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The supernatural element in UC4 was completely non-existent. The mud footprints lead me into believing there would be some, but it was completely dashed shortly after. That said, I agree, the supernatural undertone was sorely missed in the latest UC game.

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Both Sony and MS underwhelmed in their respective conferences, but MS needed the dazzle moreso than Sony. Again the 1X is in the same spot as the Pro in that it is not next gen but its specs are trying to be, which confuses gamers. The one big ace that Sony has up its sleeve is its exclusive lineup, which the 1X is still sorely lacking.

If the 1X is a Trojan Horse of sorts, like some 2 years from now it will transition to next gen, meaning it will leave behind the vanilla a...

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Konami should bring their A-game back, not just the Castlevania series! To be honest, although Bloodstained could use a bit more speed in its gameplay, I can see it giving me what Castlevania has not over the past few years. If Konami revives Silent Hill, and not just on the Switch, then I can finally welcome them back!

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There's a word they call strategy. Sony peeps know they got this gen in the bag, so, while E3 is still pretty much a relevant platform for them, they now have to strategize and save a good chunk of fresh announcements for PSX.

I admit I was a bit underwhelmed with what they showed at this year's E3--because I was really looking forward to From Software's next game--but I am confident I will get my expectations met before the year ends, one way or another at PSX....

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I don't have a PSVR yet, but I look forward to getting this game (I'm a fan of Supermassive because of Until Dawn). That said, if Inpatient can be played without the PSVR, I'd get it day one!

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They are listening, but not listening to every request. If they do, we won't have original IPs in no time, and they will find themselves in a similar position as the Xbox in which they too lack real exclusives.

On-topic: I am stoked to play this with remade graphics. I wonder what bonuses they will add?

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Yup, smart phones are robust, but not when one is required for voice chat on a console that should have the feature in the first place.

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Different strokes for different folks (console companies). Personally, I prefer to be notified about exciting games even 2 years prior and have the excitement simmer up until release. And it's not every AAA game that Sony announces 2 to 3 years in advance, so I don't see what the fuss is all about.

I remember back in the PS1 and PS2 eras, third party companies would announce sequels way ahead of time (think RE0 and RE4 on the Gamecube) and it was fine. Like I said d...

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Imagine a game like CoD with cross-play, which allows PS players and Xbox gamers to duke it out--mayhem, and not in a professional, tactful way. So, no. I'd rather Sony further improve their network, so people within the same network from across the globe enjoy a more seamless online play experience.

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That's debatable, but I have seen the Forza series rise considerably in terms of popularity over the years. You know what's not debatable? It will never be a driving sim that academies will acknowledge unlike GT, so GT is really the best there is when it comes to combining a driving game and simulator for professional race car licensing/qualifier purposes.

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I like the moodiness of the presentation. That short access way along the beaten path (the one before he had to go through the hanging zombies) really gave me the creepy yet melancholic feels. That gameplay trailer sold me. It's gonna be a day one purchase for me.

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Yeah, Charlie Cutter would have made a great partner too. That said, I am alright with Nadine. I just wish they flesh her out some more. I felt like her participation in UC4 was incomplete. I wanted good closure for her character there really.

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Shortly after the conference, I was underwhelmed, but after giving it some more thought--Shadow of the Colossus (Remake/Remaster), Spider-man gameplay reveal, Days Gone proper gameplay reveal, and God of War--I now think the conference was great. It's just that the previous two Sony E3 conferences were truly exceptional, and topping them would take more than awesome gameplay reveals.

I also believe Sony has dialed down on the announcements in order to save the breath-ta...

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I played the very first .Hack and thought it was a decent game. Then came the slew of sequels and I found myself disinterested. I guess, and this is purely my opinion, the title and all the backslashes and codes overwhelmed and alienated me away from the series. I don't know why many Japanese devs with their niche games like read-unfriendly titles.

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Guys, guys, PSX is confirmed for this year on December 9 and 10! I am saying this because I am guessing we'll get solid release dates for God of War and Days Gone on their main conference there.

On-topic: I love it that there's a touch of humor and groundedness in this GoW reboo-quel. That elfish man in armor, the one Kratos missed fire with his axe, I am loving already. His son is also an interesting addition to Kratos' story. I can't wait to learn about t...

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It's a real remake and I am loving it! Imagine hanging on to that bird as it flies you around--amazing!

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I liked what I saw of this game. It's from Supermassive, so I am confident I will experience something fresh and exciting like I did playing Until Dawn!

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That release date could've made Sony's E3 press conference a winner for me, which gets you to think, "What other spine-tingling announcements does Sony have for us later?"

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Look I really appreciated the 1-2 punch of game trailers that MS did, and I even rate the entire conference with a good 7.5 out of 10; however, with an open mind, it really didn't blow my mind away in any form. The only time my heart leapt for Xbox fans was when the OG Xbox BC announcement was made, though even that--I thought--wasn't enough.

I was really rooting for a new AAA IP or a thundering third party deal with a well-known dev, but nothing was announced of th...

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I hope they make the first one super cheap on PSN, or much better free for PS Plus!

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