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That's not a season pass. You bougth the game and all the dlc comes with it. It's not like investing a 30$ more. #1.1.1
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The objective based, comon xp, no last hit gold, no shop and team fights really got me over dota and lol. It's a love or hate relationship but I have to agree that everyone should give it a try. #3
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Holy crap. I'm playing on the european server even thou I'm in Quebec. I have an average 150 ping. It crashes once every 2-3 hours so I can't complain. It's not Guild Wars 2 but it's more of my taste. #1.1.1
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I've started playing 2 weeks ago. I do not regret my purchase at all. Now lvl 25, it's redundant but a lot of fun for a monthly free mmo. If you like the elder scrolls design and lore, get this game. If you want more in depth descriptions look for 2015 impression of captain louis. #1
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I think if Dmc was an actualy continuity, like the son of Dante, rather than a reboot the community would be accept it way easier. To be frank, I played all 5 games and I have to say I enjoyed Dmc a lot. DMC2 was boring and I hated Nero on Dmc4.

The controls were tight, the music was great, the story was weird and forgetable but the boss made for it.

A sequel? Sure, why not! #1.1.2
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The first time I saw cloud with his buster sword, will always be very memorable for me. I was only 10 at the time and yet it gave me such and impression. Big poster at a randomn little electronic market.

PS: why would someone Desagree on your opinion ? #1.1
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GOTY: Dragon Age
PS3 GOTY: Dark Souls 2
Vita: Child of Light
Digital :Child of Light
PS+: Bioshock Infinite
Studio: Can't tell
2015: Bloodborne #1.1.1
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Well, to be honnest, I only played the original Samurai Warriors and loved it. So i thought a good 4th installment with a lot of goodies could bring me some enjoyemeny, I might be wrong thou. #1.1.1
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Will we ever see this version in America or Europe? #1
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As a big BF player here are my main issues:
1- Reg is out of bound, you can see the splatter of blood but no hit being registered.
2- Regular player drop off. Being in an helicopter and just start nose diving after half the server was kicked out for no reason isn't very "fun".
3- Grenade marker no disappearing after the grenade actually exploded.
4- Constant both man killing each other. I mean, like 50% of the time.
5- ECM jammer doesn'... #16
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Back in my days, Gold edition meant it was the final release with all the expansions included as well as the latest patch. #17
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Really ?
God of war is releasing one game every 3-4 years and we haven't got a Tomb Raider for QUITE A WHILE.
The real series that needs to die:
Call of Duty
Gears of war
Assassin's creed

Those are getting released almost every year now with little if no new content and a story that doesn't make ANY sense now. #24
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I'm really getting tired of this...
4 rare animals ? Why Not ? #1
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I agree that GTA3 was a HUGE step in the gaming industry. The list is fair but I don't think Singstar and Manhunt bringed much... Also, no FFX ? Really ? #1.1
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I'll give a game a couple of hours.
You can have only a glimpse of a game in 15 minutes. Sometimes it goes so much deeper.

FF13 for example. Jesus, it takes like 12 hours before free roaming.

X3 - After 4 hours I just felt it was not my kind of game
Eve Online - After 10 hours I was so boring I wanted to hurt myself. #11
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Please, stop releasing LOTR games. Just stop, for the sake of JRR Tolkien. #1
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Ocelot removed one of liquids arm (left) to replace the one he lost Grey Fox in MGS. Liquid also died of Fox Die, which could be fake since he had all the superior genes compared to solid snake.

Just my 2 cents, would be awesome thougth. Liquid is by far my favorite character in gaming.

EDIT: Nevermind, it's the right arm so it cannot be liquid. #2.1.1
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Hooollly shiit I just thought of something.

Could this man be... Liquid ?

The missing harm, the looking of Snake, the British flags ? #2
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As a hole, yes CS is probably one of the most influential game of the past decade. It has lost it's touch however, the competitive community isn't as strong and the new market aims for less skilled required games. I think the PC gaming community would not be as tight without this kind of game. #1
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My girlfriend bought me this game for a gift. This is such a sad port it's actually frustrating. I'm going to play this game through because it comes from someone I love but f*** you Activision. #7
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