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That's what I was planning of doing as well.

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There's a sale on 12 months of Xbox Live for $35. That's why I payed $70 (2 years).

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"Sony likes to push tech and try to push boundaries"

But the Kinect's tech is better than the PS eye. Microsoft went with 8gbs of DDR 3 because that is what they felt was enough. They just announce DirectX 11.2, and that would also work with Xbox One.

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Windows 8.1 is free for those who have Windows 8.

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Yes it is. The PS4 will not carry the Windows 8 engine like the Xbox One. That is why the Xbox One is using 3gb for it's operating system and the Ps4 is only using 1gb.

"Marc Whitten talked at E3 about the fact that Xbox One has two engines," he said. "It's got a gaming engine and it essentially has a Windows 8 engine."

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Because people hate change.

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I am, and I just bought 2 years of Xbox Live for $70 dollars.

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Did you even read the article? This title is very misleading.

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I understood the article perfectly. Maybe it's you.

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This title is very misleading. Microsoft said, if developers want start working on apps for Xbox One, they can start with Windows 8. They said that because they Xbox One have two engines (gaming engine and Windows 8 engine). So they can start developing for Windows 8 to learn the basics.

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The Kinect cancels out background noise, and only hears your voice when you're playing a game.

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"then why didnt they show it off at e3"

Because DirectX 11.2 is mainly a Windows 8 (even though it's in the Xbox One) feature and that is for Build 2013.

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The Developer edition of the Kinect (PC version) is $400.

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What are you talking about? Xbox One is coming with an HDMI cable.

Did you think it was just going to be the Xbox One, Kinect 2.0, controller, and no cables?

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Based on his reaction, it was the Wii U that actually won. Did you see how excited he was about Mario Kart.

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It was great, but no game is "perfect".

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@Hydralysk I think there is...

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Damn. Did they atleast put a condom on first before you let them go in?

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Stahp!!! You're hurting their feelings.

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Why? So people on this site can scream, "HA HA, Where's your exclusives now Xbots".

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