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"Live Life As If Everyday Was Your Last"


This persons art style has never improved.

Look at LWu previous work when she/he used to just draw. #2
Talk about a clickbait. Wouldn't of expected this from dualshockers.

Were off to a great 2015 already /s #54
And of course Kotaku is the site that covers this story, no surprise there. #11
Pretty much, but don't worry this is a Japanese game and the Japanese don't care about feminism.

This pretty much sums up feminists. #1.1
SE is really out of touch if they are really letting him do another game. #10
This is what google is claiming they found.


Be careful on clicking ads and/or any random pop ups. #1.1.4
Was this article written by darkride66? #18
I wouldn't take anything from NeoGaf as fact.

As anyone who is pro GG gets banned. Just look at boogie2988. They are the biggest echo chamber around and PC (politically correct) group you will ever find.

Just look at what they did to Tekken 7. #1.6.1
How can this be a cash grab when you can get money from mommy and daddy when ever you want?

Yet Brinna wants to talk about privilege #3.1
That RalphRetort picture is golden.

It just proves how much of a victim complex he/she has. If this person seriously felt threatened, she wouldn't continue to go on news sites and stating where she is staying or go to shoot.

This just proves what we all speculated. The whole "Im scared so I wont be home for who knows how long" shtick is now clearly a facade #5.1
Of course this would happen, give people the freedom to do anything and they will literately do anything.

I have never seen any game give you so much freedom and so much detail to customize your character. This game is going to be awesome. #2.1.1
Thanks for the archive link. #1.1.5
can't wait for Motorstorm 4, in case you forgot how its going to turn out :) #3.1
But they did, as they made Target and K Mart take down GTAV from store shelves in Australia. #24.1.2
Thanks Neogaf... #21.1
Your also not taking into account all the money people have donated directly to her.

All the times she has posted her donate page on twitter after she has gotten "harassed" or hell, even going to her website http://www.feministfrequenc... and the first thing that pops out at you is her giant DONATE NOW button. #1.1.3

SE actually admitted in an interview that they didn't even know that FF13 was unpopular till they checked out various websites after the poor sales of the 3rd FF13 game.

So yeah, thats how disconnected they are from the fan base. #1.2.2
Yes, cause Jaffe and his team saw Sunset Overdrive and created this game in a few months cause of it. /s #13.2
CG gameplay trailers should be banned from the gaming industry. As a concept sure, but selling the game or trying to right it off as gameplay, NO.

CG gameplay is extremely misleading to the consumer and shows a false narrative on how the game will look and play. #11
Hugh Jackman has the looks to play Joel, but I don't think he has the acting ability to portray what Troy Baker did in the game.

Unless their only going to have a silent and angry Joel, then sure Hugh is the right man for the role. But that dude can't do emotions correctly. He doesnt display the full spectrum of emotions, mostly anger and intimidation, the person playing Joel would need more than that.

My honest pick for the role would go to Josh Bro... #2.5
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