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NES is my favorite console. Being able to immerse yourself into an 8-bit world was such a treat as a kid. It was also pretty magical too since you had to use your imagination as well :P

Plus some of the cheesy sounding music (Battletoads Pause Music!!) was pretty entertaining. My favorite game on that and my very first RPG was Star Tropics II: Zoda's Revenge. Great memories playing that game. Probably beat it 2-3x

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Lol that's fake.

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It's been fun watching people speculate what the next Battlefield game is about :)

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Lol...this isn't as bad as the party where once everyone was finally drunk enough to start dancing...they played one song, lights come on...PARTY'S OVER! Talk about a buzz kill!

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I'm at GDC this week. Can't wait to check everything out!

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Make America Great Again

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That's exactly how I felt when I played the alpha. Can't wait to jump back in soon!

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CS:GO doesn't

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Well that'll explain why I didnt get any email. Thanks :)

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Modern Warfare 1 and Black Ops 1 were the last two good CoD games. Everything else has been trash.

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That's pretty much what Battlefront originally was. Battlefield: Space with 3rd person.

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As someone who's owned every single souls CE I just don't see the value in this one :/

Now if we had gotten the nightmare edition EU has... That'd be a different story :)

Oh well. Super excited for next week as it's been a while since my last PS4 game and I'm itching to play something new. What better game to scratch that itch than this :D

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Shame it doesn't ship to the USA lol

Oh well, waiting on BB pre-orders :D

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Meh, Gamestop and Best Buy have yet to go live with their pre-orders. BB will be the one buy from with that 20% GCU discount :)

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Unforgettable moment :)

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It's free because buying gas is optional. You can either wait X time for you to play again when you run out of gas aka energy...a mechanic not new to free mobile games, or if you're impatient you can spend money.

If you clicked on the article and read it, you can clearly see a screenshot showing a timer with 1m 25s remaining, thus the purchase of fuel is 100% optional.

I guess it's okay for other companies to say whoops you ran out of lives, plea...

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How do you buy a game that's free in the first place lol

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Because people only read the headline and assumed it was for a console NFS game not realizing it's for a free to play mobile game.

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lol that flamebait headline

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I pre ordered from BB the day it went live. My order confirmation email came in at 6:31 PM Eastern Time and my order hasn't been canceled...yet lol

Luckily I have a Gamestop pre-order as back up :)

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