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This thread destroyed Albert.

Meme's galore.

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So could the next GTA be set in Europe or Asia?

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The last paragraph.


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Worth reading. Albert gets shot down completely with comedy memes and basic maths too.

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Any reason as to why? I mean, it's just another football game. Not like GTA5 or BF4.

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If it did have dual GPUs, the DDR3 RAM would be a major bottleneck.

Ah well, guess the PS4 is still the power champion then.

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Now go Quad-sli and see what happens.

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"Major Ne-bone".


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Wish someone would post what that label says on the top of the Xbone.

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It is a fantastic game that actually requires still and tactics. Plus if you get shot too much, your plane degrades in performance and unless you are shot down, your plane will simply lose handling and eventually crash.

None of the "wait 10 seconds to recover 100% health" nonsense of games these days.

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Deep down by a long shot. Ryse looks like an early tech demo and nothing else.

Deep Down looks to have a storyline to it. Wish games still had those these days.

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COD has become too much of a viral cancer. I'm beginning to seriously hate on it. I now associate it with no originality and straight up capitalist milking. It was fantastic back in the day Infinity ward started off after making the splender that was Medal of Honor Allied Assault but after COD2 it's not the same. Heck even COD 2 felt milked.

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How does World of Warplanes compare to War Thunder? I loved World of Tank but wished it had modern tanks that could be used on seperate servers / game modes.

Having a Challenger 2 take on a sherman or panzer 1 wouldn't be fairly balanced lol.

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Physical is going to be more important this gen. Not just for download and that not everyone has fiber with unlimited bandwidth but for when the HDD are full and games need to be deleted to play new games on the consoles.

Gonna pay off big time to have a physical copy.

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Slow day at Kotaku.

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Download this last night and it's actually a F2P game I would honestly put money into.

Should be fantastic on the PS4 along with being able to play PC gamers online too.

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Too bad it'll be the same kids that buy every COD each year and for the folk buying new consoles.

Ghosts won't be anything special.

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Thank god for this because for a moment there I though all music was wiped off youtube...

But it wasn't.

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I know that feel, Japan.


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Perfect for taking on holiday. Nice one Sony.

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