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I was hoping we'd get Rash from Battletoads but then I realized Rare own the Battletoads IP which is now owned by Microsoft :(

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Really hoping we'll have the ability to have both land + space battles happen at the same time. That's been my biggest dream for the Battlefront series so I'm hoping DICE can pull it off, especially with where we're at technology wise.

That + 128 player maps would be a dream come true. Hell let's get crazy and go for 256 since Sony's MAG was able to accomplish that ;)

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I'm confident the game will be amazing. One of my friends that I've known since childhood is one of the lead developers there. He's been credited for working on games like God of War 3 and Uncharted 2 and I'm sure he's not the only one there with AAA console game experience ;)

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They need Rash from Battletoads

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Hopefully it's good. MW1 was amazing. Everything after MW2 (except Black Ops 1) was shit.

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I was affected by the Zynga layoffs and EA will be hiring me soon. Can I get my own n4g article? I'll link you to my LinkedIn once it's official so you can creep on my profile and get the inside scoop.

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Not mine :^)

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Next time I get paid I'll donate :D

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Clearly The Order is Gears of War set in London. Just like how Uncharted is Gears of War set in the jungle...and how Syphon Filter is Gears of War set in the modern day world...oh wait

All first person shooters are the same game, too just with different skinned guns and environment.

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The Battlefield 2 shutdown is lame. This is my favorite game in the series that I still play to this day.

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Hopefully! I work in the city so I'll probably end up getting there at 5:30-6:00. Crossing my fingers that'll be early enough to score one :D

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Bleh, that sucks. Wonder how early I'd need to get there to score one :(

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Wow wish I knew about this sooner. Going to have to stop by Nintendo World tomorrow to see if a pre-order is still possible.

Doubt it :(

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Now we just need someone to make a portable vita tv

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Just contributed $135 :)

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Depends what size TV you have. On my 47"LG HDTV the difference between 720p and 1080p is night and day.

As for the FPS difference, it really depends. Is it a locked 30 fps, does it vary from 20-30, or does it go from 30-60?

Infamous SS was VERY smooth on the PS4. I honestly had no idea clue it was running at 30 fps until I read this article considering how fluid everything was.

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Yep, I think it's amazing how far we've come when it comes to streaming console games. Last gen required people to jump through hoops via capture card purchases which got expensive if you were looking to stream in HD. Now you're able to stream your favorite game right from the console itself.

I guess if you're a heavily data driven person like myself, then this is pretty cool stuff. Thanks to the PS4 and Xbox, their user base must have significantly increased....

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Cool stuff. I wonder what percentage of Twitch users are now PC vs PS4 vs Xbox

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It's even worse. Almost every session has at least one hacker with god mode so you can't kill them. To make matters worse, they're using hacked weapons. The other day there was a hacker driving around firing his rpg with unlimited ammo at rapid fire rate.

Then there's some who are able to spawn vehicles and shit and a lot of times they end up freezing the entire session for everyone.

Sad part is, I doubt Rockstar is going to take action and b...

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Collector's Edition shipped and on its way :)

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