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I hope that pink netbook is still there later this afternoon. Would make a great gift for my little sister along with her PS3 slim that she's been begging for :) #1
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Tempted to jump on Muramasa Demon Blade for $35 #5
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You should uninstall previous drivers before installing new ones.

A good program to ensure you've removed all files is "Driver Cleaner Pro" which is free to download & use.

If you want the best way to install your drivers then...

1) Boot into safe mode
2) Use Driver Cleaner Pro to uninstall drivers
3) Restart computer (Boot normally into Windows)
4) Install new drivers
5) Restart when prompted
6) Done #2.1
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I'm surprised to see NOD32 towards the bottom, I always thought it was a good AV.

One reason why I like it a lot is because it's nice and light weight, doesn't feel like there's a bunch of tentacles wrapped around your computer after you install it like with Norton or McAfee.

Guess I may consider an alternative since this expires later in December #1.1
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You die in the game, you die in real life. #10
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1) Make Japanese PSN or XBL account
2) Download beta from there
3) Enjoy your early access to Bayonetta Demo :|

The demo is in English too.. #7
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Yea no problem, after starting the download, you can switch back to your EU account, and install/play it just fine on there if it's anything like past betas. (I downloaded the LBP beta from EU Store, played it fine online and stuff on my US account for example) #10.2
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I'm more interested in knowing...how this game's battle system is going to play out without the wii mote, the whole slashing motions and what not.

I imagine (hopefully) they'll take advantage of the sixaxis somehow, shake it to recharge your batteries like you had to do with the wii mote. #4
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You have to use it on your US account #10.1
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Ah, do you have a US account Sangria, if you do I'll go get one for you.

No problem Canadian. #4.4
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Go here: http://www.fileplanet.com/p... #4.1
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I'd ignore the scores tbh. If you were a fan of 1 & 2, then you'll enjoy 3. Though 2 was kinda meh compared to 1, but I'd say 3 is better then 2 though, and arguably 1 due to the amount of content 3 has to offer.

Low scores for this game is to be expected because compared to today's standards, the game isn't going to blow your mind compared to lets say Uncharted 2.

I like how you can hit/fight people with the blunt side of your blade now, and it has the draw stan... #1.1
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I use it all the time on Xbox Live, and will use it on PlayStation Network. It's my most anticipated feature for the PSN, especially if it's like the current XMB party chat we have, but now in-game (rather then just 1 on 1 voice chat, which I hope isn't the case) #43
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The demo's been available since November 1st (our time) / November 2nd (Japanese time) on the Japanese PSN store #1.1
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;D Hey think I could get one off of yah #1.2
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Alright well picking & choosing to spawn on the alive members I suppose is good enough, better then #1

Though I would have preferred 1 dedicated squad leader like BF2 because it's going to be hard if some people in your squad don't have mics trying to get them to spawn on you when you want to act like a spawn beacon, ah well guess that means I'll just be opted to find people I know to squad up with lol

Thanks for the reply

+bubbles #10.2
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I'll be sticking to good ole Conquest :)

So I noticed the squad system is different then BC1 which is a GOOD thing. I HATED the Squad system in Bad Company 1....they compare it to 1943 which I've never played

Can someone explain how the squad system works in that?

Is there 1 dedicated squad leader for example? This is something I really hope for like in Battlefield 2 because I was sick and tired of the changing squad leaders in BC1 where when I was snipi... #10
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Nah, Battlefield doesn't need to be casualized, especially since BF is more of an open world shooter compared to CoD.

Why when sniping, should I be compromised when I find a good sniping position because when I killed 1 person, they now know where I am thanks to a kill cam? That doesn't seem very fair to me, just seems like it's catering to the casual player who isn't very good at the game.

That's the fun in Battlefield 2 for example, knowing there's a sniper in the... #21.1
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"there is 30,000+ people online playing on ps3"
You know what's sad...that's more people online then I've ever seen playing Uncharted 2 online (Most I've ever seen was 13,000)

Sometimes I wonder about my fellow PS3 owners that aren't on this site lol, MW2 over Uncharted 2...sigh

I really hope people are still playing Uncharted 2 MP once this game is released #1.7
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