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That was the overall feel of the original XB1 vision. They had to back off due to public scrutiny, but their objectives have not changed I'm sure.

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At least they aren't trying to hit a launch window. They certainly have the freedom to take their time and develop for the next generation without a specific deadline like the console launches.

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It's totally worth it. The best part is that the gameplay is self-directed. There are a few ways to win the game, and you aren't required to do any of them.

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I can't wait for the XBLA version to be released. It was delayed due to a bug they caught. MS approval process is slowing it up.

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A Legion/Geth drive would be sweet, I always loved the sound effects of the Geth.

Then again, a drive that screams like a banshee as you unplug it would appeal to me.

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Microsoft has a lot to prove when they announce their next console. With all the positive buzz around the PS4, if the MS offering falls short in any field, it will be a catastrophic shift in the market next generation.

This article hits all the right points where MS is already not on the ball.

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I could actually time out the beats as I read the lyrics. Well done budding mic slammers.

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There's nothing quite as rewarding as figuring out a complex puzzle on your own. Looks like I will be playing this game soon!

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Gaming journalism has done good things this year with reporting on overly aggressive deadlines and publishers. We've heard of awful conditions under which games like Spec Ops: The Line were made, and we've heard from the devs behind Project Eternity on how they basically made it up as they went into their Kickstarter project.

It comes down to who pleases who. Publishers are looking to please investors, and devs are looking to please fans/gamers. A disconnect happens w...

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I wasn't expecting it to be so engaging, but it is. I'm well outside the target demographic for Skylanders, but there's bound to be something in this game for everyone. You might have to spend some time to unlock it to play on demand though!

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