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I feel bad for employees losing their jobs, but will GAME have actually learned from this debacle?

I'm almost inclined to say no.

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Epic could be on the table but I doubt it. They license out the Unreal Engine way too much and that alone will keep them afloat for a long time. Unless, of course, EA wants licensing royalties from all Unreal Engine licencees.

Also, I doubt EA would buyout Epic when they already have DICE's FB 2.0 that they sort of license internally throughout their numerous studios.

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I love how this stealth, pro-Capcom troll is giving all the intelligent posts disagrees.

If this person was ever found out they'd deserve a facepalm strong enough to be a slap.

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hulk_bash is right, you're a lemming if you don't see the harm in this practice, and if you don't work for Capcom you're a very poor excuse for a gamer. In fact, you're an anti-gamer.

I refuse to believe anyone with common sense would see this as "not a big deal".

Every game during the PS2 era gave us great value for our dollar and EVERYTHING Capcom is charging us for locked away on the disc used to be unlockable by playing the f...

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Totally agreed. Well said, intelligent post. Bubbles.

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I can't believe there are so many corporate shills on this site supporting Capcom "It's just a business".

Those idiots make me sick. They have no idea how misinforming the masses makes the industry worse in the long run. They probably won't care until Capcom ships their jobs to Indonesia for $1 an hour, just like what EA did recently with that guy who was a viral marketer for them.

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Not sure who disagreed with you but Black Ops was $60 right up until the release of MW3.

MW3 is still $60 on Steam and at a few other places.

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I'm afraid to click the link...I feel like it might say something like "Pre-Order bonuses includes being able to change your character's race, face and gender" or something more horrid such as "multiple endings guaranteed for those who pre-order now".

As I ready myself to click on the link, I feel like I'm about to step into a minefield of heartbreaking DLC announcements.

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You got a lot of disagrees but I switched to PC gaming as my main because of all the crap happening in the console camp.

If you don't mind being raped it's fine, but some of us prefer to keep the bumholes of our wallets sanctified.

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Bubbles, well said.

I wish I could have kept a lot of my old games, and the N64 ages really, really well. A little spit-shine on that green gook and the games are good to go.

Even on my PC I've got a whole bunch of spare hard drives because if they die and anything happens to the servers, that's it. GG.

It's worse with consoles, especially the 360, where the HDs are proprietary. Ugh. No more games if anything happens to XBL.

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I fear Agent 47 has been hanging around Soap and Price a little too much and not enough Niko Bellic and Ezio Auditore.

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My card almost fried because of the version just before this latest release.

Indirect lighting sounds yummy.

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I hope EA makes it to the finals and I hope the next N4G submission makes it to the top of the front page. I think that would make a lot of gamers happy.

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I agree.

EA is worst than what words can describe. Even then, you'd end up with a dictionary-sized thesis describing their atrocities.

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Truth. Bubbles to you sir.

I blame the gaming journalism circuit. These farts fail at every turn (with the exception of Venture Beat and Forbes and on ocassion Destructoid).

Gaming websites need to build up some testicular fortitude and do their friggen job.

As for this snob lambasting the gaming community because WE'RE FREAKING GAMERS, needs to go STFU and get off the web until he can understand what gaming is about and WHY people are ...

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Or we could keep the "entitled" attitudes and support developers who enjoy a great relationship with the community like Tim Schafer and Brian Fargo where they actually care about making good games not just tyring to please shareholders.

The thing that bothers me most are people defending shareholders and their stake, lol, why on earth does the gaming community care whether a shareholder gets their money? The industry was all well and good before they got involved an...

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That's true, but then that dude would have had to troll for months pretending to promote and defend EA content while giving away games on Origin.

What autistic retard in their right mind would spend hundreds of their own dollars to give away free games on Origin (can you even gift games to people?) and spend months promoting EA products and then turn out and say they were fired?

It would be like the ultimate con-troll, a troll so elaborate that it puts ...

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Now if there was only some way around that fixed-price, disc-locked content...


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"Troll jobs"....

I lol'd at the thought of some guy who sits at a desk where the computer boots up and the login screen says "Welcome to Trollonics" and the troll-face is his desktop.

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Why on Earth should we support publishers making more than they already do?

With all that extra cash-flow what has Activision done? Seriously? They just rehash day in and day out. Why do they need even more money? Really?

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