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Even if Twitter would look at their IP, they would just see a random PC that got hacked and not their own PC. This is how they get networks down, thousands of hacked PC (botnet) which connects all at the same time. Unless they are really stupid, they would use one or many of these hacked PC to post on Twitter.

Even more complex, they can use an hacked PC to connect to another hacked PC, then another, then another to finally use Twitter. Making it very hard to trace where it c...

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It's the co-op sale, not black friday.

Black friday flash sale will be up friday And maybe another one on Monday.

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They confirmed release date yesterday on twitter. A bit last minute.

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The idea behing The Crew is great, the execution isn't really there. Will have to see with the next beta if they improved anything cos so far it looks like a bargain bin game.

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MetaCritics are 76/80 (XO/PS4) so I don't think the embargoes is the problem here. Reviewers or whining players are.. Well someone is lying..

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Most review I have seen so far doesn't talk much about these problem either..

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There's an embargo until noon.. We will see in 30 minutes.

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And for those like me that bought the season pass already?

Game is good. Most of it is working now, even if I have a few disconnection from time to time.

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And have very bad handling (beta)

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Diablo 3, SimCity 5 and Battlefield 4 wound't agree (ok 2 of them are from EA which doesn't help)

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It's a $15 dlc, not a $40 demo.

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Standalone dlc. You don't need inFamous to get this one.

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Hard to tell from this vid if it "Sounds Simply Amazing", it's a techno track over everything.

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They will later this year for PS3 and ps4

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I think Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry could be PS+ game for next month or September. Unity is releasing soon and this is a standalone DLC.

Knack shouldn't be far away either, some store around here are selling it under $20.

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I know segment of this video were posted, but it's the full feed that just was posted 30 minutes ago.

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Well Sony already said that first AAA to hit PS4 should be before the end of the year. Will probably be Knack, but since it's selling fairly well in Japan, might be something else.

It's hard to gives game for free when they are less than a year old.

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