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Thank you :D Just redeemed 8A8M-AQNR-GFJR

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But the trolls are going crazy for just that reason.

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His next game should be called "Zone of the Enders 3"

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You know what's also fun? Get a friend or two (more the merrier) and ride around on the train that goes all around the map. Then set $9000 bounties on each other. and watch as the entire session comes after you.

It's really fun fighting everyone off while on the train. Of course the fun ends when the tryhard in the jet or tank comes along :(

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Actually they said Heists would come during the Spring update(s).

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Yes, please bring it to NYC! Then I wouldn't have to fly out to LA :D

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Eh deal kind goes sour when you have to pay $15 shipping

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Same here! So glad this made it to the front page since I normally miss out on cool stuff like this.

Also, those DBZ toys look cool. My 10 year old self is saddened that they didn't exist back when I was a kid ;_;

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For anybody involved in the n4g community, Voozi will be instantly recognizable. As a 7 year member in the n4g community, he was a regular target of disagrees who disappointed once again by the distinct lack of classic bubbles (or submissions, or comments, or submission approvals, or...). This weekend he announced he'd be joining the video game developer, EA.

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Heists Coming Soon™

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Still no heists lol

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25 and I love Nintendo.

Guess I have 5 more years to go until I become "weird"

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I love the fact that the game will allow us to play through LBP1 and LBP2 user created levels.

The only thing I hope is they tighten up the jumping mechanics. Sometimes it felt a little "floaty"

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Awesome. I really enjoyed Kirby's Epic Yarn and Yoshi's Wooly World looks to have the same charm. Can't wait!

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"You want the clerk to, at the least, be familiar with the game, right? Now, wouldn’t you be annoyed if they just shrug their shoulders since they’re not really interested in video games. They’re just in the store to sell games!"

Guess she's never been to Gamestop before haha

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@3-4-5 I joined EA as a Senior Analyst. So I'm not tied to a specific game studio/project.

@maniac which team were you on? Maybe I know you :D

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Wouldn't surprise me. Don pretty much cleaned house at the exec level and brought in some former Microsoft/Xbox guys.

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Yea, but on the plus side getting laid off opened the door for a better opportunity at EA.

I was worried my venture into the gaming industry was going to be short lived since there's very little options here in NYC but I'm glad to be back in it!

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I had the honor of meeting Don last year when he took the job as CEO. Fast forward 6 months later and I had the honor of getting laid off by him :D

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