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I would love to have Mario Kart or new Mario Bros. at launch. Weak launch lineup unfortunately!

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It's Dawson from Dawson's Creek.

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The question then would be, how do they know you have them all?

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Okay, so what would your solution be?

My opinion is, too bad. You're getting offered something for free, if you already have all 5 games -- which most people won't, btw -- then do you really need free games to begin with?

Sony could have just said, free PSN+ for a month and identity theft protection and people would have bitched and moaned but they would have come back and been on PSN again.

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In that case, sell said games and download the offered ones for free. At least get some credit towards something else? Also, even if Sony offered GoW III, Uncharted 2 etc. people would still be complaining bc they already own them. I think Sony just tried to choose some hits that they've put out that aren't gigantic sellers like GoW. Can't all win, unfortunately, but to complain about it seems crazy.

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I just can't believe people are complaining about getting to select titles like LBP and inFAMOUS. It's not like they gave us the option to download Rogue Warrior. These are good games! Yet people everywhere have been whining about it. Get over it! They're free!

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I posted this article hoping people would actually read the piece.

Unfortunately it looks like most people assumed the article was asking, "Should We Sue Sony?" as in, "Don't you think it would be a good idea to sue Sony?"

The article actually suggests it's just plain ridiculous to sue Sony, particularly for $1 billion dollars. It's amazing how many people feel they can comment on an article saying, "What a stupid idea, n...

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@Trey_4_life - If you actually read the article, you would know that it's saying it's stupid to sue Sony, it's not supporting suing Sony so don't rip on the site without actually reading the article.

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That's exactly the point of the article. It's stating that it's freaking ridiculous for people to be suing over something has simply been an inconvenience.

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Sounds amazing!

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I was SO tired of zombie games even though I love them usually. BUT, zombies in a wide-open world? In the Wild West? With John Marston. Yes, please.

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God I love Warren Spector. Deus Ex. 'Nuf said.

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I am dying for a new Star Fox game. I don't know about 3D because I'm not a fan, but Star Fox would be excellent and it's been WAY too long a wait.

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Dude, nitpicking a thing like that is pretty lame, not gonna lie...

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This game looks pretty friggin' sweet. Once I get a 250 GB hard drive for my 360 I am all over this!

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I love the Alan Wake DLC, too. The next one may be the first DLC I actually purchase haha.

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I'm in the same boat. Never played the first one, but it does look really, really cool.

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I agree. There are some great pieces of DLC, but they are few and far between. Fallout 3 had some great ones, both of the "Episodes from Liberty City" were great, and Borderlands has provided something in-between DLC and Expansion pack. It would just be great to see everyone provide good, quality DLC rather than the phoned-in junk that passes for DLC in most games today.

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Totally agree with this. The games journalism industry is almost as bad as the Hollywood Gossip industry.

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This is great. I remember a ridiculous number of rumors about games when I was a kid. Everything from Peach to Tomb Raider. Pretty sure everyone believed you could get Lara Croft naked without a patch back in the day...

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