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Hmmm... P.T., aka Silent Hills, according to Hideo Kojima was supposed to give players a hard time beating it for about 1-2 weeks. Could it be that this SCEJA presser was meant to fully unveil SHs?

On the side note: I'm quite sure that there will be surprise announcements at this event. Sony mentioned that they are aware of the minimal presence of the PS4 in Japan but excellent around the world. This could be Sony's response to that. #19
I would like for this game to be exclusive, not because I am being a fanboy, but because I want the Fox Engine to fully utilize one console at least once in this generation.

If this becomes multiplatform, that's cool too; so long as they create a psychological-horror experience much like or better than the first three games. #7
Maybe Sony didn't announce Silent Hills as an exclusive yet because they thought nobody would be able to finish the demo and learn that it's the next Sielnt Hill game. Maybe they thought it will remain unconquerable until TGS where they are planning to announce it properly.

Whether it's exclusive or not, I'm just glad a new SH is coming. If it turns out to be exclusive to Sony, it would feel right at home and I won't complain. #30
I have been an SH fan since SH1, and you don't know how long I've waited for another SH game. Really, whenever I turn on my computer, I would search news for Silent Hill. I did this every single day prior to P.T. Funny, I still do this past Silent Hills' proper reveal.

I wonder what new elements Konami will bring to the SH table this time? I might get some harsh responses for this, but I am thinking maybe this game will see us controlling two characters. Not a 2 p... #2
Yeah, SHs deserves this attention. It's been so long since this game got lost in the horror haystack, and now it's back. I just hope the game delivers.

On the side note: Does anyone know if the Japanese people in the ending credits of the demo the same people who worked on the first three? #1.5
I can't tell for myself if it is the greatest game demo ever, since I haven't had the chance to play it - I have no PS4 yet; however, I am resigned at the fact that P.T. is the most clever way to announce a game. Because of that, SH is now back in the gaming stratosphere.

Resident Evil has a very tough act to follow. #3
SH1-3 are the best for me. I know only one should be called the best, but these three are so unique that it's a tripe tie.

On the side note: It's the psychological fear that makes a Silent Hill game what it is, which is why it doesn't really matter if the game is in 3rd person view. This is in response to the other n4g article tackling camera perspective for Silent Hills. As long as this game is psycholigically scary and affecting, then this Silent Hills will be a... #9
I'm gonna get this game no matter what. The butterfly effect system is what's going to make this game replayable. #4
I'd rather they switch to first person at key moments, but not all the time. Maybe during puzzles the game switches to FPV, but for exploration, I'd rather stick to 3rd person. #27
Yup, it's official. Silent Hills is back in the gaming atmosphere. After this ingenious teaser, I don't know how Capcom with their Resident Evil can top it off.

Now, all there's left is to officially announce this game with a proper gameplay trailer. #5
Sony showed a lot more games, though they didn't have that shocker of an announcement like TR2 being exlusive (for a time) for the Xbone.

Having said that, Sony won the conference for me. Their victory further got sweetened when P.T. was unvelied as the next Silent Hills. Silent Hills was like a poison - its effect happened sometime after the conference! #6
I thought the game received a serious overhaul in atmosphere during the re-reveal at Gamescom. The graphics are also quite nice; the characters look lifelike, most especially Hayden's character.

Consider me very interested now! #7
@EinRobot, yup bad grammar, I agree. Sorry. I was so tired yesterday when I posted that comment. I meant, if there were no exclusive games, the existence of MS XB1 and PS4 will be for nothing.

Further, exclusives still sell systems believe it or not. Wanna know how I know this? Cuz I will buy a PS4 when Bloodborne comes out! #19.1.4
Their teaser suddenly shot Silent Hill into the gaming atmosphere again. I guess it's safe to say that its popularity is now even with Resident Evil. Way to go, Konami! #8
If everything was multiplat, there won't be no reason to buy either consoles. #19.1
Well SH1 and SH3 were Sony exclusive, with the latter getting ported to the PC sometime later, so it's not too far-fetched to think Silent Hills will be exclusive.

We don't know who is publishing this game, only the developer - Konami. SH is still a Japanese game, so I guess, regarding its exclusivity, we would find out at TGS 2014 the soonest.

Further, there was an N4g news about a trusted source stating a huge 3rd party game coming exclusively to th... #20
Note that the game is titled Silent Hills <--- with an "S". That said, I strongly believe this is a proper Silent Hill game.

Hideo + Del Toro = HideolToro! #11
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I noticed that too. It's a bit weird to pronounce Silent Hill with an "S" at the end. Maybe it's a reboot of some sort - like the town gets a new name. #48.1
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Awesoooooomee!!! I thought P.T. was a weird name for a game. I bet Kojima insisted not to announce this game the conventional way. Sucks I don't have a PS4 to try the Playable Teaser (P.T.) for myself. :( #56
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This game screams potential. Imagine playing as a wolf with your pack. You will keep your pack safe from any creature within the habitat. #11
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