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Who said it was their secret weapon? It was introduced as add on/peripheral and nothing else.

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Stop trolling and Kill yourself.......
get it? Cuz Majin Vegeta killed himself.

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I'm so glad we finally get an official announcement for the reveal.

What ever happened to "Let's wait for official announcements"? Last week we hear good news(rumors) about the NextBox and everyone wants to wait for "official announcements". Now we go back to the bad news (rumors) and everyone want to accept it as truth. F'in pathetic.

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He wasn't a COD fanboy. He only played COD around 2011 when the channel's (Machinima Respawn) focus was mainly on COD. Once he had his own channel (Machinima Team Respawn) Sark and his co-host never played COD.

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Watch this article get discarded, yet 6 more "Why Xbox 720 always online IS HORRIBLE!!!" articles get approved. Typical N4G.

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VGleaks even posted the news on their site.

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When will all these articles stop?

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NO ONE hacked Xbox live yesterday. It was down for maintenance and some troll Anon account on twitter with less than 2,000 followers tried to take credit for it by claiming he hacked Xbox live. The real Anonymous quickly said they had nothing to do with the outage. I think you should get YOUR head of of the sand buddy.

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@jukins I understand the history but I was stating the facts. Microsoft has never issued any online passes for their exclusives.

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How can you see Microsoft doing that? If I remember correctly, It was Sony that required their exclusives to have online passes (Resistance 3, Uncharted 3, Twisted Metal etc.) If anything, Sony was closer to blocking second hand games than Microsoft ever was.

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Me too. I've called Gamestop and Best Buy twice to know when I can go and pre order PS4.

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They also made online matchmaking what it is today with Halo 2 as well.

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Damn, a game just can't be good anymore? There has to be excuses for everything?

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I stopped reading your comment after the third sentence. It just turned into the typical N4G community comment. All systems have their hardcore fans for different reasons. You can keep saying that MS abandoned it's core fans but that's just you're opinion. I own a PS3 and a 360 and use my 360 more. I don't feel like MS abandoned me. People on this site like to put words in other people's mouths.

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I agree. Some PS fanboys on this site act like bullies towards the Wii and 360 fans, but when someone brings up the fact that PC will always be better, they pretend that PC's don't even exist. It's pretty pathetic in my opinion.

It's also funny when you call them out because they start playing the victim card. They claim that there was once a time when Xbox 360 fanboys use to rule this site and treat everyone like s**t. I've been around since 2008 and all...

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This guy sums it up.

But in all seriousness, I was very impressed with the event and will pre order the PS4 as soon as it's available.

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It's confirmed.

However, it's a prototype.

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I know i'll get some hate on this site but here it goes.

That's all I use my Ps3 for. Netflix and Amazon Prime. I don't really use my Ps3 for anything else. The last game I played on my Ps3 was Infamous 2 through Playstation Plus after a friend gave me a 3 month card. Other than that my Ps3 is just there.

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How did this become about Halo 4?

Ohh you guys (N4G)

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