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From Microsoft's current state of affairs, two negatives won't make a positive.

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PS4 and PC.

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Damn liberals...

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I think laziness is more of the point than lack of tools.

All devs want to do is just shovel out whatever they can with the least amount of effort. Not take advantage of todays hardware or optimise games and engines.

Call of Duty for next gen is a perfect example. That and buggy games like Skyrim on the PS3 and so on.

This is what I've hated about the past 8-10 years of gaming. Release now, patch later.

PS2 days were the ...

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That and there wasn't a multimillion dollar deal done too either.


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Wow, what a world we live in whereby I can actually walk into a shop and buy a console when it's officially released.

Such luxuries spoil us.

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Until an Xbox game look "the same or better" than The Last of Us, Microsoft can go back to talking to Kinect. It's the only thing that listens to them these days.

It'll believe you MS, where as the gaming community won't.

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That's the impression I got from the ad too.

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Anyone surprised?

No one cares about games any more, it's about having the next water cooler.

According to Microsoft...

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I'm not insecure. One of my relative has a wii and the only ok'ish game worth playing is Mad World.

I'm a PC gamer and so I get all the gaming and choice I could ever wish for.

Just don't see the need to spend £200 for a console with games aimed for a juvenile audience.

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Funny, yet cliched joke.

But seriously, what sort of mature games have Nintendo released over the past few years that hasn't been Mario, Pokemon or some other form of child based adventure game? Wii U and even the wii hasn't got the likes of BF3/4, Skyrim, GTA5, RDR etc.

Why not?

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Nope. Nintendo has created a image for itself that it's primarily for children and old people. In my opinion, no self respecting person would buy one. Male anyway.

Unless you have more money than sense and are part of the "I own all the consoles so my opinion is better than yours" bandwagon.

I do deplore those people.

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Submarines crews take note.

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Activision take note.

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Not so fast apple, you're getting ridden with the same exhausted FPS series as everyone else has!

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Consoles will never be as powerful as PCs. Just stating a fact.

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780GTX for me. ;)

But afterwards, a PS4. Next gen Uncharted will be unmissable.

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"does the playstation 4 include kenect? "

No, it wouldn't include "kinect" because that a Xbox peripheral.

And to me, not having a camera is a bonus. I won't ever use it for anything and thus, the PS4 offers more value for money.

As for the PS4 being cheaper.

PS4: ht...

Not really. Think about it. They will need 100,000s if not 1,000,000s for launch and instead of keeping them in the one depot it would be better just to ship them to the retailers for them to keep until release.

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Depends on where you live.

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