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So what you're saying Kingsthrash360 is that just because to this point the Xbox One hasnt released any AAA games this year that it sucks at life for releasing BC...and your being so oblivious to the fact that Forza 6, Rise of The Tomb Raider, and Halo 5 all release before the end of the year? That's very observant of you.

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This is the very problem with the Vita though, it just doesn't get the support, or the games that are needed to keep it alive. Why would you need a Vita if your smartphone does remote play? If you wanted to play the Vita games that came out get a PlayStation TV... they're cheaper in the long run. This makes a lot of sense here.

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You are 100% right CL that is exactly what companies are thinking about, how to maximize the all mighty dollar!

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Don't know how its a duplicate story on an opinion.

"He's just spinning the new rumors and is making a big deal of something even Sony is doing with PS4." isnt this the definition of an opinion piece? lol

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Sorry about that, we were overhalling the layout which probably affected your viewing. The site is all up to date and looks awesome now, should you want to revisit the article.

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Read the piece and find out ;-) you can approve too if you want lol!

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Amen guys, I know I am sure wanting it to succeed and support will show that games like Silent Hill 1 and 2, Resident Evil 1,2, & 4, among some other's that we still care about these games!

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This isn't a fanboy article, it's called business guys. There isn't a reason to continue a dying console. If you can't see it's dying then I'm afraid your sadly mistaken.

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You have a lot of great points here Arius! I appreciate your comments!

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Oh you're a jokester you!

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Im sure it is something you have heard in some form, but at the same time the problem is that Nintendo just doesn't learn. Eventually it will catch up to them.

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It's unfortunate that we are to this point but this is the case and direction the they look to be going. All of it is rumors to this point, but most solid rumors come from some bit of truth.

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Your right, its not a bad game but they have taken down the servers for it, so the ability to share updated content is no more :-(

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Very excited for a new Mario Golf, tons of fun and in 3D.

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I, too, hope the Vita survives; I have owned one and currently own a 3DS XL. The problem is not the quality of some of the games, yet they are old ports of games that I have had already. There is nothing wrong with wanting to multi-plat a game or play games again, but if that is what the Vita is known for it will continue to struggle to bring in sales. As stated in the article, they need to show why game companies should want to bring games to the system. Saying Sony doesn't deserve the V...

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More than anything we have to remember it will have been 8 years since the launch of a new system when we finally see the 720 and PS4. I think we can assume that companies will continue to attempt to bring more things to keep the same system appealing versus launching a new one and costing them more money. I think we very well may be looking at a 10 year life cycle with the next. Remember too Sony already commits to this with all their consoles.


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