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I haven't heard that SMT will be NS exclusive. I doubt this even, because the SMT series has always been released on a Sony platform.

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Ehh, make the next sequel timed exclusive to Xbox again and consider your franchise in real hot water.

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@Bloop, Demon's Souls in my opinion is the toughest of the Soulsbourne series. Dark Souls was also hard, but not as difficult as Demon's Souls. Again it's just my opinion, because some people feel Dark Souls is the hardest.

On-topic: Nioh is shaping up to be a truly awesome game. Can't wait to get my hands on it!

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Thank you for your crystal-clearing response. Nioh in Feb, then Horizon in March. Horizon comes out late in Feb anyway. :)

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I like the highest difficulty setting. That said, this difficulty was the norm back in the day, which kinda makes you think how privileged many gamers have become since then!

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I haven't gone into the ME series--got too scared looking at Shepard's blank stare, lol! Having said that, March is a breather for me, though Nier: Automata is enticing. I might do a cash-credit combo this month, or maybe not! :)

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I only buy 1 game a month for thriftiness' sakes. Like this January, I am skipping Tales of Berseria for RE7. Waaah!

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Ugh, I am still torn which to buy between Nioh and Horizon: Zero Dawn this February. I was going to let Horizon slide until March, but the hype for it has become stronger for me in the past few weeks! Nioh, on the other hand, is a no-brainer as a purchase. Guys, help!

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I don't know how technically strong the Switch is, but judging by the early impressions, it's a step above the Wii U but nothing compared to the PS4 and XboxOne. I know it will get games like FIFA and Skyrim, but what about Assassin's Creed, CoD, BF and other 3rd party heavy hitters (regardless if people despise one/some of these)?

Honestly, I want the Switch to work; however, I am also aware that the route Nintendo is taking with this new console is not veering...

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I might get a Switch day one depending on my financial status at the time. I dare say that if you wish to get the best gaming experience moving forward, get a Switch alongside your PlayStation 4! I liked that new Super Mario game more than the Zelda one--just a bit as they are both awesome!

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I hope not, that game is already in existence and it's called Fallout. They can make an FPS if they want, but I hope it's more akin to Resistance 1 in terms of presentation. It's also ok not to make an open world game. These days, gaming is seemingly saturated with open world games--some of them are not even good...

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Oh boy, I am so excited to hear more about it. E3 2017 should be packed with PlayStation goodness. It could be another Marvel collaboration ala Insomniac's Spider Man, or something that's truly new and fresh!

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There's a video article by The Know on youtube that juxtapositions the PS4 and Xbox One in terms of games released in 2016. While they're not all exclusives, Sony released more than 400 titles in the last year, towering over Xbox One's underwhelming 200-ish games. The Xbox brand really needs successors to Halo and Gears and add more to their AAA exclusives library if they are still competing, because last time I checked, it's only Nintendo that's on a league of its own.

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I'm really torn between Nioh and Horizon Zero Dawn for my to-purchase game in February. Let me just throw it out there that I don't have tons of cash, so forgive me for having this dilemma! I am really digging Nioh, but my hype for Horizon is beginning to mount! Oh nose!

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Looking forward to MS's E3 2017 conference after this sad news is ok, saying it's a good thing SB is cancelled is beyond me! The article writer didn't really defend his opinion why it's a good thing SB got cancelled in the first place. The only good thing I can think of is if Platinum Games owns 100% of SB, they could continue working on it in some form--maybe even partner with Sony or Nintendo to create a spiritual version of it.

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Truth be told, I was happy when MS announced this in 2014 (wow 3 years ago)!? The first gameplay footage shown thereafter wasn't very impressive, but it showed promise. This news is unexpected, but points to a troubling trend with MS and Japanese devs in terms of console exclusivity. I say this because of a similar debacle between Level 5 Games and MS back in the day with True Fantasy Live Online.

My personal deduction is design differences between MS and Kamiya. It'...

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Good on them. Now if Konami develops a real Silent Hill remake, not a re-imagining like Shattered Memories, I would forgive them for cancelling Silent Hills. Please, Konami, come back to the console gaming space!

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Congrats to ND on this huge achievement. Now if Horizon: Zero Dawn delivers on every snippet of feature that has been revealed so far, GG can expect the same magnitude of success sooner or later!

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I am hoping an E3 megaton of an announcement from From Software--similar to that Bloodborne announcement (though I forgot if it was E3 or PSX).

Just hearing this teaser brings tingling down my spine! Can't wait!

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I hope younger gamers (millennials) take notice of Japanese RPGS, because judging by the lack of posts here on N4G, only people like me (30 somethings) are looking forward to DQXI and other games like it. I hope I am wrong. Anyway, I am totally excited about DQXI, Nioh and Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom in 2017!

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