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"I am learning now, I'm learning to sing."


My wishful thinking has been heard. Let's guess on what or who it will be about. My take? I'm guessing it's gonna be about the first Old Ones. But I hope the expansion lets us continue the game in the morning (after that one ending. Imagine playing in the daytime version of Yharnam! #16
I have been playing this game like crazy. If there is gonna be DLC I won't complain. I'm not much into DLCs, but for this game, I'm making an exception.

Or, make another From/Sony collabo game!!! #2
Those are pretty good questions. I also liked the Bloodborne bit. Imagine if Hidetaka Miyazaki and Koji Igarashi make a game together + funded by Sony!!!

Edit: Castle Cainhurst is very Castlevania but very different at the same time. I just love Miyazaki! #3
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You know what would be a great shocker at E3 this year? Sony picking up the two directors (Del Toro and Kojima) and creating a new horror franchise loosely based on PT. I mean, we are having a JRPG comeback and all from the Sony camp, why not resurrect the console horror games as well? #4
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I thought the Pthumerian Queen in the Chalice Dungeons was a great battle. She had at least 3 phases in her and quite a number of tricks up her sleave. #6
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So I am supposed to look forward to the next higher resolution mods of, say, GTA 4? Which was, what, released 8 years ago? I'd rather play new things than look forward to the 4K-8K bump of game experiences I already know.

Sure, grand graphics for multi-plat games come to PCs, but console exclusives also matter a lot. PS, Xbox, and Nintendo gamers are happy as they are with non-4K games believe me. #9
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So what the gamers played last year was incomplete? I would use "Remaster" instead. #3
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I like the atmosphere. Consider me very interested! #6
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I hope the network gets more stable next time. I still get booted out of the game most times when I ring the small bell and wait for a few minutes. #12
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It's the START of a new disappointment. I wouldn't put my hopes up. Remember Spelunky? SO is a big series. I would reveal it on TGS if I were them. #9
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I'm so happy for Miyazaki and the rest of From Software's Souls team. They are fast becoming like Naughty Dog in my opinion in that whatever they create I would buy in a heart beat. #2
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The title of this news piece should read:

IGN of the Middle East's Review of Bloodborne; Or,
IGN Middle East's Review of Bloodborne #18
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I only have 1 reason: Miyazaki. #9
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Can gaming journalists drop it already? #14
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They're asking us what game we want them to do next, but are they gonna listen? Last gen, many people wanted them to stop FFXIII, but no, they created 2 more.

Many fans wanted them to recreate FFVII in full 3D (though I know it's gonna be difficult, but that's besides the point); instead, they gave us a PC port of the game for the PS4. Awesome! /s

Anyway, to answer the topic question: I want them to make a new Valkyrie Profile game and Star Ocean. #26
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I agree with the author; I would like to have another Shadow Hearts game, though that might never happen.

Personally, I want the following to return:
1. Valkyrie Profile
2. Star Ocean
3. Dark Cloud #9
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Though I want SHs to be exclusive for dev focus reasons, I don't want it to be a Morpheus exclusive. If it's an option, then that's ok. #4.1.1
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Let me present a healthy argument. I strongly believe that third party exclusives on the Sony camp never should've become obsolete hadn't for the PS3's hard to develop architecture and weak initial sales.

Now that the PS4 is following the PS2's footsteps, these 3rd party devs are (again) thinking it's better to just develop for this one console with the highest install base.

Expect to hear more high profile 3rd party games becoming Sony ex... #4
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I like it. Consider me very interested. #6
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Though I love From Software and their dark fantasy games, I don't think this subtle trashing of previous PS4-only games is really a very intelligent thing to do.

Let me just remind people that Sony has a dozen of other first-party devs. TO: 1886 may not be the smash hit everyone thought it would be, but it doesn't mean it wasn't AAA; and it doesn't mean we only have Bloodborne in like forever. #5
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