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Resident Evil 4 was a blinding light to them. I say "blinding" because they had a hit, but they got too much of that light and burned their eyes. They thought people wanted more of the action and not the solitude, so they made RE5 more action-oriented. Then people clamored for RE6 to go back to its roots, but Capcom did the exact opposite of that.

I am excited for RE7, having played the demo and all that. I just hope it becomes a hit I want it to be.

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Because of the year-long exclusivity on the XBone, I already spoiled the ending of this game for myself on youtube. I'll wait 1 more year for a possible PS+ IGC version of this game.

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I think it's a good game, but it should have been a co-op DLC for MGS5. I am quite on the fence on these types of games, so I probably will pass on it.

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The statement in the headline is understandable. To me, however, I just look at the new RE as a REinvention (pun intended). Also, the demos we've been given so far don't really represent the game. These demos are "playable video files" that give you insight about your surroundings. That said, the latest update to the demo shows us a glimpse into how combat would actually look like.

My speculation about the kind of virus RE7 introduces? I believe it's s...

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I know it's a big departure from the core RE games, but seeing the twisted family reminds me of the Ganados--people who are zombified in a way that they are not in total control of their actions anymore, but they're not necessarily dead--which really intrigues me! I hope the 24 January 2017 release date doesn't get delayed, cuz I want to buy it day one!

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Awesome! Will download right away!

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It looks convincing, but I think it's fake. Her hands are huge too! Lol!

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But it's now too close to Gravity Rush 2's release date. I know exclusives are good, but Sony should give one or the other legs. Or are they delaying GR2 as well? Sigh...

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I am more excited to see UC4 and TLoU: Remastered with HDR turned on.

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I can actually see them releasing a new TR game exclusive to Xbox a year before TR's 25th anniversary and call the delayed PS version "important to us".

Seriously, I know it was SE's decision, but I just lost a ton of trust and confidence in the devs--which should not be the case.

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I hope Mr. Hino-san shows us gameplay at TGS! Can't wait!!!

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I try not to miss the live stream of gaming press conferences by Sony (and lately by MS too--though I don't own the console), whether E3, TGS or PSX. Since I live in Asia, I don't need to take a leave from work just to watch it unlike when I need to watch E3 or Gamescom!

I just hope the translators and translations as a whole make a better job this year than the previous years. Oh, and of course, I am hoping to see Ni No Kuni: Revenant Kingdom and a unannounced surp...

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I was playing this beta when suddenly I thought... "Wouldn't it be cool if all these graves are taken advantage of by an enemy somehow, in that this enemy would summon one or two of them and force you to fight Revenants?" Lo and behold, Twilight phase happens and I bumped into this guitar-playing enemy that does the exact thing!

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Here's what, I'll only buy/play the game when the price drops to 20-30 dollars or when it releases as a PS+ free game. I also need to hear it from SE that the 3rd TR would release on the PS console alongside other consoles same day. Yes, that announcement a year ago being RotTR as an Xone timed exclusive was a low blow to many PS4-only owners.

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@opinionated, yeah they made the enemies much easier to kill. But, wait till you beat the second area and the Twilight mode becomes available--same areas but different, much harder enemies. Oh but the loot is sweeter!

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I fell in love with Ni-oh the first time its trailer was launched. The alpha demo just furthered my anticipation, while the beta demo bolstered my hype meter to 100%! Seriously, you guys should try it. The demo also rewards you with some kind of DLC when the game ships out! I like this game so much!

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The horror in RE7 may be inspired by titles such as Outlast, but being able to collect video files (tapes) and play the scenario(s) there in is quite novel and creepy.

Though Capcom did reiterate that combat is definitely a part of RE7, I am most intrigued by the idea of having only a handful of enemies (that can be killed) that are resilient and stalk you.

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I'd be surprised somewhat if Sony goes all out with a $200 MSRP for this slim version. People who think negatively about this version not having Xbox One Slim's extra features should look at the past three console generations' slim versions = they existed for cheaper costs.

Sony doesn't need to conform to MS whatsoever; they (Sony) are on a completely different league.

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I like the overall design! Could the slim be NEO?

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At least now, Konami can truly take advantage of microtransactions!

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