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I think Yahtzee got it perfectly right on this one:

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Sad isn't it. There was so much potential there for greatness... 2 and 3 were awful

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That does seem to be the trend. A lot of more complex games have had adapted themselves to become more simpler. That's not to say that simpler games are less fun. Portal is simple but awesome for instance...

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Not all games try to be experiences these days. Some of them seem to simply exist to fulfill some craving for 6 hours of mindless shooting...

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Not more Pokemans O_o!

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Definitely agree with the one point of view :P

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Hmmm there are so many Open-World games that I didn't get the time to talk about. I tried to keep the column as short and readable as possible. Would have loved to go into more detail on some of them... particularly on how crap Assassin's Creed is :P

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Hmmm...the train only really skirts you around the edges :/. You do sometimes feel like part of the city but as a whole, the world doesn't feel very alive or dynamic. If you randomly just beat people or heal people, nothing really happens.

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Definitely mentioned it in the article as a winner on several counts. The immerseion, the freedom to do as you please and feeling like you're a driving force in the game world :)

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Lol thanks :P

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Here's another article. The creative director defending Annual releases and saying AC now plans to be an ongoing series...

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Not all rants are unhealthy. PC gaming really has suffered a lot because of developers taking their frustrations at pirates out on their fanbases.

I'm not going to lie, the ability to mod is amazing for me, but PCs sometimes do cause more problems then they solve.

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The video at the end is insane O_o. I want

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He actually said that if gaming is a hobby then "achievement hunting" is not going to enrich you. He was basically saying that its bad for you being an achievement whore. Just like its bad for you to smoke. Sure you might get something out of smoking a box a day but there is something wrong with that.

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Nope that's a great way to play games. Just for fun. Doing it for the Gamerscore is pointless.

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Sounds like you're a little bit sensitive about the idea that Achievements might be meaningless. The point put across was that they're basically a time-sink that gives very little back

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It's milking when you promise that the game is going to have a massive character roster and a character colorization system and an extensive gem system and then lots of characters are locked, the colours have to be downloaded in packs and the game comes packaged with only a few gems unless you download more. That sounds like milking to me.

Oh and Marvel vs Capcom 3. 3 months later they released an updated version with all the features that were asked for in the first plac...

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It really is sad the developers milk their consumers with DLC. That being said, I'm really excited for TTT2!

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Hi guys, I'm the author. And I'm making a different point in the article to the one many of you seem to be thinking. If you read it and still disagree, then I suppose that is your opinion. It is an opinion piece after all

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