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I don't think shipped=sold.

Perfect example would be battlefield 3. There was an article this week that said that EA shipped 10 million copies of BF3. So far half of that was sold and 5 million copies were reported as sold.

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I had them also. I bought it at gamestop during a Buy 2 get 1 free deal with MGS4. The in game graphics looked a bit better. But the cut scenes appeared to be untouched. They were still in SD.

When I said "played it" was because I traded it in and got GOW 3.

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Happy troll be trolling.

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I agree too.

Although In my opinion shooting is only bad in multiplayer. It's full of bullet sponges and every rifle feels the same. I don't have a problem with the perks though.

That is why I am sticking with the singleplayer and I will get many hours of enjoyment from the great story.

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I agree. Those two games were ZzZzZzZzZzZzZz.

La Noire was just a big tech demo for their new facial animations.

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Yeah Halo is doing great. It's definitely a day 1 for me because it isnt like any other "HD" remake in the past. They didn't just up the resolution, they are using a second engine to run along side the original Halo CE engine which is AMAZING! (That's why you can press one button and play using the 2001 Halo CE graphics)

I've played the God of War Collection HD, Medal of Honor Front-line HD remake that came with the MoH Ps3 version and they both look...

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Article is a Fail!

I would like to see someone do the same with Sony and Nintendo franchises.

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If they both received the same score why are you complaining?

You are getting sick of that and I am getting sick of people like you that are can't find happiness in life so you start crying over a video game score. Go outside, hit the gym, do something to get your mind off of video games.

If the person who reviewed the games gave them the same score, that means that they both had their strengths and weaknesses.

God I wish I can ...

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Why do you have to bring Gears into this article?

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WOW... DwightOwen did masterchief molest you as a child?

What's with all the hate towards Halo?

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Hey troll.

Before you Bash Gears 3 you might want to get your facts straight. In the first two week Gt5 sold a little over 3 million (which is freaking amazing).


Gears sold 3 million in the first week.


WHAT!!! The Xbox 360 controller is way better than the ps3 remote. I loved the ps2 controller (the best) but the joystick is too loose on the DS3 and the triggers are horrible.

If funny I use to hear people say that the Xbox 360 controller is too big for their hands. Then there are others that say that Xbox live is full of screaming 12 year olds O.o.

Either people who complain about the 360's controller siza have T-Rex hands. Or 12 year olds on Xbox liv...

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I loved Demon's Souls. I couldn't stop playing it when I bought that game.

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I've been thinking about buying this game or Forza 4.

This holiday gaming season is killing my wallet.

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C-O-N spiracy.

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Dark Souls; the only game where dying is fun.

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Candace and Sara hellll yeah.
But Morgan.........

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What about GTX 560 TI SLI?

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Morgan Webb -4/10
Candace bailey 6.5/10
Sara Underwood 8/10

Those are my reviews for the G4 girls.

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Should I buy Uncharted 3?

No, I'm getting it for free from the subway promotion.

Is it going to count into the first week sales of the game?

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