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I love these types of articles. Pure sensationalist journalism. Reggie specifically states that the 'friend code' system is not the same on used today. Something that your title/description fails to get that point across. This is important because you make a claim about a feature based off of an out of context quote by an executive.

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First off, I have to say that love the BSG reference in your user name.

Second, your point about consumerism in games is well taken. I will agree that many of us who study the industry closely and purchase products become consumed in the ever continuing 'console war' and essentially carve out extreme brand loyalty to some subset of all companies (the phrase, 'PC gaming master race' says it all).

However, that doesn't mean that the Nintendo...

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Exactly! Thanks for helping me get my point across, Baluigi. Glad you caught that.

Like I said, 'not feeding into fanboy hype' is a rapid departure from what has become the norm in video game console reveals at E3. This caused all previously WiiU informed parties (aka us on N4G) to feel underwhelmed because we already expected Pikmin 3, New Super Mario Bros, etc at the press conference. What we wanted was the top secret projects that we hadn't previously gotten a ...

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Hard to predict the market's purchasing habits when product specific details are still unknown to the public. This poll should be re-administered after E3 2012; the data comparison would at least give us an idea of the market's reaction to Nintendo revealing the finalized pricing, release date and first and third party software.

For now, all the poll does is gauge the reaction to a subjective belief (in the respondents) about a non-released product(since few finalized...

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Your article shows that you've enjoyed the Halo series for the last decade. That should be the title of your article, not 'it's not as good as I remember' . . . but I'm eagerly awaiting the next one and will get sucked into the hype.

We are given luxury and we still complain. Why?

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If you have a 3DS, you really should download the trailer off of the eShop. The 2D trailer really doesn't do the game justice, it looks much better in 3D at the 'correct' resolution.

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Interesting view of the ranking system. I guess the problem with fusing RPGs (in the traditional sense) with FPSs is that these two genres are different fundamentally. It's completion vs mastery; RPG-game gives you 'power', FPS-you play the game

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This is great. I wonder if the person who made it intended to make Pac-Man, or intended to do something else and ended up becoming Pac-Man.

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Wouldn't that go under "credit URL" as opposed to another post?

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Stealth video is a check. Thanks for the heads up Godchild.

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All in all, I do agree with your points. Nintendo does have to deliver on the graphics, the controller, the online and the characters. Here's an interesting and related article I wrote about Smash 4's WiiU to 3DS connectivity. Tell me what you think:

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Completely agree with all previous comments. It's FAR too early to judge the Wii U as a console or as an online platform.

To the author of this post, I'm happy that you have an opinion and that you managed to clearly write it into a blog post; but honestly do spare us the whole "doomsday" mentality and actually try to bring us with an original and unique view point.

Since your evidence is non-existent (basically a series of executive quote...

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Love the idea, perhaps you should add this to 'alternate source':

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Every new Sonic iteration promises a "return to series roots". I'm interested to see if this game will actually fulfill that long time dream. Regardless, I don't understand why Sega didn't include the choice of using both Sonics. I mean, if that's the main gameplay gimick, why not give us a chance to demo it?

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Does this surprise anyone? The WiiU isn't releasing for another year and a half anyway; can't we just be patient?

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Has anyone actually looked at Nintendo's share price? It ended the day higher than it started:

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hahahaha, "Ecco the Dolphin" that would be hilarious. What if he only would work in stages with water.

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Wow. Love the part with the minecart then he goes to Space? Awesome.

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I'm so glad that you mentioned Brawl as #2. Even though the game is a little unorthodox as far as fighters are concerned, I was quite pleased to see it make an appearance.

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