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Well best of luck to you two, hopefully all goes well and you're able to get the Elite for the $300 tag

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Ah gotcha, misread what yah said

Cant you keep the hdd then send the PS3 to Sony for repairs?

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Yea just report the story and hope it gets removed since this "deal" only lasted like 40 min when I posted it on n4g.

Sorry peoples :3

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Oh wow that's really weird...now it's showing the normal $450 price, not sure what's going on O_o

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You can put your game saves on a flash drive & back them up there, or an external hdd

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Deffently a steal for those out there looking to get a 360 and haven't purchased one. Wonder how long the stock on the site will last & how long this deal with go on for.

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What does anything you have to say have to do with this article? That and why are you desperately trying to get more bubbles? Last I checked you're some crazed fanboy who had no bubbles, got there bubbles back up, went on a fanboy spree, got there bubbles taken away, got knocked to the open zone with 1 bubble, and now you're back here trying to get more bubbles back? So what you can go on your fanboy sprees again? Bubbles down for you my friend.


But a...

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So let me get this straight...these morons think the game Americas Army is being used to recruit young kids into the army? And Ubisoft being the publisher is taking the heat for it? Wow lol...

Ermmmm last I checked you need to be 18 or older to be able to join/be recruited into the army.

So by there logic, I guess it's an international crime on our part that we have army commercials aired, and for those in highschool (I graduated years ago) back when those army recr...

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Nope didn't start yet lol. Gonna be annoyed if they start it up when classes start again...then I won't have time to play it which will suck a lot

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When are they going to give us details on the Socom beta that was promised w/ Qoore?

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Ah gotcha, that makes more sense now

And you put it that way then yea I agree how each FF game was known for taking advantage of the consoles hardware and pushing it pretty far. I remember back when FFX came out it was the best looking PS2 game at the time, then FFXII and became one of the best looking PS2 games at the time along side of MGS3 & GOW2.

So now with XIII being multi, who knows what's going to happen now, and the whole...what if the game was still exc...

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"This isn't about 360 vs PS3, it's about a series that has been built for 1 console since it started, going multiplatform for profits."

Not sure what you mean by that kinda confused. Since the FF Series started on Nintendo consoles then moved over to the PlayStation consoles starting with FFVII.

Or by series do you mean FFXIII? Where it started w/ PS3 and went multi just for more profits?


But anyway on topic though, no...

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*ahem* <_<

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It's either going to be

- Sequel to FF VII (We still have Genesis floating around)

- FF VII Remake (In Crisis Core it said "To Be Continued in Final Fantasy VII" and as rare as this game is now, I doubt SE is telling PSP owners to go back to a PS1 game to play FF VII, especially those new to the series who will have a near impossible chance finding a copy unless they want to pay big bucks)

- Kingdom Hearts 3 (Have yet to hear anything about a n...

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>_> I got a few disagrees when I put this together in the "Remake 7" news post and posted it there lol

But hey...could be KH3 XD

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But what if the menus & items are in Japanese lol

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*waves a PS3 flag on a lone island*

Hey Square! Over here! XD

Great news for PSP getting lots of love though

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Look I arranged the letters/numbers to kinda look like Kingdom 3 XD

zomg KH 3 confirmed XD


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Well if Ninja Theory won't do it, the guys over at Santa Monica I think would fit the dev job perfectly once they're done w/ GoW III

The way HS ended...there has to be a sequel lol

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But common now, talking about the teaser trailer which we've ALL seen is not a preview, unless these sites have seen something we haven't then they need to stop with these half-assed GoWIII previews just to get hits

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