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That's good to hear. I'm glad that they're not ignoring the Wii U.

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This is how it happened:

Activision=Chosen One

COD= Cow

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Yeah. I am now to see it as well.

Wow. Video 2 was intense.

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am I the only one that can't access the website?

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I wonder how many people would download Origin to play Titanfall. I'll be playing it on my Xbox One.

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>>Imho the ps3 just gave the consumer alot more so they bought that.

I don't think so. The Japanese are very loyal to Japanese brands. They would have chosen Playstation no matter what. They rarely even play western games (I hear that all they play is Monster Hunter) for the PS3.

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So does the PS4 controller ....and your problem is?

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Xbox One uses WiFi Direct which has faster Bandwidth than Bluetooth.

>> "The Xbox One uses a technology called Wi-Fi Direct to connect its controller, while the PlayStation 4 relies on Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR. On paper, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR's theoretical 3Mbps maximum speed is clearly outclassed ...

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How is it another 180? I don't get some of you people. The console is even out yet, and nothing is set it stone. If they decide to actually put in a headset (which I think they'll announce at GamesCom), some people will see that as a bad thing.

I don't understand some of you guys.

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I like how people are still commenting in 2013 and agreeing with what the author said.

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You don't NEED to use snap mode to watch TV while you are waiting. They are just offering a scenario.

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Don't forget about Aliens: CM

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DR3 is published by Microsoft. If Deep Down is published by Sony, then it'll be a whole different story.

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When you run a huge company like Microsoft (or even Sony), decisions aren't made "on the fly", they just haven't announced it yet. Sort of like the when Microsoft announcing that they were also going to support indie devs. They wanted that to be a surprise for Gamescom, but Gameinformer leaked it.

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I don't think they'll downgrade RAM. I just think Sony will probably announce that they're going to be using 2GB of RAM for their OS. Leaving 6GB of RAM for games. Which is still great.

Edit: I just found this in his tweet.

Which translates to; "Both machines will be ok, but what initially seemed to be much better is diluting little by l...

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People did not forget their "orginal intent". Reasonable adults knew from the beginning (it was stated in their website) that those bad policies were subject to change. Nothing was final.

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Hardcore "fighting" audience.

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Most of the games at EVO seemed to be played on the PS3. Except for Super Smash Bros Melee.

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If you SAW the live stream, you would see that they only booed when the announced that it was an Xbox One exclusive. No one booed when they were actually playing. In fact they cheered when Jago did the Ultra Combo.

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