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I don't like Bethesda's greediness. It's not going to do their wallet or reputation any good.

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Maths. Not Math.

Hate when idiots say that.

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Pass thank you. I don't like pay monthly games. Skyrim is still providing me with more than enough entertainment not to mention I've still to complete the main story in Oblivion.

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Xbox 360 controllers work fine. As do many other makes. Microsoft are losing out over this one.

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X1 is like a PC but less powerful and has less advantages.

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If I were an indie developer, I'd chose Steam and the PS4 over the X1.

Much wider and varied audience.

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Should be built it. Like the DS3 back in 2008...

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2013 and it's still using AA batteries.


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No $&!*.

Just a feeble excuse to flog another COD title.

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Quadro cards aren't very good at gaming. But very good or rendering in the likes of Maya etc.

I used to have one years ago.

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Foaming, you could say.

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Obviously it's a fraud. It's just a cheap marketing ploy to fool the fanboys and gullible.

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Maybe this is the official bag to put over your head to stop the NSA seeing you.

I mean, if you can afford to be bent over for $500, a paper bag is just too peasantry.

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I dunno, I like how MMOs will be on the next gen consoles.

Should beat the flood of FPS games like you said.

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"You will only see the sony fantards supporting this kind of behaviour."

And here ladies and gentlemen is an example of irony.

From and xbox fanboy none the less.

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From Xbox 360 to Xbox Troll With Me.

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It ain't called the Master Race for no reason.

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Really? Haven't you seen their recent PR lately?

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What will the AA be like? Didn't the Forza devs mention they couldn't get good AA out of the Xbox one?

Wonder if multiplats will be the same.

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Go online and listen to the mic talk. It's full of kids.

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