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There's no point in fighting with these people. No one takes the Sony fanboys on this site seriously anyways.

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Here's a source.

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Paying off all the pre-orders? Really? Where's your source?

I just imagine you just at home believing your own nonsense.

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@LaChance It's like Fox News.

During The Elections: Obama doesn't stand a chance, he never did.
After the Elections: Well, I don't know what happened.

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This game looks amazing. It's definitely one of THE next gen games to look out for. I just wish I could play this with an Xbox One controller (I like the offset analog sticks for FPS). :( But I'm still getting a PS4.

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Mass Effect was a good game. Up until the last 15 minutes.

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I'm not sure if you're serious. If so, hook me up with whatever you're smoking.

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Based on the IGN live stream, the A.I in TLoU is pretty freakin' impressive.

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COD isn't only played by Xbox gamers. It's the biggest multi-platform game series ever. To single out "xboxone fan boys" is stupid.

On Topic: COD Ghosts should even be released for the Xbox One and Ps4. Release it on current gen and take time creating a new engine...for real this time.
*Looks at Eric Hirshberg*

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Ryse is being developed by Crytek.

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It's exactly how it is present day. If you let your friend/family borrow the game disk, you won't be able to play it on your console because the would have the game installed on their HD. No fees.

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I'm not surprised. While watching the COD reveal on Tuesday, all I said was, "What's different?"

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You can't use logic on this site. There wasn't any point in posting this article. These guys are a vocal minority and have no real affect on what really happens.

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I call bullshit. They're almost all yahoo accounts. If I'm correct, you need a windows live/hotmail account when making an Xbox Live account.

Update: There also appears to be many doubles. You can't make different accounts using the same Email Address.

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I'm disappointed in the Xbox ONE reveal. If Microsoft keeps going the way they are now, i'll have no choice but to be in line to purchase a PS4 on day one. The only reason I haven't made my final decision is because of the PS4 controller. The PS3 control was too small that I never really enjoyed playing my PS3 because of it. I finished games like most of the exclusives on the PS3, but some felt like a chore because of the task of using the PS3 with big hands. I guess If I do go th...

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It'll have no problem selling in North America and Europe.

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Typical N4G comment. Jealousy and Envy are female emotions.

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Why is there always someone who has to make it a competition between the consoles? This is why I hate reading comments on this site.

News Article:"Xbox releases a green headset"
Comments: "Sony has a green 'bluetooth' headset."

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*Whispers* Don't state facts that is negative towards Sony on this site. You will get Pearl Harbored with disagrees.

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It's funny how some guy in the other FUSE Impression article posted a comment stating the opposite. It seems like this game is already getting mixed reactions.

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