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There's a demo/fp2 version that only has Jago as a playable character. But there's also a Retail version that comes with all the characters.

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There's a demo/fp2 version that only has Jago as a playable character. But there's also a Retail version that comes with all the characters (except for unlockables).

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If you watched the livestream you would see that it was only booed when the announced that it was exclusive to Xbox One. Most of the games at EVO seemed to be played on the PS3.

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Typical comment from someone who hasn't played the game but wants to bad mouth it.

"Oh it was unplayable". I don't hear anyone else complaining.

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It's not the same as the family share plan for XB1.

The article says: "You can visit your friends house you can log into your account and play any game from your digital library,"

Which means you need to go to your friends house with YOUR account to access the games.

The Xbox One family sharing (even though it gone now) was going to allow you to put 10 people (friends/family) into your circle, and allow them to play your game...

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No. The feature that required always online was the "10 people sharing library" that Xbox One was going to have. You can still play your digital games on another persons Xbox One with your account.

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It's a beta.

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Can I be blamed for throwing a brick at someone if I hear that ringtone come out of someone's phone?

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Game of The Year, period

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Suffer through what? PS3 came out in 06, I joined N4G in 2008. All I've seen for 5 years are Sony Fanboys bashing Microsoft. Uncharted came out in 2007 and you guys have been bragging about that since. So that leaves 1 year (2006). What is all this suffering you are talking about?

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You act like people won't have $15 to buy an X1 headset. Also the Kinect can be used for voice chat, and it does a good job at cancelling out background noise.

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That joke is old. I'm sure you can be a bit more original.

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Sorry for what?

The console isn't even out yet and ALL their policies were subject to change.

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@DJMarty Killzone ShadowFall is running at 30 FPS. WIll that just be a lag fest too?

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Your comment, the amount of agrees, and the fact that you haven't been labeled as a huge fanboy and a troll, shows what is wrong with this site, Everytime I see your name around N4G, I see comments bashing Microsoft.

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Whoever said that this has anything to do with his confidence in the X1?

It makes more sense to me that he was probably asked to leave based on his terrible public relations. Sad part is, fanboys will spew that same bullshit endlessly based on no facts whatsoever to make themselves feel better.

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I hope you're ok with downloading Titanfall on Origin.

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It's sad that you only have two bubbles. Keep at it bro. Hopefully one day people can have knowledgable discussions on this site, and not just come to an article to bash the competition.

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@mafiahajeri @AllroundGamer
How is Xbox One a surveillance system? Because the Kinect always has to be connected to the console. The Kinect 2.0 IS part of the console now. Yeah there's a cable connecting the Kinect to the Xbox One but it's all part of the console. The camera can be paused and even turned off. Hell, if someone is THAT paranoid, they can put electric tape on the lenses and wrap the Kinect in soundproof foam. But I won't do that because It's doesn't n...

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Are you that paranoid? Is it hard to believe that people actually want something other than the PS4? I really pity you.

People on this site really believe that anyone who likes or shows interest in the Xbox One are Microsoft employees? WOW.

No one on this site can say anything positive about any Microsoft product without getting bombarded with disagrees. You are really a pathetic excuse for a human being. People like you give this website a bad rep for being...

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