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The author of this article is a real genius. First I can’t believe that he was able to write all of that off of a demo. Second, IT’S A DEMO!!!!! The whole point of having this is a partial portion of the game that will entice you into a purchase when it releases. So great idea by making the demo too difficult to play that will turn off potential buyers later on. Third how can you say it won’t appeal to the ‘MMA craze’ (whatever that means)? Did this guy not see the tutorial? I only as...

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Even though the article is on PS3Addiction.com and will have some obvious bias’s I don’t think that they are too far off. First and for most I am a gamer and just want to play the best of what the industry has to offer. I have a PS3 and an Xbox 360 (since launch) and as of last week I have sent my Xbox in for repair after getting yet but another red ring. This will be lucky number three for me and personally I have had enough.

I have bought several consoles over the years ...

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Don’t make Call of Duty 4, no talking over Xbox Live, no Halo 3, and no game of the year - Bioshock? Guess what Mr. CNET author guy – THERE ALL MATURE TITLES!!!! I am so sick of the fact that anything fun in this country (unfortunately for violent video games) the liberal media deems them bad for the kids. These titles have the ratings so that kids should not be playing them. What didn’t the article mention that?

Another thing these games themselves can not be bought from...

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Wouldn’t a 7.5 be one of the highest rated games out of the 10 or so you can choose from to play on PS3? And before you ask, yes I own a PS3.

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Well I don’t know what ‘bunjie’ has been doing. But Bungie managed to make a game that made $170 million in its first day. And for a “pathetic multiplayer” it isn’t uncommon to see over a million people playing it globally every day.

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I am so tired of these articles coming out against Halo. I will agree with the article about the team voice and the melees, those are totally fixable. But frame rate issues, site integration and the maps are your biggest gripes. I say WHO CARES!!!! I was having way to much fun (single player, multiplayer and theater mode) that I didn’t even notice.

Maybe I am not an “expert” but I do know that this is one of the greatest selling and highly rated franchises in game histor...

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