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Well The Last Guardian is coming in October too, a game which many PS fans have been waiting for--which I have been waiting for! And then there's FFXV, which is the only SE game I am getting this year. I don't mind RotTR releasing in October, because when I get to clear my backlog of games halfway through 2017, it will definitely be at a much lower price. It might even be a PS+ game or part of PS Store's flash sale!

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Thank you, littlezizu for mentioning The Last Guardian. I almost completely forgot about it coming in October too. Not that I'm buying RotTR, mind you. I was just trying to recall what other games are coming in October, a few weeks after FFXV.

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I get this powerful impression and awesome feeling whenever I see the Nioh logo. Can't wait to play this game soon! Oh and there's another demo in August! Good times!

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It just baffles me that this is coming out in October, and some 12 days after FFXV at that. I hope SE was compensated well by the MS exclusivity deal. I'll wait for this game to get as low as, say, $40 before I buy it. I already spoiled the ending on YouTube anyway. Haha!

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I bet SE will release TR3 on XboxOne on the game's 21st year celebration, while the PS4 version on its 22nd year! I kid, I believe SE said this exclusivity deal with MS will no longer exist fot TR3! :p

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I'll buy this game sometime after finishing Star Ocean 5. Good score though!

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Here's hoping this game becomes a success. I also need Valkyrie Profile console game to happen!

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I think what I would like to know now is a firm release date. Seriously though, I have been a QD fan since Indigo Prophecy (it's called Fahrenheit in some territories). I skipped Beyond, but I will buy it when it becomes available on my local PS Store. PS: You guys should try Indigo Prophecy!

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It was ALREADY SUCCESSFUL waaay before this, guys. Its success on the last generation of consoles is enough to warrant a sequel. Sigh...

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I know this game will sell well and that people are still hyped for it. Having said that, I believe SE is overexposing this game. I am at a point where I no longer feel anything at the sight of news and updates like this. I'd rather SE announce a launch party than keep releasing videos like this that might spoil the whole experience for many.

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SO5 has its set of clunkiness, but it's faaar from a 1.5 out of 5 (or 3/10). The only gripe that I have with it currently is the seemingly rushed side mechanics. For example: fishing. They could have implemented a whole separate mechanic to this than just pressing X to fish. I'm an SO fan, so I could be biased towards it, but I believe a score lower than 6.5 at least is being too harsh.

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When it finally hit the PS3, I got tons in my backlog that I didn't bother buying it. If they're going to release it remastered, I'd get it.

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I have been a Star Ocean fan since SO2, and just playing this game brings me back to my teen years. I missed The Last Hope, because it was exclusive to the 360 early on (yeah, I only got a PS3). Missing this one is a no-no. Buy this game guys if you are a JRPG fan. You won't be disappointed.

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Glad they brought the leveling system back. Can't wait to download this update!

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If you are an SO fan, go buy it, man. It has a lot going for it to enjoy the experience. So far, I'm really loving it.

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Woohoo Playstation Nioh!!!

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It has to be RE3 Remake so every mainline RE game has gone through the REmake treatment. Personally, RE3 resonated in me more than RE2, so if they announce this game, I would be super stoked!

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Journey Remaster was free on PS4 for those who already owned the game on PS3. So this game can't do that? Interesting...

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Although I like Ascension's mp, thia new Gow is ok not to have it. I'm really excited for this game!

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I've never been excited to play a Spiderman game until now. I know this game will rock because its in the hands of truly capable people -- Insomniac Games. Would love to see more of this title in the future, IG!

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