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This update is also affecting people who do cell based developing/coding on their PS3's via Linux AND also play games, buy stuff off psn store, etc. Especially if you're doing an independent study for college which is kind of a big deal...

Thanks Sony now I can't go online anymore, play any new games that will require new firmware, etc.

Next time don't brag about these features or advertise them

"One of the most powerful things about the PS3 is the... #1.18
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Actually met up with HHG at the NYC Move showing/gathering and he's legit. The videos don't do him justice when you actually get to meet him and be around him irl. He kept things pretty exciting I must say, in a good way. Was nice being able to meet him.

Anyway, after meeting him and actually being around him during parts of the night, etc, I'll now never understand the "hate" for him lol he receives here. Way I see it now is, someone simply expressing his enthusiasm, p... #29
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Quick Cat
Get some beta keys for n4g ;) #12
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It's only for the steam version because they figured they'll just use Valve's version of DRM. So technically, there's still DRM present :P #1.1
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Commenting for free stuff :3 #42
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Nah, it'll be called "WiiSee" lol #5.1
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People still cite Famitsu scores? I know I stopped taking them seriously when they gave Nintendogs a 40/40 #5.2
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Well good thing he doesn't make "decent" games. He makes AWESOME games. Killer7, No More Heroes 1 & 2.

Looks like you won't be caring for a while. #3.3
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Still no luck for me D:

What's funny is...some guy made 11 accounts each with only 1 game registered on them, and 9 of those accounts all got keys this wave...and he just made those accounts like last week too.

Seriously Blizzard? #7
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That's exactly what I want to know too, the material. Every time I ask on the PS Blog in GoW3 posts, Sony always skips past my post and answers someone elses generic question.

I'm going to assume the quality is plastic else they'd be gloating about it and what not. #1.6
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They should considering DICE has a HORRIBLE track record for Battlefield games at launch. Anyone who's been playing since the start knows this. But nothing's changed, we "veterans" of the series have pretty much become accustomed to this by now, sadly.

All I can say to these new comers complaining, welcome aboard ;)

Just wait till DICE starts patching stuff, and enjoy your patches meant to fix bugs that create more bugs :P

No worries DICE! I s... #1.2
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Yea I mean it was fun for a short while Rise of a Ninja but idk...lost that fun feeling pretty fast, got really boring/stale.

Also one thing I hope they fix with this one is...actually have some AA since the first ninja storm lacked it lol #3.3
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Indeed, those Ubisoft Naruto games just didn't do it. But least they had online ;D (Was so bummed the first UNS didn't have online lol)

Anyone know if this one will have online? Hope so :3 #3.1
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Ah I see, I thought the game was being based off the movie since they were pretty much releasing at the same time so confusion ensued.

Well then, now I'm interested, thank you good sir for informing me lol. Have a bubble. #2.2
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A video game based on a movie based on a video game

lol #2
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I like the cover art style, much better than 2009's, but would have preferred a different fighter, oh well. #1
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"you idiots are blind.the ps3 doesnt even have the fence"

And the 360 is missing trees, it's missing a tank. (I'm using the same logic as you)

Don't you just love DESTRUCTIBLE ENVIRONMENTS. #26.1
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It's not fake

http://www.gamestop.com/com... #1.4
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Don't forget, Mass Effect 2 is also a dating sim #8.1
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It's fake lol

- Take the first image into Photoshop or any other image editing software, and zoom in on the edges where the image is on the TV, you can tell it was just "placed" onto there

- Why would these "leaked screenshots" come from some random guy's living room?

- Like drummerx2709 said, you gotta love whenever there's "leaked" stuff, it's ALWAYS taken with low res cellphone camera AND is on a SDTV lol #7
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