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Amazon order status is Shipping Now

Greatness begins tomorrow :D

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Greatness Begins in 3 days

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GTA/Saints Row is probably the closest you'll get to Breaking Bad :P

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Anyone here play on Coeurl? Just got the game yesterday :D

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Ho ho ho Hooooooooooooo! Fiction can be fun, but I find the reference section a little more enlightening. For instance, if you were to look up E3's "All Time Bonehead Plays," you might read about a Microsoft employee named Don Mattrick, who missed the 26 yard field goal in the closing seconds of E3 2013.

What you wouldn't read about was how Don Mattrick lost his mind was committed to a mental hospital only to escape and join Zynga under the assumed identit...

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Honestly, if I was given a free XB1, I most likely would hold off on a PS4 and save that $400 if I was tight on cash.

This is probably Microsoft's strategy, give out a few XB1s for free, then when their friends ask them what console they have, they'll say "Oh I got an XB1! Make sure you get it so we can play cowadooty in 720p together" and it'll create a network effect while slightly inflating the userbase from the free XB1s.

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Since no one is buying Xbone, i guess the only other way for them to make money is to hand them out for free and get people to pay $150+ for a replacement when it breaks a year later ;)

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I have him on my PSN friend list. Too bad he barely logs in :P

Saw him wandering around PS Home once haha.

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I wonder if he brought over some of those big bags of money

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I certainly wouldn't mind that happening, then I'll be working for Microsoft haha.

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The Japanese version doesn't come with music CDs. Only the US version does.

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Pretty nice deal, but too bad the only other game out on the Wii U besides Wind Waker HD (getting LE from Gamestop) is Pikmin 3 :(

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Agreed, so glad it doesn't look like someone smeared vaseline all over the screen.

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I can't wait for the dramatic ending when you're on the ground with blurred vision and a shaky camera as the main villain is stands above pointing a gun at you.

Just when you think it's game over, your dog who you presumed was dead because of the prior mission, comes out of nowhere and bites the dude causing him to drop his gun. As he's struggling with the dog, you gather enough strength to crawl towards the gun, pick it up, and shoot the bad guy in the head....

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Just do what I'm doing...buy the bundle, sell the digital codes on ebay, buy the physical copy.

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Can't wait for my Wind Waker Wii U Bundle + Wind Waker LE w/ Gannon statue :D

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Good times indeed. BF2 was a fun game to troll around too. Nothing like running around placing claymores at the top of ladders or the classic jihad jeep. Made so many people rage and got a few bans/kicks loading my jeep up with C4 and suicide bombing into tanks haha.

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Really want to get a PS Vita...not sure if I should get one now or wait until the inevitable "Vita Slim" or perhaps an "upgraded" Vita with a higher res screen?

Decisions decisions lol

Either way, i def need to get one to go with my PS4 :D

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sm0k3 w33d erryday xxx


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No buy

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