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Not really. It's a lot more dynamic. What you might like is the positioning and map movement thou. To be honnest, I like VC but I really love FM3.

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The animation and new mechanics are really impressibe.
Might look a bit "simplistic" for the PS4 and Xbox One.
Overall, fun, huge roster, funny and mostly a good game to play with friends.
I'll do the full review later.

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Not sure if sarcasm or...

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@Nyxus, it's probably something legal. Maybe he was laid off with a massive package. Who knows. I want to see more and better Metal Gears, let's see what Konami does in 2016.

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I don't mind supporting Konami. Everyone lost their shit when Kojima got lay down and I personally don't see why. We never had a clear reason behind Konami's decision and they were probably in a need or in the right to do what they did. Until I have a clear reason that proves Konami's mischief or hypocrisy then I don't mind buying their products.

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Geez I don't know. Between my relative at the hospital, my gf back to spain, my lawyers meetings, 50 hours of work a week, the influenza kicking at the back of my head and literally 75+ games of PS3 I never opened. It's gonna take a while before I pop Destiny back in my ps4.

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Opinions, Opinions, Opinions...

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It does, the well timed crystal card is a good table turner, bringing a bigger card or a combo to take the initiative. From my experience at least.

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Except that League is free, doesn't come with a 90$ CAD pricetag.

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It's a good game for sure. Most of the fun comes from experimenting and having good teamplay. However, I have a bad time getting over the massive price tag, the multiple season pass purchase and the real currency for further skins unlock. It's sooo greedy.

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Yes! I miss the one from japan of Demon's Souls for PS3 such a heartful theme.

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Who gives a crap. My ps4 is barely 2 years old. It's so deep into speculation. It shouldn't even be rumors at this point, no one is talking about the next gen at this stage.

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It's different. Both are good but my problem with tekken is I feel the gameplay is too similar since Tekken 4. The last one I really loved was Tekken 6. Anyway, can't go wrong with DOA or Tekken.

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I'm surprised there is no mention of Witcher 3.

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Theres a lot of reasons why I would choose BloodBorne over Fallout 4 but the most obvious one is the lack of choices, dialogs and interesting quest that makes Fallout 4 more a shooter than an RPG. I mean, it's okay, it plays just fine but I never really had any use of anything except my gun.
Go there, kill stuff, repeat. The game is really easy as well. While blood borne, you have to respect every enemy you encounter. It's just an opinion of course and my review of Fallout 4 s...

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The review is a bit harsh. For single player there are 10 different scenarios you can play. It's mostly to get acquainted with tactics and various items. Each situations can give up to 600 + bonus renown. Watching each of 3 tutorial will also give you 200 renown each. I understand his complain that every operator is a bet rather than a solid choices every-time. However, having a good team with communication and breaching simultaneously is always very enjoyable. It's stressful but bala...

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I quite liked it. 80$ is clearly too much, but the ranked games are stressing and really asks for team play. Didn't found it as boring or bland than anticipated.

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I'm thankful for all those years of constant news, rumors, discussions and reviews coming out on the gaming industry. I've been a daily reader for the past 5 years and N4G is really the HUB for anyone interested in this industry.

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This game keeps getting great reviews. It's probably one of the biggest underdog of 2015. I hope the sales are great to continue this kind of high quality RPG.

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I remember the girl from Fear popping out in the freaking elevator between to light interruption...

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