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Doing gamers a favour there.

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@falviousuk pot kettle.

@all. I'm a PC fanboy, not a PS4 fanboy. And for the guy who said I'd be all for if it the PS4 supported it, I wouldnt't and I'm glad Sony aren't supporting it.

I am a firm believer in the good old form of buying games on disk and having local hardware do all the rendering. The reason I mention rendering is becasue that's what MS are trying to promote Aruzre as being it's main feature. Buying any game on it...

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I was. Just mentioning it before the usuals come in here and scream "PS4 fanboy" at me because I can see it for the fad that it is.

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Really wish MS would stop with the whole cloud nonsense. Steam has been doing it for 10 years already and has far more to offer than live.

I only think the cloud works for the saves and game / film sales. The whole "render in the cloud" and all X1 online being in the one big cloud doesn't appeal to me as something to consider if I was going to buy an X1.

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Isn't this the same as current PS3 regulations?

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Didn't they brag about this when the 360 launched but showed nothing the whole gen because they were too scared live would be hacked?

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I've never used shopto since KZ2 was released. Upon preordering that from them, myself and hundreds of other people had their bank accounts comprimised and I had £1000 stolen. I did get it back though but never bought anything from them since then.

They did also have the cheek to say it wasn't their fault either. Bellends.

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SSX Tricky too had some parts in Canada.

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Difference is day and night to me.

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The whole concept of "timed exclusive" and companies, primarily, Microsoft that pay for time exclusive are bad for the gaming industry.

It just makes me hate them and their consoles.

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What's to say it was all Sony fans? Could have been a load of Sega or Nintendo fans. Pokemon aint out till saturday. All that pent up testosterone and hetrosexual energy has to be vented somewhere.

Clearly it was at toys r us's youtube channel.

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Not to sound stupid but what does this mean? When I get an achievement and recording it the achievement popping up wont appear in the recording?

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Isn't GDDR5 more power efficient than GDDR3?

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That's a completely different comparison.

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The more you know...

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I didn't say "the same" I said "pretty much the same" which is different.

They are similar but the PS4 has beefed up versions.

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Yes it has. The PS3 stuggled because it had a completly different CPU, GPU and RAM setup.

This time both consoles have pretty much the same CPU, GPU and RAM albeit the PS4 has the beefed up version.

The Xbone won't pull a PS3 this gen.

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Yeah because it's just been release and it's only 11am here in the UK and 5am or something in the US. Wait 7 hours when people finish work then the servers will be packed.


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Should be a week at least before most people are able to play it.

Total server overload.

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This is why physical disks will always be required.

Digital will only be good for movies and small arcade games.

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