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The true master race is PC + Console :)

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Damn. And just last week I did the $30 deal when buying a game $39.99 or more.

Oh well

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It means all development is done and the game is now ready to ship to stores.

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Pretty underwhelming. You figured this would be the perfect time to release some silly costumes and what not.

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Just spent $374 lol

Art of Naughty Dog Limited Edition
Clicker Statue
Naughty Dog Paw Shirt
Firefly Hoodie
Firefly Shirt


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Stop spewing facts! Clearly Microsoft bribed EA to only bring this product to Xbone /s

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Doesn't make me sad since I work there :D

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Did they fix the templar cheese lol

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So this is what "the darkness" looks like!

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You passed on the Icebreaker? How else are you going to cheese strikes now ;)

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Ugh I remember paying around $450 back in Feb for the Sapphire R9 290 :(

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ayy lmao

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Sequel to Haze or Lair

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Lol this guy is 100% wrong

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Heh we had fun in the office the other day when Ubisoft announced the console parity thing.

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Agreed. Unless Ubisoft comes out and addresses this issue, I'll be canceling my Amazon pre order and wait until the game hits the bargain bin.

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Got mine preordered :)

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4ms response time

lol no thanks

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Exactly how it sounds. I give you early access to my game to review. That way once the embargo date is lifted, you'll be one of the first to publish the review.

In return, you then need to brand your site/channel with my ads/content, which I'll pay for of course.

Now put two and two together.

Early review access + me paying you for "branded content" = ?????

Depending on how much you're getting paid (var...

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Happened to me :/

I didn't want to return it or exchange it because 1) I want the ghost replica and 2) who knows when they'd have a replacement on hand. So Amazon offered me a 25% refund ($40) which I thought was fair and gladly accepted it.

Although I heard some people get refunds of up to 40% off so meh lol, maybe I should have pushed for more. Oh well ;_;

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