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"I am learning now, I'm learning to sing."


Well, to be fair, it was meant to be a Japanese teaser; however, since this is the internet, where it's easy to know things, other audiences also got hyped.

SE indeed is S=So E=Extremely disppointing. #23
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Thing is, if Miyazaki strayed away from his original vision, if he made this game more accessible, then we won't have a Dark Souls successor. We would have a completely new experience, a completely different game. And I can't say for certain how THAT is gonna sell considering hardcore DeSo and DaSo fans will be the ones alienated and shooed by such a game.

Bottom line is, this game is not about the difficulty as much as the original vision Miyazaki has embedded in it.... #13
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After waiting for a year, I finally bought one. Well, it's still on the way for I bought it online. I couldn't pass up that $50 discount. I'm thinking of getting The Order: 1886 this Feb. #6
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Good choice for an IGN First special. Very good choice. #3
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I would be very careful getting excited over this. SE has been trolling the Sony fanbase for the past few years. I remember the FFVII PC version port announcement a while back - pffft that was a big punch in the nuts if you ask me. I wouldn't be surprised if this turns out to be another dud.

I am usually a very optimistic person; for SE, however, I am making an exception. #10
I think it's tomorrow, the 31st, around 4:30 in the afternoon. I'm talking about Japan date and time though.

About this Project Code Z, I think it's either a new Mana or Unlimited Saga game. But then again I shouldn't hope too much - not that I got into these great games. #3.1.1
Project Code Z and now this? It's either SE is on a roll or they are on the troll (again!) If Project Code Z, the new PS4 exclusive from SE turns out to be another dud, I will definitely call SE S=So E=Extremely Disappointing! #3
Personally, Resistance 1 was so damn perfect. The pacing and the settings were varied and interesting. I remember the England level: it was eerie and mysterious, almost like a survival horror experience.

R2 was the victim of the CoD hype. I really wished they didn't go that route. Insomniac tried to reverse the curse in R3, but it was kinda too late.

R1 set a great game and identity for itself. I hope that this is indeed a new game, even a reboot is welco... #5
I don't even know half of the roster. :( #10
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2015 is packed with games! I hope my wallet can buy all of them! #2
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I would patiently await Sony's official numbers sometime next year, so VGChartz can update their count of PS4 units sold.

I'm pretty sure the PS4 has more than 7.4 million units advantage to the XboxOne, because in order for MS to narrow the gap between its rival and the Xone, the Xone needs to outsell the PS4 worldwide - which, I believe, the Xone hasn't achieved since it was released last year. #1.2.2
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The website has ads that cover almost the entire article area and I can't read through it. No close button either to get rid of them.

On-topic: The Order 1886 and Bloodborne are two exclusives that will keep me preoccupied in the first half of this year; Uncharted 4 in the latter. Right now, with these three big games, I can already say I got my gaming fix taken care of. #7
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The only thing holding me back from getting a PS4 at this point is the possibility of a Bloodborne bundle, with the console in deep, bloodred color. I hope Sony says something about this soon, so I don't buy The Order: 1886 bundle instead. #1
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I'm thinking, given the stupendous amount of positive hype SHs got by way of PT, that Sony is seriously considering SHs as an exclusive.

Also, PT should have already made its way to XBox One's store for XO gamers to download, but curiously it still hasn't. Either only the demo is PS exclusive, or the entire game has already been secured by Sony.

I don't want to be selfish, but I want SHs to be exclusive to Sony, so development can be focused o... #2.2
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I like the solidness of the colors. I am not a fan of Dynasty Warriors-like games, but this game has piqued my attention somewhat! #11
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I am very confident that this game will deliver. I have a feeling much of the game mechanics and story details are deliberately chosen to be under wraps so as we, the gamers, would experience the game with surprise and great immersion!

February 2014, I have you under my radar! #8
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That's a wild speculation, but interesting nonetheless. Anyway, I am looking forward to this game and Soma from Frictional Games. I hope these two games announce get release dates soon! #1.1
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I love the idea of the Chalice Dungeon. You can get better rewards by playing online!? Awesome! If you're not too confident with your skills, you can beat this dungeon with a friend, though the rewards may not be as good as when you beat it alone.

I wonder how many chalices there are, and where these chalices can be obtained. I hope the chalices are as random as they come.

If this dungeon can be shared, I am excited about its integration online aside from... #4
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I really like the vibe and atmosphere in that scene. I really felt the tension and the danger they might find themselves in if they don't escape in time. #10
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Back in the PS1 and PS2 days, Sony had tons of 3rd party exclusives, and no one really complained. I don't think Sony funded most of these games to be exclusive either. It's just that, the devs and publishers at the time thought that creating a game on one top-selling console would be more profitable than to release their games multi-platform and suffer publishing costs.

Now the PS4 is somewhat living the PS2 days. We don't know if Capcom asked for Sony to fund th... #7
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