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This is why physical disks will always be required.

Digital will only be good for movies and small arcade games.

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Yep. This happened to me last week. Stole an Army truck then when I went back into vinewood it spluttered and came to a stop. I got out and saw the trail behind me.

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Having got a 360 controller for PC games, I'm upgrading to this when it's out.

Personally I don't like the X360 controller much. But most PC games support it.

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1080 - 900 = ?

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I wonder how much Microsoft have pressured them into saying this?

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What the title should say is:

"Activision: Now we need to start making an actual effort for COD."

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I'd say Nintendo's day are numbered, TV console wise as it the xbox's too.

I honestly think Sony, Valve and even apple are the future.

At least with apple gaining traction if MS were to pull out of the gaming industry.

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What's to say they'll all want an American console? Aside for the clone jokes that china has a negative stigma on, they could easily make their own console and have a more than ample user base in china alone.

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What happened to going outside for free? Does that require a subscription too?

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Goodbye thumbs.

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This'll be for server costs I presume. With all the money made from the game itself to go towards the next game.

Seems fair enough I guess. At least it isn't forced.

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Want this so badly. I nearly installed linux a few weeks ago but I have too many partitions already. :(

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Good. Now Valve and gamers can migrate to Linux and get away from Windows. Linix should offer more performance and security too.

Hope all PC games from now on are made on linux or ported to it.

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Not really. Taking an idea and expanding on it doesn't make it your own. That like me making a phone with a 3d holographic screen and saying I made the smart phone.

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No, he came up with the idea and series. Just because houser was more involved with GTA3 and beyond doesn't mean it's houser's series.

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David Jones, Scottish, created the GTA series.

The houser brother were involved but Mr Jones was the official creator behind it.

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And Wii u too?

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"beta tested in the future" sounds like it's going to mess up and then it'll need fixing. Ie testing next year. :/

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PC will be getting more fine tuning along with the next gen versions.

It's gonna happen. It always does. ^%&* load of money to be made from the PC PS4 and X1 not to do it.

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