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Happened to me :/

I didn't want to return it or exchange it because 1) I want the ghost replica and 2) who knows when they'd have a replacement on hand. So Amazon offered me a 25% refund ($40) which I thought was fair and gladly accepted it.

Although I heard some people get refunds of up to 40% off so meh lol, maybe I should have pushed for more. Oh well ;_;

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Disagree. How dare you get a girlfriend.

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If someone gave me their resume with video game stuff on it I wouldn't mind. As long as it isn't cringe worthy. Then again I also work in the industry haha

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Remember those terrible "surfer girl" articles that'd come in because he/she was allegedly an industry insider. Good times

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I remember when a few years ago we had a "fanboy" comment section. Too bad that flopped :P

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Can I have my bubbles back :( the disagree phantoms took them away from me

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Did they fix the god mode glitch yet?

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Can't wait for Sword Art Online for the Vita!

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As Chad Warden would say...

"We ain't doin no geometry we just tryin to play some games."

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Just the way it should be :)

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Game looks amazing. Can't wait to play it next week :D

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Glad I sold all my stock at $5.50 earlier this year. Thanks Don!

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So PS4 players can play levels created on the PS3 and vice versa. Does that mean PS4 players can actually play online WITH PS3 players?

If so, that'd be great :D

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If rumors had proof they wouldn't be rumors lol

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But I work for them so I can't avoid :P

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Anyone else upset that we were just spoiled this plot twist/surprise?

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#6 - Optional voice chat with people outside your fire squad

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In every online game there's constant racism and sexism. You're never going to escape it. GTA Online is a recent game that solves this issue by giving players the option of enabling/receiving voice chat for all or friends only. So if people like you are tired of having to mute everyone one by one, simply switch chat to friends only.

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That's why the mute button exists.

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I love the game but this is the biggest pet peeve of mine :/

If someone is annoying you...well...that's what the mute button was built for

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