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And David was spot on for choosing that sequence. It made me more excited about the game than I already was. I just hope he gives a solid release date.

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That's easy to answer, and it has nothing to do with the Ks and the eye-popping graphics (at least not solely about the beef). New console = new games that will never be available on current-gen consoles. Like I said, the X and the Pro are really nothing to be too excited about.

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I'll say it again, It would be a real excitement if this new Xbox was a next-gen console. The reality is, it's not. Graphics enthusiasts have something to look forward to, though.

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I can't wait to buy all the DLCs (at a discount!) and play the free content Not a Hero. Congrats Capcom for the solid sales figures.

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I really thought the left side was featuring SoW, but it was the other way around. The environments in SoW looks more defined, but SoM's character models look more solid.

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Give me something that completely comes from the left field, Sony. Perhaps a Legend of Dragoon Remake!!!

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I think SP's new game will take center stage at PS Experience instead, but it's always a good thing to know about it early! BB2? PSX, too, probably. Then again, the earlier the better!!!

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I hope next month we'll get The Evil Within as a free title!

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I should be excited for this game, but, to be honest, something about its whole are direction is not clicking in me. I guess It has something to do with the dark, semi-realistic environments and big-eyed anime characters not jiving together in my opinion. Not that I have anything against anime characters, it's just that they are too cartoony for the setting/backdrop they are in.

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Awesome remake yet again by Bluepoint. I can't wait to play this game. I hope they enhance the controls somewhat too!

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IX was my first FF, and I have never been the same gamer since. With all the FFXV DLCs and spin-offs (We get it Tabata, you are making XV your very own Destiny), this latest FFIX version is like breathing in that dreamy and melancholic past! Just let it be available on the Asian PSN store, and you've got my money!

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I will wait for this game to become available as a PS+ free title. The first one became one on the PS3, I don't see why not for this game.

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Hmmm... All I know is I get real exclusives on PS4, and on previous PS consoles for that matter.

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I just had a nightmare. In it, NNK2 and DQXI will come out at the same time, and I only had money for just one game! :P
Seriously, if you guys only had enough money for just one game, which between the two would you pick if they both get released on the same day?

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Sony, remove all that red tape and make our Dark Cloud 3 dream a reality! I don't care if Kickstarter will be involved, just like in Shenmue 3's case--I would gladly back it up. Just make us scream at E3 2018 with a Dark Cloud sequel announcement!

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The environments look gorgeous. The facial animations look wooden at the moment, but I believe they have enough time to soften them up a little bit.

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Cool! The first one was great!

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As an NNK and Level-5 Games fan, the changes in Revenant Kingdom are very much welcome. I've nothing against the familiars, it's just that if this is L5's way of keeping things fresh, then so be it. Personally, I am not a fan of monster collecting anyway.

Think of it as the way SE revamps the gameplay in each mainline FF game. This time, we'll experience different approaches in familiars or cute companions in each iteration.

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I want this game, though I wonder if the other players can join you through online matchmaking. It's cool, however, if this is just a couch coop kind of experience.

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This game is coming out this month in Japan! Let's hope for an early 2018 Western release too!

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