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Am I the only one that sees the resemblance? Why does wonder women look like Bruce Jenner.

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You are correct, its just the modern climate of our culture, this outrage culture. So devs have to bend over backwards to appease these people even if it doesn't make sense.

If they want to depict women in times of war, then it'll have to be showing them working in the factories making bullet, guns and sorts of ammunition for tanks planes ect.

Women were the backbone of wars in that regard, as they kept the supply line supplied, while the men went...

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It's the kratos we know and love, just look at the thumbnail picture, he has the scar from being stabbed by Zeus.

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I love the art style of this and the animation, they really nailed down the old cartoon feel.

I just hope there's an option to disable chromatic aberration.

Why has CA become the grey and brown of this generation so far or bloom the previous gen before it.

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I'm looking forward to this game but...

I just hope the new GoW game and the new character don't get SJWlized for brownie points.

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What kind of relationship could this be that the husband has to ask his wife permission to buy a game???

Let alone the husband standing on top of a table and yelling to said wife, this is a very weird marriage. His transcript of their conversation sounds so Immature.

What do I know, you guys can decide whats going on here.

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Sounds exactly like the same system iRacing has, that's a good start.

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Cosmetic damage will be on, not real performance damage that would affect how the car drives and performs. Kaz said it himself during the unveiling event in a Q&A that damage is not important to him (his own words) he rather focus on the driving.

Which to me makes no sense and crashing and having your car get messed up is all part of the driving, and that should also give an insight towards the physics of the cars; they will continue to be bumper cars.

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Doesn't look like he's hacking. It more likely this person is using a lag switch, when ever they die they turn on the lag switch and then the game thinks he has bad connection to for lag compensation it reverts him to the state he was a few seconds ago.

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The day GT sounds like that is the day I'll be happy.

But there are so many other things preventing me from enjoying GTS apart from sound, I pretty much gave up on the GT franchise after GT5 because of those reasons (I won't go into detail as I'll make a giant essay if I do lol) so I just moved on to other sims.

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Quality > quantity any day of the week, but...I think I can understand the gripe some people may have by limiting the number of cars on track to only 16.

When Forza has 24 cars, Project cars having (console) 45 offline 16 online (pc) 56 offline 32 online this makes GT looks kind of bad.

For example GT 5/6 had NASCAR tracks and cars but the 16 car limit prevented it from feeling authentic, yet in real life 43 cars race all at once. F1 has 22 cars racin...

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Like Kingthrash360 said, he isn't a gamer and he isn't trolling. This guy is genuinely mentally challenged.

This is the same person who can't play Doom properly.

This is the same person who is afraid of virtual guns (and real guns) and sounds like he's about to cry from playing a VR game.
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Dark Souls 1 used the same engine as Demon's Souls. Dark souls 2 on the other hand used a new engine, I'm not sure whats the name of the engine though.

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Well that's a first, you sure you copy and pasted the right URL? lol

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Just look at Tim Schafer, he's also a "legend" as you like to say and we sure as hell can't trust him.

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It will most likely just be an upscaler hopefully, if not an upgraded GPU with a scaler.

There is no way Sony can make a console natively output 4K when the current best graphics have a hard time even maintaining 30FPS at 4K.

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Of course they love it, theres nothing sexist about hating and wanting to kill men /s

Another point I forgot to make earlier is that no one seemed to give a damn about Tracer when she did the same exact pose in the reveal trailer.

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"it seems that they were going for a broader acceptance
in terms of age appropriate material"

Pretty much everything this person is saying is rendered mute solely due to widowmaker being in the game.

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I agree that this game deserve a score no higher then a 6 but for different reasons.

I'm a Trackmania veteran and I've been playing this game series since 2005.

And this game is such a huge let down, the car physics are terrible, the track builder is clunky and feel consolized. The music is a whack compared to the older TM games and lastly the annoying commentary.

But this game is a 6 to me mostly cause of the way the car handles and...

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I'm not hating here, I'm being realistic here.

I'm wondering why is it ok for Nintendo to make a better 3Ds model that is faster, makes games looks better and make exclusive games for the new model. Yet when Sony thinks about doing something similar everyone is getting all up in arms about it.

I know the only difference is that this is a handle and the PS4 is a console but the same thing still applies, its fracturing the fan base.


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