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obsolete hardware are you fuckin retarted man??????

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@rawsta... then you can go on living happily ever after.. YAY

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fucking stupidest thing I ever heard of xbox originals should mean original xbox games

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I just shit myself

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stfu diego

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you are such a pathetic person

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thanks for the insightful comment....


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why do people have such a hard time realizing this like wake up... It's no different for any other product.

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I already have an iPod I bought last year is apple going to give me a discount on next years version.. think about it for a second because i am very convinced that this site is filled with morons and cry babies, no one is forcing you to re buy a game you already played
and just because you played it, it doesn't mean the rest of the world has already.

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I would be broke as hell if they did

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wow so stoked to buy this again on ps4

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don't you guys get tired of all this secret sauce talk and the new techniques to get most out of the gpu and dx 12 and blah blah blah it's not going to happen you are all idiots if you think microsoft is going to just snap their fingers and boom xbox one now has more power and features 4k gaming all of the sudden WOW LOOK AT THAT... get a life, play the games you love and S T F U this site is really getting annoying

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maybe you should crawl in a HOLE troll

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Do we really need another article like this

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I was never a fan of the bubbles either but completely agree with you it does the job more than well enough and is a very easy to use ui...
It would be pretty cool if they made the ui more like the ps4 tho!

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"This plucky, arrogant little beanie-wearer will likely irritate you a fair amount if you’re British, because he has that perkiness about him that only really seems to please an American audience"

pretty immature.. garbage review

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I think I had something like that when I was a kid for ps1 It was a pain in the ass but I had some fun with it if I remember correctly

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No he's not lying, Hes a troll and it's pathetic.. He likes xbox, which is good for him but pretty lame to bash sony at every chance he gets.. and seriously if you had the option of paid service or free I think we all know which one you would choose, so don't hate on sony fans for being proud when they had a free online service, and don't criticize them for paying for a service to play the games they like just because they didn't agree with it in the first place because re...

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man, get a life..for real

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WELL THATS A SHAME.. I'd buy one without the kinect for a cheaper price of course... but hey keep your kinect I don't want/need it...been gaming for years without it

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