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I don't.

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I don't know why you're getting disagrees but you're 100% correct.

Blaps 2 will make a $1 billion and still have a bunch of pubs chasing the dollar signs like guys chase tail.

I also agree with the Irishguy above about Assassin's's a good franchise but it's waaaaaaaaaaay too easy. The only time I die is because I choose to die. I've never "naturally" died in the game because of enemy difficulty. As a top notc...

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Minecraft and DayZ want a word with you, sir.

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I'm pretty sure it's the first thing.

I doubt it'll be the second.

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I plan on getting a new gaming rig soon. The one I have now runs everything on the highest settings just fine, but I kind of want a future proof system.

I imagine getting something with an Nvidia 6xx series will set me straight for the next five years or so, unless gaming takes some drastic upturn and graphics start hitting all kinds of insane benchmarks.

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I know, bro.

I asked for pinched leather in my Lexus, I ended up with stretched leather. Man, I took a verbal lashing to the dealer because WTF is up with not using pinched leather?

I nearly called my lawyer and had him sue the college funds that the dealer had been saving up for the past 20 years for his kids.

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WTF? How does a PC centric site review an XBox 360 game?

And zero credibility was given...

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It was cool for the Airships but it needed better combat.

Sticking players in the class roles was pretty outdated and it became a challenge trying to find people to party with and go on astral raids.

If they could take the entire astral ship sub-game and put it in a better MMO, I would play it.

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I don't know if my arse is...

I think I need a better chair.

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It says a lot about a company who can go a whole year with very little information and keep EVERYONE excited and on their toes.

It speaks volumes for the quality of Rockstar Games, something EA should learn a thing or two about if they want gamers to stop hating on them.

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Hotline Miami is about an 8.8 game.

It's fun and strange and different from everything else out there.

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The only people defending this turd are kids who have never played another game before it and want to justify their $60 purchase.

The game is another COD clone through and through and deserved the trashing that it got from those right proper reviews.

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They don't deserve positive financial results.

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The people hating on MOH also are hating on COD.

I hope reviewers tear COD a new one and don't cut it any slack.

I'm tired of reviewers who are paid in Doritos and Mt. Dew cutting COD slack.

Reviewers were dead-on with MOH and they need to rail on COD for the annual rehash that it is.

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I can't believe some idiot disagreed with you.

Did you not play Syndicate? It was COD in future-land.

How about Bodycount? It was COD in crappy future-land.

How about Operation Flashpoint Red River? It was COD in a China-land.

What about Medal of Honor: Warfighter? It was just COD except the 'C' was replaced with an 'M', the 'O' stayed the same and the 'D' was switched...

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Grand Theft Auto says "Hi".

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I love Mirror's Edge. I sometimes just boot it up just to look at it. It's an architecturally beautiful game that relishes in a unique modernist, sterile aesthetic that just makes it a visual wonder to behold.

However, I have to disagree with you. I don't want EA forcing DICE to churn out Mirror's Edge 2 with "bloated costs" and obscene marketing tactics.

I'd rather DICE break away from EA, head to Kickstarter, use some of their ...

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...and item micromanagement for people who don't want to play on casual mode.

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You obviously never played GTA4 on PC. That game is an optimized piece of s***.

Still, he's right. The modding community turned GTA4 into one of the best looking games ever made. The Rage Engine scales nicely and with iCEnhancer and some additional mods, the game looks and runs beautifully, better than what they've shown off of GTA5.

Still, I can't wait for GTA5 and I hope Rockstar takes their time and do the PC port right...

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He was so nice to this game.

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