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"Live Life As If Everyday Was Your Last"


I know DX12 isn't fully implemented yet, but we all know most devs will start to use it since it helps with performance and MS will lock it down to Windows 10 just like they did with DX10/11 with Windows Vista/7. #1.2.2
Sad that MS are forcing people to move to windows 10 in order to get dx12.

Win10 is a botnet, its pretty much the NSA box. Everyone was up in arms over the Xbox One, but it seems this is flying under the radar at how much information MS is getting from you from win10.


People have already done all those steps to try and disable all of those "features" but there is still incoming/outgoing data. #1.2
The director and writer of the original Mafias games isn't working on 3, he didn't even know anything about it till it was announced. #2
Thats a funny way of spelling Sega. #6.1
Lets not forget he is also the one who started the whole exclusive timed DLC.

And contracting 3rd party developers to release their games first on 360 for 6months to a year. #4.2
It seems this design was pretty much stolen from a game thats still in development from 8chan.

The game is called Anton and Coolpecker its pretty much a homage game to the N64 version of Banjo-Kazooie.

Could just be a total coincidence though. #14
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Same here, I thought Rocksmith would take off.

I have Rocksmith 2014 and I love it. I got pretty decent at playing but I stopped playing due to health issues.

Once I get better Im going to pick up my guitar and start playing again. #7.2
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Im not surprised gameinformer is saying this. This is coming from a site that gets pushed onto customers by Gamestop.

And we all know how consumer friendly Gamestop is. #4
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Watch them flip the script with The Order.

No SP in Evolve? No problem.

No MP in The Order? Shit game, 5/10. #1.2.5
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This happens all the time when theres a major release that publisher are pushing really hard, yet gamers see through that deception and don't buy into their narrative.

I hate using metacritic, but here is a sample of what I mean.

Critic Score = CS User Score = US

Evolve.............CS 78 - US 4.7
Forza 5............CS 79 - US 5.7
Diablo 3...........CS 88 - US 3.3
Mass Effect 3..CS 93 - US 5.3
Dragon Age II.... #1.1.7
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If this was a free to play game I wouldn't mind all the DLC (not like I Was going to buy this game anyway). But when your charging FULL price AND throwing in DLC/microtransaction than you bloody jumped the shark.

I have no idea why devs have been getting so greedy with DLC. But I digress.

Why is it that when a game has so much stuff locked behind paid content most reviewers gloss over it or don't mention it at all. This is also another reason why revi... #1.1.13
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This persons art style has never improved.

Look at LWu previous work when she/he used to just draw. #2
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Talk about a clickbait. Wouldn't of expected this from dualshockers.

Were off to a great 2015 already /s #54
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And of course Kotaku is the site that covers this story, no surprise there. #11
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Pretty much, but don't worry this is a Japanese game and the Japanese don't care about feminism.

This pretty much sums up feminists. #1.1
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SE is really out of touch if they are really letting him do another game. #10
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This is what google is claiming they found.


Be careful on clicking ads and/or any random pop ups. #1.1.4
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Was this article written by darkride66? #18
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I wouldn't take anything from NeoGaf as fact.

As anyone who is pro GG gets banned. Just look at boogie2988. They are the biggest echo chamber around and PC (politically correct) group you will ever find.

Just look at what they did to Tekken 7. #1.6.1
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How can this be a cash grab when you can get money from mommy and daddy when ever you want?

Yet Brinna wants to talk about privilege #3.1
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