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Well to be fair an exclusive game means that a console is truly performing well. Another exclusive for the PS4/PS3 also means that other devs will make games for the Sony platform.

It's a chain of effect really. It's sad that not everyone can play exclusive games if you don't own all consoles. But then again, you can't have the best of every world, and some devs have limited resources to create games for every platform.

To be fair to Intip82,... #7.1.4
I hope it comes out on the same day on the Asian PS store. Is the pre-order discount only for US? #5
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Hopefully we get an offline beta soon. Yay to Vega though! #1
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FFXII really had potential, but the weak characters and failed story didn't cut it for me. I thought Ashe was the real protagonist, but somehow something didn't click. #13
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If MS is putting a spotlight on first party games, well and good. However, let's not forget that, since the PS1, Sony has had tons of first party games. This trend is still the case for the PS4. #2.1
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The music is very VP. Ohh the nostalgia. I like the traversal animations too. The position switching is a very cool feature too. This game is awesome! #4
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First. Awesome indeed! Please come to the west! PLEASE! #1
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I wouldn't write it off as a gaming sim. If you've played P3 at least, the day time is mostly for social and school affairs. These activities are deeply tied to the core mechanic of the game which is stat-building.

P3 also introduces other characters in the day time that really flesh out the game. #1.2
Diversify your library MS and push it. You have made an FPS-centric console since the original Xbox and it will take some time to have your fanbase follow through. But, with persistence, you can do it.

I'm a PS gamer and I love the machine, since it has games that cater to both Eastern and Western tastes. However, this is good news for Xbox fans. #8
Wait till you see what Level-5 is cooking up for the PS4! #1.1.1
I think this is VP's spiritual successor. If this game picks up steam, I bet SE will bring back VP. #6
Oh and I think it's been reported that Level-5 is not fully working on this. This could mean Akihiro Hino is in full force making his next PS exclusive! #22.1.1
So if Level-5 is developing the PS4 version, does this mean they're not surprising us with a possible Ni No Kuni 2 at TGS? #22
You guys can rest easy now. DQXI is both for the PS4 and the 3DS!!! #7.1.5
Isn't DQX online? I wish it was 9 though. Oh well, it's still a love letter from SE to Sony, so I can only complain as much. #3
All these keywords are really making me think VP. A new IP wouldn't hurt though. I hope it's for the PS4! #5
In a recent interview, the devs expressed their deep desire to bring back DQ to consoles. I believe the translation specifically said "to a console."

So, I'm quite certain it's coming out on the PS4 at least, considering the fact that DQ: Heroes did well on the PS4 and PS3. #7.1
If this isn't for the PS4, it's for the PS4!!! Woot! #3
I am replaying this masterpiece as it's completely free on PSN since I bought the original in 2012. This game is truly unique. I hope people give this a try. It's an emotional game without words! #3
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I like the pay model in this game. I'm gonna give this a try! #5
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