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Everyone keeps saying timed exclusive to convince themselves it will come out on the PS4; never once has Respawn said anything confirming timed exclusivity.

In fact the very reasons pointed out for Titanfall and Sunset Overdrive being exclusive were because of the Cloud infrastructure MS has provided. Both Respawn and Insomniac said they talked with Sony and MS and came to the conclusion that MS was offering what they needed to create the games they envisioned.

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Mass Effect 3's multiplayer had something similar to this and no one complained. A lot of people actually enjoyed it. It's totally optional.

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My guess would be November 5th.

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Well, we have confirmation from the horses mouth. Although I won't say dedicated servers ARE exclusives to Xbox One, they will only be on the Xbox One and PC version of Call of Duty Ghost.

If Sony can establish their servers, and have them ready for Activision before launch, I think we could see those who purchase COD Ghosts on Sony platforms enjoy dedicated servers too.

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IW has confirmed that the Xbox One will have dedicated servers because Microsoft is providing them (300,000 servers) at cheaper prices. If Sony doesn't have the resources to gives Activision those dedicated servers, then COD Ghosts won't have dedicated servers on Sony platforms.

That is one of the reasons why Respawn is releasing Titanfall on the Microsoft Console/OS (Xbox One,360,PC).

1. "I personally talked to both Microsoft and Sony and explai...

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One thing they teach you in Business School; Nothing is ever free.

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A company only publicly takes a jab at another company during desperate times. That's the truth.

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"new fable was expected and online only"
"online only"

So are many of the other most anticipated games of next gen (The Division, The Crew, Titanfall, etc.) Like it or not, that's where games are heading sooner or later. It's just a matter of time and whether you're willing to accept it or not.

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If you say so...

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Nice, an old joke.

I got one...

Why did the Chicken cross the road?.....
... Because you were CORNY.

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What did you want them to do? Spend over 50+ minutes talking about indie games and other exclusives that have already been announced?

If I wanted to buy a console that supports indie games and doesn't have Netflix behind a paywall, i'll save $299 and buy an OUYA.

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I can help but remember the horrible times I had with friends and family playing Wii Boxing.

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I was just listening to that song on the radio. (The real song obviously)

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Where does it say that it's a Kinect game? It won't be a Kinect game.

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It runs at 60FPS.

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"The issue was MS focused 'entirely' on TV at their reveal and the only reason they changed that focus is because of public outcry."

That's incorrect. Microsoft announced before the May 21st reveal that their console reveal would be two parts. The first part (May21st) was the console/features reveal and the second would focus on games.

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WOW. He looks awesome. I'm loving the 60fps.

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GTA Online will open up in GTA V on October 1st. It will give people time to play and hopefully finish that single player. I think they're doing this because some people didn't finish the single player in GTA IV.

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Game of The Generation right here folks. This is a great way to end current gen.

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How can it be behind a paywall? Did you read the article? It's talking about the Operating Systems that are running in the Xbox One.

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