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I just meant that with the word "remaster" in the project. I was expecting maybe, new weapons, area, monsters. A tiny bit more lush environment, better lighting effects. But that's just me.

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I don't want to be a debbie downer but this look exactly like the original on pc with a dll change... I was expecting a bit.. more?

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I don't want them to compete. I would have both of them anytime. They can grow their own style.

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No, not a chance. Look at all the games coming out focused on single player experience. I don't know what the f**k pseudo-journalists have these days but it is actually going very good for SP video games out there.

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Too many games going out of popularity too fast. It's been like this for the past 4-5 years already. What a shame.

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Too many games. That's all their is really. Too many big player on the table.

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I mean, BF4 and BF3 fills the gap quite nicely, even Hardline... The last 3 installments are modern shooters.

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Damn, look at all those dislikes. "Average game gets free updates and features" #ThumbDown. This is good news. Shameful release yes, but good news nonetheless.

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Exactly, it's already expensive here in CA. In case of casual gamers like myself (Life heh?) this is not going to be interesting hobby anymore. Add to that all the problematic/pandemic/poisonous strategies publishers are using and you're just going to lose consumer. I make a decent living but I rather spend 100$ on a use Nikon Lense than a single video game. Except The Witcher of course :D.

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Heh? I've met a guy on a settlement just yesterday....

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Who didn't?

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As the owner of almost all consoles since the SNES I can't ignore the sheer number of amazing game on my PS3. I fell in love with the Ps2, I gamed night time with my Xbox and I certainly sneak past my curfew to play Zelda on my SNES. However, in term of time, fun, features and overall satisfaction the PS3 takes the crown. Demon's Souls, God of War 3, Uncharted 2, the list goes on and on. Goose bump, emotional turmoil and just pure entertainement. Everything has been felt. It's a s...

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The 60$ price tag is not worth it. We have experienced this game to it's full potential already. I don't see the point of paying that amount of money on a game that has revamped graphics that does not come close to the modding community. It's for me a really lazy work and a money grab from Bethesda. If they added quests, magic scaling, new features such as building your own guild or what not I wouldn't be too radical but with the current package I can't be thinking this as...

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Not really. It's a lot more dynamic. What you might like is the positioning and map movement thou. To be honnest, I like VC but I really love FM3.

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The animation and new mechanics are really impressibe.
Might look a bit "simplistic" for the PS4 and Xbox One.
Overall, fun, huge roster, funny and mostly a good game to play with friends.
I'll do the full review later.

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Not sure if sarcasm or...

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@Nyxus, it's probably something legal. Maybe he was laid off with a massive package. Who knows. I want to see more and better Metal Gears, let's see what Konami does in 2016.

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I don't mind supporting Konami. Everyone lost their shit when Kojima got lay down and I personally don't see why. We never had a clear reason behind Konami's decision and they were probably in a need or in the right to do what they did. Until I have a clear reason that proves Konami's mischief or hypocrisy then I don't mind buying their products.

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Geez I don't know. Between my relative at the hospital, my gf back to spain, my lawyers meetings, 50 hours of work a week, the influenza kicking at the back of my head and literally 75+ games of PS3 I never opened. It's gonna take a while before I pop Destiny back in my ps4.

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Opinions, Opinions, Opinions...

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