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We can buy 2 games with the PS4 and still be cheaper than the X1 for launch.

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Yeah, if GAME sells the day one edition for £615.

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You really don't Microsoft.

1. £80 more
2. Require Gold for Online play
3. AA batteries in the controller in 2013...
4. No expandable hard drives
5. Poor company image. 180'd on so many issues it's unfunny.

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Bit of a first world problem.

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The 2.75GHz is a turbomode that increased when the system requries it. The rest of the time it'll be at 1.6Ghz for cooling, quiet fan and lower power consumption.

My 2500k does it too. When my PC isn't doing anything it's around 1.6Ghz and when I use a desktop it fluctuates to 3.3Ghz and in games it can go up to something like 3.5Ghz or so.

Although I could easily overclock to 4Ghz+, stock is fine for what I require it for.

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Good. One thing I don't like are the Heli Hellfire snipers.

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Yeah because download a 50GB next gen game won't be an issue at all. Because everyone in the world has unlimited bandwidth with fibre optics connections...

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No. I actually care and have an interest in electrical hardware.

Especially if I were to depart £430+ for it too. Which I'm not btw.

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Probably for the commander air strikes.

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Trolls paradise.

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Yeah but that was on ebay. Not from an actual retailer.

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This is what makes me want to see GAME go out of business.

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Same. All we've had is COD which has stained the FPS genres for almost a decade. BF3 was an improvement but TS is still the king of FPS.

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So is GTA Online seperate from GTA5? Not paid much attention to GTA5 recently for the sake of spoilers.

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Moral of the story - Same COD from the past 6-7 years with some bumpy rocks and N64 fish.

Just what everyone expected.

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COD 4 player split screen is the most I've ever used and will ever use.

Anything more is over kill and unless you have a 50" TV, have fun sitting 2 feet way from the TV in order to see anything.

No loss here in my opinion. Less is more in this case.

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Goodbye nokia.

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Best fps series of the past 15 years imo.

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Not really the attitude to have. I'm fine with 30fps to be honest.

It's like buying a ferrari only to find the inside just has a hard bucket seat and nothing else. Kinda expect from from next gen. :/

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>Microsoft doesn't sell new console in Arab countries

>"Then enjoy Sony never supporting your country bud simple as that"


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