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@ slyfoxC-

I wanted to do that but unfortunately your mom/gf/wife's (')pu$$y was attached to my face.

1927d ago 0 agree0 disagreeView comment the way now that I read your name im going to watch chinese zodiac with Jackie Chan,he is my fav.gnight
hahaha nice one Bathyj

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most of you guys commented more out the idiot jblaze than about the article itself.The smartest thing here and in real life is to ignore.ignore is the nicest way to say f off or whatever.Man cant wait for the Last Of Us.

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I payed the same for my ps3 MGS4 bundle.

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Jasmine why s
dont you & Ralph f off?

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Maybe next week I buy 2013 Honda civic or 2013 Toyota Camry over $30K.Would I buy PS4? Been playing since ps one never disappointed so I dont know if im buing it :b

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' The Last of Us 'squeezes every last drop of power' from PS3 '

It.s what my gf does :b

Isnt May yet?Damn you doggy

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Sly-last july I bought a '55 3D TV for $2200 ,and 5month later price dropped down to 1500 for christmas.Was I mad?Hell no.I like something I buy it.There is nothing to be mad about it in your case.The problem with people like you is that you take things for granted.YOU bought that game cause you were interested to play it and you had to pay.Before wasting more time I say one thing-Patience is a virtue.

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You are right man.Its what I did a couple of months ago.I have both EU and NA PS+.

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I will be sick on may 7th so no work for me.My phones won't work either.This game sucks anyway,I won't play it more than 10h in a raw.

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Starbucks- its awesome in 3D,trust me.I played the whole thing,my opinion.Alex gave you his.So you decide.

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barbara why dont you shove the Alfa Romeo up yout 7 holes?

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Personally I never trade,you lose in the long run moneywise and pchycologicaly.In life we want always new things maybe first times we say ok but later becomes a habit and trade when we shouldnt.I say we cause Im assuming so opinion ,before any1 jumpes and tells me that I should speak for myself.Anyway in generally people dont know how to save they are tricked into capitalism way of spending money.NOt only that I know when and where to spend money,but I also live in Canada which economy is fin...

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Agree with you.I love it plain & flat :)

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YOu got that damn right baby.After a long day at work I get home and klick N4G and I feel FREE.SONY WAS IS WILL Be tha KING.

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If its $700 I would just have to work a weeek to buy it.And I own a $50 cell phone.Im not cheap I dont really need an excpensive phone.I spend money when I see value not just whats popular.Anyway many of u guys shouldnt argue cause some can afford to buy it 500-1000 some not.
WHo cant afford it expensive shouldnt b jealous.this is life some people are lucky or have certain skills to earn more money and some have basic jobs or wellfare(u mad wellfare guys? lol) have agood day every1 no...

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Im 35 and been working for 20 years,Always bought what I wanted(within the budget)Never been disappointed from Sony.People want good things but cheap,no u gotta pay .I agree with you Bathyj.Everytime I go to ocntinue and finish a game ,another new one comes un on ps store for ps plus.Damn you Sony my HDD is full of games from ps plus,half of them are unfinished.dont have time so many games.Im gonna send a complaint letteer to Sony.they gotta slow down lol .cna wait to play Sleeping Dogs.My Vi...

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Im the 1st fool in line.

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hahhaa nice one NICARAGUA lol.Usually I put money on my account 50 0r 100 dollars then immediately I delete my credit card info.not for ps+ cause I would renew it anyway its a great service.Lots of st people get screwd cause they take it the comfotable way they dont read the fine prints.

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OH man,I've left meny games unfinished,now they are giving Sleeping Dogs (I loved the demo).Sony I hate you :)

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