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I played the first dungeon on normal but found I too easy for a Persona vet like me so I switched to hard. I've also died quite a lot, but i doesn't feel impossible. I feel like I have to really consider my tactics more carefully on hard making it more fun.

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As an American, I hate FIFA lol

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I played beta and it bored me to tears. I wanted to be sold but I'm just glad I tried it

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So you basically have no idea what you are talking about. Fans of the series are highly anticipating this title, including myself.

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Yeh, you believe women are less than dogs who need a man to tell them what to do.

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Both are must buys.If I had to pick 1, I would pick Persona 5.I much prefer turn based over action rpgs

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Your arrogance is laughable. If you dont find value in it, just say you dont, you dont speak for me. The value for me is Destiny satisfies my online fps needs saving me money by not buying other online fps. I hate COD but im not an arrogant prick telling people on COD articles not to buy the game because people have different likes and i dont think my opinion is that of a god like you. I also have a life so focus on games I play and like.

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@headshotfrosty Thank you for your eloquent response that hits the nail on the head. I'm Black and I hate most rap music as well, but I have heard a lot and none have promoted targeted hate towards anyone. Most is kinda silly to me if anything lol Groups like the KKK and Council of Conservative Citizens, which Dylann Roof cited, do promote targeted hate but not many, especially FOX news, ever calls them out. Another example. Now I see a lot of people focus on the New Black Panther Party e...

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Talk to WWE, they let Hogan go before it was even made public.

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Stop listening to FOX news, They talk about 1 rap song that mentions cops and now every rap song is hate speech against Whites and cops but the KKK is still allowed to exist.

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@claudionmc So millions still playing the game means it's a disappointment if you don't like it? It doesn't matter if the millions playing like the game, it only matters if YOU think it is a disappointment. Thanks for your useless input.

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@FamilyGuy People just like to keep complaining even if they don't know what they are talking about because it looks hip on the message boards. And people like to make arguments not based on any kind of fact but keep repeating stale talking points.

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The vocal minority who don't even play the game amuse me. Destiny is a new ip and lots of changes happen continuously. Who seriously continuously goes to articles of games they don't like or play? I don't like Call of Duty, and I'm never on COD articles bashing those who don't like it because every one gets enjoyment from different games. Get a life

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Sorry you are just one person and not that important in terms of if a game is popular or not. Millions still play destiny, go cry about it.

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Such a shallow dumb post. I guess if people don't play what you like, they are idiots. I never knew the world revolved around you. And I still play PVP on destiny all the time. And guess what smartass, most popular shooters ONLY have pvp while destiny has PVP plus more modes. Grow a brain please.

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Here comes the posters thinking they are comedians posting, "People still play this?" or something to that effect. Get a life and go play what you like. Can't wait to try out the tweaked pvp mode

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I saw this live, it was insane

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Save it for 2016. I'm already gonna be buying too many games for PS4 next year.

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