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That is no news... #1
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This is list is completely and utterly none-sense.
Games such as Worms, Destiny and Halo3 are difficult to be of choosing in a top 15 before you die. I think there are much better games to experience. Even small ones such as journey or even Fez are ones of choosing. #6
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It is, I don't feel like a dark hero with a great detective sense and creepy sneaking abilities but more of a brute with 100 different weapons and a tank. #2
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That's not a season pass. You bougth the game and all the dlc comes with it. It's not like investing a 30$ more. #1.1.1
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The objective based, comon xp, no last hit gold, no shop and team fights really got me over dota and lol. It's a love or hate relationship but I have to agree that everyone should give it a try. #3
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Holy crap. I'm playing on the european server even thou I'm in Quebec. I have an average 150 ping. It crashes once every 2-3 hours so I can't complain. It's not Guild Wars 2 but it's more of my taste. #1.1.1
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I've started playing 2 weeks ago. I do not regret my purchase at all. Now lvl 25, it's redundant but a lot of fun for a monthly free mmo. If you like the elder scrolls design and lore, get this game. If you want more in depth descriptions look for 2015 impression of captain louis. #1
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I think if Dmc was an actualy continuity, like the son of Dante, rather than a reboot the community would be accept it way easier. To be frank, I played all 5 games and I have to say I enjoyed Dmc a lot. DMC2 was boring and I hated Nero on Dmc4.

The controls were tight, the music was great, the story was weird and forgetable but the boss made for it.

A sequel? Sure, why not! #1.1.2
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The first time I saw cloud with his buster sword, will always be very memorable for me. I was only 10 at the time and yet it gave me such and impression. Big poster at a randomn little electronic market.

PS: why would someone Desagree on your opinion ? #1.1
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GOTY: Dragon Age
PS3 GOTY: Dark Souls 2
Vita: Child of Light
Digital :Child of Light
PS+: Bioshock Infinite
Studio: Can't tell
2015: Bloodborne #1.1.1
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Well, to be honnest, I only played the original Samurai Warriors and loved it. So i thought a good 4th installment with a lot of goodies could bring me some enjoyemeny, I might be wrong thou. #1.1.1
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Will we ever see this version in America or Europe? #1
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As a big BF player here are my main issues:
1- Reg is out of bound, you can see the splatter of blood but no hit being registered.
2- Regular player drop off. Being in an helicopter and just start nose diving after half the server was kicked out for no reason isn't very "fun".
3- Grenade marker no disappearing after the grenade actually exploded.
4- Constant both man killing each other. I mean, like 50% of the time.
5- ECM jammer doesn'... #16
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Back in my days, Gold edition meant it was the final release with all the expansions included as well as the latest patch. #17
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Really ?
God of war is releasing one game every 3-4 years and we haven't got a Tomb Raider for QUITE A WHILE.
The real series that needs to die:
Call of Duty
Gears of war
Assassin's creed

Those are getting released almost every year now with little if no new content and a story that doesn't make ANY sense now. #24
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I'm really getting tired of this...
4 rare animals ? Why Not ? #1
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I agree that GTA3 was a HUGE step in the gaming industry. The list is fair but I don't think Singstar and Manhunt bringed much... Also, no FFX ? Really ? #1.1
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I'll give a game a couple of hours.
You can have only a glimpse of a game in 15 minutes. Sometimes it goes so much deeper.

FF13 for example. Jesus, it takes like 12 hours before free roaming.

X3 - After 4 hours I just felt it was not my kind of game
Eve Online - After 10 hours I was so boring I wanted to hurt myself. #11
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Please, stop releasing LOTR games. Just stop, for the sake of JRR Tolkien. #1
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