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And it's cheaper.

EDIT: $49.99 on Steam. #3.1
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Quiet you!

Xbots and SDF don't want to hear logic and common sense. Don't you know facts and truth are outlawed here at N4G?

Now tip your hat in favor of one of either Sony or MS; smile; and go about your business.

Now hurry and get back inside before you start attracting attention...I think I hear fanboys in the distance. #2.1.1
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From NES to PS2 the game prices didn't change.

Some Sega Genesis titles cost more than PS2 titles (remember Virtua Racing and Sonic & Knuckles with its lock-on technology?)

Each new gen DOES NOT increase the price of games. It's just that this gen the new R&D costs were pretty high at the start of the gen and the price of the games had to offset those expenses, hence the $60 price tags.

However, as the generation wears on -- a... #26.1
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Also, how about games like DayZ and Planetside 2? Big games that are memory hogs because of how much content they have on-screen at once?

We can't have nice things on consoles like that until we get new hardware. So yeah, I want new hardware. #1.5.2
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You still can, my still can... #6.1
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Oh snap, this was a pretty good list.

Didn't know about Archage. Might check that crap out. #2
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lol I was about to post the same thing.

Watching this and then looking at DMC, there's a huuuuuuuge gap in both intensity and gameplay excitement.

This right here, this is how a boss battle should be and this is how fights should look for an epic character.

I don't care what people say but MGR:R looks badass. #4.1
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He called you a noob, but your name is noob.

Sorry, just saying. #2.1.3
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You can't be a real PC fanboy or you would have said you were among the PC Master Race and you would have name dropped a high-end GPU or CPU combo and then said "Consoles won't have tech like this until another 10 years. Now I'm going back to play Realm of the Mad God on my GTX 680".

That's how a real PC fanboy does it. #1.1.3
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Even with all the jokes stacked it still doesn't equate to Gabe's weight.

But it doesn't matter, if we were to measure Half-Life 3's delay in Gabe's food intake it would be indefinite.

Let the good times roll...and roll...and roll. #2.1.2
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wtf dude....that's the Christmas list of envy right there. #4.1.1
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I actually agree with you.

I'd rather wait and get a properly optimized version than what happened with GTA IV.

I wouldn't get GTA V on consoles anyway because GTA games are made so much better with mods, especially the realism mods + Forza/GT car packs. #10.1
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GTA started on PC and it was the other way around. The PC versions were ported to console much later.

After GTA III and money-eyes kicked into play that's when PC started getting the shaft. #1.1.2
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I don't know man.

With Steam I just click on the game I want and it downloads and installs it for me. Plus I don't have to see all those ads like on XBL.

And unlike consoles I can mod PC games pretty easily.

I would agree with you about ease-of-use for any generation of gaming before this one.

Valve made it terribly easy to game on PC and the cost of parts has dropped so much that it's become super affordable to g... #4.2
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Witcher 2 says "Hi."
Hard Reset says "Hi."
Path-tracing gameplay demos says "Hi"
(also I doubt we'll be seeing path-tracing games playable on consoles until the generation after the next one)
16x AT says "Hi."
8x AA says "Hi."

And all things ENB series says "Hi."

Consolitis may run deep for the PC Master Race but the best v... #1.4.2
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Okay thanks.

I already have a QC @ 3ghz but I wasn't sure if getting a 7970 would be too much. Main thing I'm trying to avoid is bottlenecks.

But thanks again for for the info. Right now the 680 is way too expensive but I really do want that PhysX support. #3.1.2
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Hey man, quick question:

What's the bottleneck for a CPU configuration using a HD 7970? Would I need a hexcore to make most out of an OC'd 7970? #3.1
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Read over Bungie's contract with Activision...

it's for the Xbox 720 next year and PS4 in 2014.

MS gets it as a timed exclusive (or maybe Sony will launch the PS4 a year later?) either way, it's for the 720 in 2013 and the PS4 in 2014. Contract should be available for viewing on Gamepolitics. #1.1.2
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Blood Stone was okay but a huge step backward from Everything or Nothing, which was like, the ultimate Bond game. It had helicopters, jeeps, train chases, motorcycle chases, car races, car chases, fight scenes, stealth, and epic set-pieces perfect for Bond moments.

It would just be nice if they could go back and make Everything or Nothing but make it better. It seems crazy that they can't just make a game like a PS2 era title and just make the graphics better. #1.1
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Pedobears were too busy attending a Pokemon event. #2.1.4
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