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I for one, welcome Valkyria Chronicles on the go. Can't wait :D #1.1
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....to "is it weird" ;)

lol #6.1
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"gloom and doom"
More like, brown and bloom. I for one, appreciated the colors in Resistance 2. #2.1
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Still waiting for my order to arrive from the online Microsoft store(hurry up Microsoft). Bought it when they had the upgrade deal going for $50 lol.

Can't wait for it to them, been on XP for so long, had Vista on my laptop, thought it was crap, heard only good things about 7, can't wait to finally get a true successor to XP & do some DX10 gaming that XP has been holding me back on ;D #4
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Still enjoying my PSP-1000 with no incentive to upgrade to the 2000, 3000, or Go model lol #3
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Ah alright there we go, yea it was greyed out the HD button so I didn't bother trying to click it lol, but yea just rewatched it and it does look more crisp I'll give it that.

1080p? It's actually 720p lol, "Now fans and newcomers to the series can experience the epic journey of God of War and God of War II in 720p HD form." ~
I'll wait until I see some screenshot comparisons before making any final judgments and just assume the trailer didn't do this justice because I can't see any difference from this trailer and from the PS2 versions I have lol. #4
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That's the main reason I'm jumping to 7 from XP 32bit.

64 bit OS (Currently have 3gb ram, but plan on upgrading to 6gb)
DX10 & Soon DX11 Gaming
Better then Vista

Only costed me $50 to upgrade. #5.1
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I lol'd

**Uncharted 2**
8.5 Lasting Appeal
The multiplayer is more than generous, as is the single player's 12 hour running time.

**Gears 2**
9.5 Lasting Appeal
Supposing they can fix the few multiplayer issues, theres nothing stopping Gears 2 from ruling Xbox Live for some time to come. The photo mode is a great addition, too.

- Multiplayer Issues out of the box
- Cinema Mode > Photo Mode
- Longer campaign then G... #23
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Lol...scroll up...you clearly said "most pc processors are going the way of parallel processing just like ps3.wow."

Whether you were trying to say something else, I honestly don't know, but that probably coulda been worded better so one wouldn't misinterpret that like I did, since I'm sure you can read that line over and see how I thought that's what you were implying.

Also, more like, having fun in Demon's Souls :D #23.6
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Wow someone's taking this article/this whole console thing a little too seriously lol...

Also I lol'd @ "most pc processors are going the way of parallel processing just like ps3.wow." Multicore & Hyper threading CPUs say hello lol. Figured I'd inform you with that since you seem to be misinformed thinking the PS3/Cell invented parallel processing or w/e

Anyway, back to farming away in Demon's Souls :D (gotta love 1 shotting that reaper guy in 4-2 with... #23.4
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Or how about even Eye of Judgment, that's been scanning things in before Eye Pet & Natal were even known ;) #7.1
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Because the point of Demon's Souls is to die and learn from your mistakes giving you that rewarding expirience once you go back and conquer where you died. You're supposed to go to an area, expecting the unexpected, and when something goes wrong and you die, return to that area now knowing how to deal with it because the enemies all spawn in the same spot, and be able to go through with it with ease.

Plus you can go back to your blood stain and get back all your souls as long as... #1.6
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I'm pretty sure it's only from the code, because why else would our vouchers say "Exclusive Navarro Multiplayer Skin." Plus we can't redeem this voucher until the game officially comes out anyway. #6.6
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Well this isn't really a spoiler story wise I don't think, but hey at least you don't have a friend who got the game early who then spoils you the plot twist in this game... #8.1
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I have the Navarro code too :D

It's from Comic-con Sony was giving them out. I got mine from winning the PlayStation Blog Ratchet & Clank comic contest lol

http://i36.tinypic.com/2mcj... that's the prize I won #6.2
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I was going for platnium in Uncharted 1, I had 54/60 treasures, almost had it beat on Hard to unlock Crushing...then I get the YLOD, and eventhough I did have a backup of my save, it was only a copy paste backup of it, so when I loaded it onto my "new"(refurb) PS3 I got back from Sony, it didn't apply all my previous stats I accomplished before so I just said screw it and gave up on it since I wasn't going to play through on Hard from the start again AND collect all the treasures I... #1.4
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That's one thing I like about XBL, everyone has the same standard mic, or a better one (well for the most part) so the voice chat quality is always good while on PSN we have to fend for ourselves on what mic to get and peoples voice quality is pretty inconsistent, either you get people with good mics, or people with bad mics with horrible voice quality.

And is it just me or does every single mic on PS3 have horrible noise cancellation because I swear every game I join I always h... #3
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Everyone who went to tonight's event, is also walking away with a free copy of the game lol (winners of the multiplayer tournament won the fortune edition of the game)

So pretty much same as last night #6.1
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Ahhh so close ;_;

http://i38.tinypic.com/kexn... #6
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