e-mail are just there, it's data. So switching username should be the most simple thing to do, as easy as changing your credit card info.

I've always found this can't change username thing stupid. I would see the ability to change your username limited to only once a year though. #12
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How weird is that title?
What's next gameplay and story line used as marketing?
I just want to buy a box that says game on it and maybe get lucky with the content.

Enough sarcasm for the day; yes, resolution and FPS are important. I wish all games on my PS3 were at 1080p and 60 FPS, and I wish all my PS4 games are going to be, but this gen is still in its early stage and those specs are rare, so if a game achieves that, it should be damn proud and publiciz... #45
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Well, they gave Wind Waker HD a 9.0 #17.1
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I agree, and it's not even on par, if only it would have been/included a Mario 64 level editor... #1.1.8
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I rarely look at critics reviews on Metacritic, I look at users rating.

ISS has 8.0 and Titanfall has 6.2
Sure there's a few positive and negative trolls, but still, those users played the game for a few hours for most part.

6.2 is very low... #1.3.8
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How about MJ and Sonic The Hedgehog 3?! #3
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Let Crash be remade by another team, ND needs to make that realistic Jak and Daxter! #2.2.4
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Quantum Break wasn't there, oh oh, dev hell.
Like you said, there are other game shows, they need to spread the news. #2.3
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