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I like it. Consider me very interested. #6
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Though I love From Software and their dark fantasy games, I don't think this subtle trashing of previous PS4-only games is really a very intelligent thing to do.

Let me just remind people that Sony has a dozen of other first-party devs. TO: 1886 may not be the smash hit everyone thought it would be, but it doesn't mean it wasn't AAA; and it doesn't mean we only have Bloodborne in like forever. #5
What I'm also quite excited about is the youtube community giving us pieced together info and weaving them into lore vids and speculations. Vaati is one dude I'm sure will be all over this game.

On-topic: I'm not gonna watch this vid - as tempting as it may seem. I'm on a media blackout on this game. #10
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As I've said it before: RAD knows their game well; so they have the liberty not to show key parts of the game that could potentially surprise gamers (in a positive way) in the end. #4
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I guess that's a safe assumption; however, what if you died by environmental hazard? I'm assuming the closest enemy in the area? #1.1.1
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I know right? And you know what? I have had enough. I wasn't going to buy this game day one, but since the media is giving this game so much bad publicity, I'm gonna buy it. Yeah bad publicity is "still" publicity. Media, you only have yourself to blame for my purchase!

Make no mistake, I am looking forward to this game. I want to give RAD my money because they worked hard for this. #2.2
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Yeah. Daniel Day was awesome there. #13.1.1
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I hope they tag this with "There will be blood!", just like they tagged Dark Souls with "Prepare to Die". #13
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No offense to those who are looking forward to this game, but can't SE be more loving to Sony fans by giving us a (timed or not) exclusive to counter the Tomb Raider / MS deal? #1
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Annualized franchise eventually gets victimized by franchise fatigue. I concur with Mr. Yoshisda; I can also live without the yearly ACs, CoDs and BFs. #4
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Awesome!!! I loved it so much! Wow!!! #11
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Yeah. My post was kida incomplete. I mean it's now directly competing against the FF series in the west. Some 10 years ago, only the DQ and FF series were State-side popular. #6.1.1
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This game has successfully broke out of its mold. It's no longer just a Japanese sensation, it's also gaining rapid popularity in the west.

Hope we see JRPG resurgence soon. #6
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I really like the soundtrack to this game. Come on March, please hurry! #5
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I don't about you guys, but I really dig collectibles in the form of audio logs and notes. The Ish series of notes in The Last of Us was very well done. I hope we get something of this ilk in TO: 1886. #2
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Well, to be fair, it was meant to be a Japanese teaser; however, since this is the internet, where it's easy to know things, other audiences also got hyped.

SE indeed is S=So E=Extremely disppointing. #23
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Thing is, if Miyazaki strayed away from his original vision, if he made this game more accessible, then we won't have a Dark Souls successor. We would have a completely new experience, a completely different game. And I can't say for certain how THAT is gonna sell considering hardcore DeSo and DaSo fans will be the ones alienated and shooed by such a game.

Bottom line is, this game is not about the difficulty as much as the original vision Miyazaki has embedded in it.... #13
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After waiting for a year, I finally bought one. Well, it's still on the way for I bought it online. I couldn't pass up that $50 discount. I'm thinking of getting The Order: 1886 this Feb. #6
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Good choice for an IGN First special. Very good choice. #3
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I would be very careful getting excited over this. SE has been trolling the Sony fanbase for the past few years. I remember the FFVII PC version port announcement a while back - pffft that was a big punch in the nuts if you ask me. I wouldn't be surprised if this turns out to be another dud.

I am usually a very optimistic person; for SE, however, I am making an exception. #10
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