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Woohoo Playstation Nioh!!!

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It has to be RE3 Remake so every mainline RE game has gone through the REmake treatment. Personally, RE3 resonated in me more than RE2, so if they announce this game, I would be super stoked!

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Journey Remaster was free on PS4 for those who already owned the game on PS3. So this game can't do that? Interesting...

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Although I like Ascension's mp, thia new Gow is ok not to have it. I'm really excited for this game!

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I've never been excited to play a Spiderman game until now. I know this game will rock because its in the hands of truly capable people -- Insomniac Games. Would love to see more of this title in the future, IG!

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I swear, if the gigantic pet dies, I would ball!

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Activision still has the rights to Crash, but I'd take three Crash Remasters any day. :)

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And here I though Sucker Punch was making the next Spidey game. Insomniac surely stunned me with this one. Awesome conference!

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At roughly 1 hour and 15 minutes, Sony's PlayStation E3 conference was the embodiment of blueberry cheesecake--it was short but oh so rich, sweet and flavorful! Detroit also made my eyebrow raise. Good times!

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January 2017, you've got my money with R7!

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I was going back and forth between Bloodborne 2 and GoW. However, the arrangement leaned more towards GoW! Awesome day. Thank you God!!!

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I'm so glad I didn't end up having the rumored title "Dead Don't Ride." Days Gone sounds so much better!

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That was actually pretty cool! Xbox One gamers have something really nice to look forward to.

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The main character looks like a cross between Jude and Milla. I also see that they did away with ToZ's rather seamless overworld-to-battle transition. All that said, I look forward to playing this game. Good work, Tales team!

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I thought he (Hidetaka Miyazaki) said DS3 would be his last dark fantasy game for a while. Well, if it's Bloodborne 2 then I'm all in!!!

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Hmmm... It looks decent. I am getting a Bloodrayne vibe from it. Need to see more to raise my right eyebrow, :)

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Is this a reboot of sorts? I've always wanted to play a Cthulu game.

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I played this game way, way back and loved it. I'd say Jen and Scree's tandem was spot on. The story was engaging and the set pieces were intriguing too. You guys should give this a try!

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I'm ready to see TLG truly unfold at E3!

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I'm not much into SRPGs but I will buy this game when I get to clear my backlog. I missed this on the PS3, I'll try not missing it a second time.

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