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"Live Life As If Everyday Was Your Last"



I don't know if I'm going senile or what.

But to me Unity looks like utter garbage graphics wise. This is supposed to be the PS4 version? (I'm referring to the gameplay graphics, not the cutscenes)

To me this barely looks better than Black Flag.


I knew it!!!

I remember seeing Unity at E3 and being impressed by how good it looked then. But wow, what an utter downgra... #1.1.8
Look at how much Anita cares about people actually finding the ones sending her threats.

It just reinforces what many of us already know, she thrives with threats and uses it to get ahead. #1.1.8
"And the sad thing is that this is the side of #gamergate that everyone ignores to focus on click-bait articles about harassment."

Thats exactly why they keep deflecting from the real issue at hand.

Under close scrutiny everything falls apart, which why they resort to such tactics (gamers are dead ect ect) and don't want to talk about this issue. They want the sweet easy ride of getting flown out to parties and hotels and to get wined and dined.... #3.1
From what I've seen its 50/50.

Sometimes you get forced offline but other times you stay logged.

I guess it all comes down to luck. #18.1.2
You would have to be logged in before the maintenance starts so you can play Destiny. #18.1
Honest question, why does PSN keeping going down for maintenance so often? Even then there are a lot of times that it goes down for no reason at all.

Wasn't Shuhei Yoshida on recording saying "maintenance is last gen" what ever happened to that? #17
I know, there were so many great comments that refuted almost everything she said and called it how it is.

But now all those comments are gone. Some of which had a lot of effort put into them and now no one would be able to see them again. #8.1.1
Tell me about it, this is coming from the dude who said this.

So I would have honestly thought he would have seen through her agenda. #1.3
I can't believe they disabled the comment section, I wonder why.

Lets see how long it takes for them to disable the ratings as well. #8
Exactly, she just doing this for more publicity and money. I would go into further detail about her psyche but I don't feel like putting in the effort for her. Just know that she is a very manipulative person.

Also how deep does this rabbit hole go... When say she does this for publicity, its to get her name out and when ever anything happens she always points to her patreon so people can donate.

Well, this is the scary part. Type patreon into the googl... #22.1.1
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I'd like to add on to what I said, seeing as your the one that brought up "the thought police." If this isn't thought policing please tell me what is?

The founder of IDGA (International Game Developers Association) is threatening the lively hoods of indie developers for just having a different opinion. Meaning exactly what I said a... #2.3.3
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I have no problem with indies promoting each others work.

The problem I have (which you seemed to gloss over) is that those indies who aren't friends with the more prominent indie figures are never heard of and get buried in the news.

Also when it is wrong to promote your friends work is during any awards ceremony.

There are people in the indie scene who are financially invested in other games and or companies on top... #2.3.2
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The crazy part is what she said about GG not going after the AAA publishers. We all know they are corrupt and bribe the gaming press, did she forget about all the almighty Dorritos Popeā„¢?

Heres a nice timeline of some of the corruption that has happened in gaming.

What really gets... #2.3
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Would you say that also applies to borderlands? #4.2
There has been a lot of tension and very little humor regarding this subject.

I think this comic sums up what a lot of people have been fighting for. #8
Thats scary.

How is this woman getting so much attention from the media, I just don't get it. She has never been a big figure in the gaming community yet she is getting most of the air time as if she is the one dev that can speak for everyone.

GG is consumer revolt against the corrupt media, so it's no surprise they are attacking this revolt. As if they would just roll over and admit they are corrupt, so they try and slander GG as much as possible. <... #10.2
Just looking at his smug look that he has on his twitter picture tells you all you need to know. #2.2
Whats that? I cant see what you posted over the obvious troll who are harassing me, brb going to post on twitter how I'm getting harassed over the internet. While I'm at up let me screen cap and post the "doxx" they posted so others can see, I'm leaving to my friends house too.

By the way please support me on patreon and buy my stuff.

Hello, is this MSNBC? Yes at 2PM? Ok I'll be at the studio to talk about my patre...I mean my harassme... #6.1.1
I'll be reposting this comment from a previous article, as it got buried and no one really noticed it. This was a response to someone who was claiming that GG was about harassment and bullying.

"You honestly believe that GG is behind the threats she has gotten?

before GG was even a thing, Brinna Wu has always been getting threats, as can be seen here. #6
Most of the gaming media pushing the agenda and the misinformed say GamerGate is worse than ISIS.

Yet ISIS literally supports StopGamerGate2014, so its confirmed, ISIS supports SJW, who would of thunk it. #15.1
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