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It has to have soul--not in a convoluted story kind of way, but in a simple yet captivating overall experience. The original Bioshock had that and more. And I hope we get the weapon wheel back. It seems that when devs drop this feature for a more CoD-like approach, their games start to lose their luster. Resistance 2 was also a victim to this unnecessary change if you ask me. We want to be able to experiment with our weapons, you know.

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Look, BC is good, and Sony has done it with the PS2 and the earlier models of the PS3--so let's give Sony some credit here. As to the PS4 not having this feature, I say it's ok. If they can find a way to allow it down the line, good, but if not or if they will not, I'd still feel ok knowing that Sony will not let me down with greater exclusives coming.

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NNK2 probably doesn't have that heart-rending story of the first game, but it makes up for it in other things, such as addictive town building (which ties to the gameplay), straightforward battle system (if not a little too easy), Dreamers Doors, tainted monsters, and an overall charming presentation. For me, NNK2 is a deserving sequel--better even. NNK1 was a blast mind you; however, I thought the battle was clunky yet challenging and the main template for sidequests was too repetitive. ...

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I think the DQ series is a massive franchise just like Final Fantasy. I really hope that DQXI sees great success in the west as much as , if not moreso than, in Japan. Thing is, Monster Hunter World has a strong emphasis on co-op, and people gobbled it up because of this primary component. DQXI doesn't have online play, but I hope it resonates with people in the west simply for the sheer quality of it.

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I bet Gamspot will pull a left punch on this one. Lol, just kidding! Phenomenal scores for GoW. Hats off to Cory and the rest of SSM!

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I agree with that saying, but Level-5 didn't fix it, they changed it. Personally, I like this change. The battle system in the first game was too slow paced for me and felt like I wasn't in full control--though I believe that that was what the devs were going for at the time.

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I think I'm halfway through the game, and I can safely say that this game is a worthy successor to the first. There are tons to do and they never feel so forced in as far as I am concerned. It doesn't have that heart-rending story of the first, but the foundation of NNK2's narrative is quite unique if not a little too optimistic. Each town has its own flavor and enough backstory to make you want to care. The side quests have little variety, but with the amount of things to explore...

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The ending's completeness is a huge point for argument, really. Personally, and trust me you will hear mixed opinions about it from this point on, it didn't work. The problem largely comes from the lead-up to the ending and not solely the ending itself. That said, the ending was also a mixed bag for the majority--I myself included. If you have played and beaten FFXIII, and once you beat XV, I can bet that you will like 13's ending better for being cohesive and all that.

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More like Final Fantasy DLCXV. I get it that Tabby (Tabata) is trying really hard to make something good out of its story with all these DLCs, but can he and his team release a final version already? The game was released in 2016, mind you. And the Royal Edition doesn't even make all the DLCs available in a seamless fashion; you still need to access most of them on the main menu! If this game is something else other than a game, it would be a rag doll with tons of stitches for patches.

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Sorry for replying to my own post, but I find this funny:
"We will also be able to see other players’ custom avatars as ghosts in the game."
SoulsBorne edish?

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Although I didn't like the ending of this game, I agree that they shouldn't change the ending. What they can do is make a Versus 15 version and then have a different ending. I also agree that if this is how SE is going to make their next mainline installments, I should, perhaps, wait some 2 to 3 years after initial release just so I could get their best possible versions.

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Yes, and it's called Royal Rumble edition where all the DLCs are mixed together into a multi-colored Kool-Aid! :D

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I believe this is SE's first foray into the "games as a service" fad. Well, at least those who like this game have something to look forward to each year. My opinion? I want FF16 now; even some kind of news about it would make me feel excited. Not this though. I think they should let this rest after 2019.

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This is understandable for a Spider-man game, like how Batman games from Rocksteady are understandable to also not have this feature. However, a day/night toggle wouldn't hurt during idle moments, especially since the game has a photo mode.

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I disagree. I strongly believe that many of the mechanics of NNK2 are smartly embedded in the core of the game. Sure, the battle could be a bit more challenging, but that's what the tainted monsters are for. This game is a gem; you guys should get it!

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The way she dodges reminds me of Nier: Automata, and that's a good thing!

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Okay, I want this game! The animations are fluid and organic!

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And David was spot on for choosing that sequence. It made me more excited about the game than I already was. I just hope he gives a solid release date.

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That's easy to answer, and it has nothing to do with the Ks and the eye-popping graphics (at least not solely about the beef). New console = new games that will never be available on current-gen consoles. Like I said, the X and the Pro are really nothing to be too excited about.

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I'll say it again, It would be a real excitement if this new Xbox was a next-gen console. The reality is, it's not. Graphics enthusiasts have something to look forward to, though.

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