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The PS4 is generating 30 games per second and darn proud of it.

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Really? Add me on Origin - chezmaster

Attrition games do last 5 minutes if your team knows how to run around with the auto-aim pistol and focus down bots. I hope they fix this because while I do prefer Hardpoint, it's nice to play some TDM to mix things up.

Also, they need implement some sort of team shuffling and/or balancing. A lot of times the game...

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Right but I'm talking about Attrition where bots are problematic. You can run around killing a shit ton of bots very easily and quickly using the auto-aim pistol which gets more points than trying to take down a titan or find enemy pilots to kill.

Because of this, Attrition games only last ~5 minutes and are unplayable, which is an issue.

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I guess you don't play Attrition?

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Been playing the beta a bit today on PC. Not really impressed at the moment. I feel like the maps are too cluttered/chaotic which is surprising for a 6v6. I think the AI bots are to blame for that. I also think Attrition does not last long enough.

Anyone else feel the same way?

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For a second I thought he said "Nothing Is Worth Having The Internet Turn On Your Xbox One"

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Seriously, we need more game studios in NYC :D

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I actually enjoyed the first Black Ops, was a nice change of pace compared to the other Call of Dutys...that and I'm a sucker for conspiracy theory stuff

Black Ops 2 on the other hand I hated because of the futuristic stuff, hopefully #3 goes back to the same style as #1

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Can't wait to go to E3 this year and check out Sony's conference in person :D Going to be my first time going too.

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I wonder if I can request my bonus in bitcoins instead of company stock and/or cash :P

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It's all about 8K @ 120 fps bro

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I'd raid her tomb if you know what I mean

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Another game to play on PC :D can't wait

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Game looks good. Can't wait to play on my PC like I did Alan Wake ;)

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Oh wow. Please be true! I already have a PS4 but I still need to get a Vita. My little sister wants a PS4 and doesn't care for the Vita, so this would be the perfect gift ;)

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Damn that sucks. I ordered from Amazon and my box arrived with zero flaws, had a fragile sticker too. The inside packaging had a lot of those air cushion things packed in nicely.

First 24 hours of PS4 gaming has been flawless, hoping the greatness continues :) and sorry for those who've experienced issues. If I was in your shoes I'd ask for a free game or something from Sony :P

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"There must be a beginning of any great matter, but the continuing unto the end until it be thoroughly finished yields the true glory" - Sir Francis Drake, 1587

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Haze 2 will be GOTY 2014

But seriously, I hope we see either another Folklore or a game similar to it. Such an underrated game :)

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Greatness Can't Wait

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Amazon order status is Shipping Now

Greatness begins tomorrow :D

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