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Perfect for taking on holiday. Nice one Sony.

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Video taken down lol.

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And with that a new meme was born...

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PS4 box looks perfect for sitting under a Christmas tree.

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Anyone know what it says on the label on the console itself? Does it mention having dual GPUS?

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It wouldn't surprise me of MS reveal XB1 having a dual GPU. Still not enough to make me buy one. PS4 has the games I want and anything worth having on the Xbox is usually released on the PC too.

So I get the best of both world by only having one console that fits my needs.

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I liked Submarines in BF1942. It kept the ships on their toes and constantly moving.

Plus depth charging them was a blast. No pun intended. :p

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At least we know its someone in America that's doing it lol.

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I thought it would have been more really.

Wouldn't surprise me if this is the highest and fastest selling game of all time. Especially if they release it on the PS4/XB1.

I'm getting it on the PS3 first then the PC when it's released. Hopefully to compliment my new GPU if I can finally afford one.

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Kinda like COD3 when it was released. That said, the PS4/XB1 isn't difficult to program for in comparison to current gen hardware when it was released so no excuses at all activision.

Just lazy devs.

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Good. Maybe now Nintendo will take their hardware seriously and start making powerful spec'd consoles that offer good competition to the PS4 and XB1 instead of making cheap, ow spec'd consoles only to milk it from kids and old people.

I mean, the N64 was powerful in it's day, why not it's current consoles?

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Rather have an AS50. :(

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Stick to flipping switches Nelson. Thanks.

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Will it mean a good PC port too?

I'm guessing GTA5 will be released on the PS4 XB1 and PC next year sometime when the current gen sales die down a bit.

R* will be silly not to release it on the next gen consoles. Would make them another huge fortune and will make all next gen console owners happy as can be.

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Aww, seems two people are jealous.

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This answers some questions. When I pre-ordered GTA5 on amazon I did wonder why they gave first class shipping for free. Now I guess its for when GTA5 arrives on the 18th and they are swamped with complaints and wont have to provide refunds.

At least in the past, Amazon gave you a full delivery refund if your item didnt't arrive by the time stated by them if by first class post. Guess this won't apply for GTA5.

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Gran Turismo?

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"how long will it be until PC can hold more than 64 players on Battlefield or design prettier looking games?"

We've had 64+ servers in games for the past 10-15 years at least.

It all depends on how the game is designed. No point having 128 or 256 players if it's a complete spawn camp fest.

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As a Sony beta test member, I'm automatically in this beta. :D

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Do explain.

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