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True. But MS will no doubt get commission on it. That's what I don't like about it. Should do it via social club or something.

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Not buying guns as DLC.

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Mean while, there's a 3240+ post'd thread on neogaf with gifs and video link every second post lol.

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And about only 10,000 at the most will take advantage of arabic being on the PS4 of that 500 million.

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After she said "Hand Operating thing", she should be mentioning anything gaming related ever again.

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Saves them money. There I said it.

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A WW2 shooter on a next gen console would be a welcomed change from the exhausted modern warfare games we've had over the past few years.

Never thought I'd ever say that but I looks like I just did.

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Completely forgot about this console. Wonder why...

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Steam games have GFWL on their boxart. Doesn't mean they support GFWL.

Metro 2033 has this and it's on steam with no GFWL.

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Visual metaphor of Microsoft's PR strategy over the past three months.

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Only because of the next gen consoles. If GTA5 was a launch title for PS4 and Xbone, GTA5 would win hands down.

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We've been doing this already with the current generation. COD and Fallout especially.

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"Hand operating things"


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I'm surprised no one else had bought it before now.

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Free 2 Play will be the best approach for this game. It's gonna flop with pay monthly. Skyrim offers too much to justify this.

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Well in that case:

PS4: 4 x 176gb/s = 704gb/s.


Edit: I was being sarcastic. Pointing the idiot's maths flaw.

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Better the new way. I feel their sharing was just an attempt to save face after the onslaught that was the unveil.

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Valve just shat on Microsoft.


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This will be aimed at servers and super computers. Not gamers.

Heck, most PC games aren't even 64 bit.

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I'm sick of M16s in general. Pretty much every FPS game has them.

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