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Although the beta wasn't the best way of showing it off, I am looking forward to this.

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Much rather have this than silly space lasers etc.

I'd still like BF5 to be modern. Ideally like BF4 but with more modern equiptment and weapons.

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Of course they'll say that. Its the same fan base every year that keeps this worthless and unoriginal series going.

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If it's WW2 then I hope it'll be like BF1942 and have 6 playable militaries in it.

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How people are defending a 900p 30fps game in this day and age is beyond me.

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Bull, some other company would have funded it. Probably EA.

It was a Scot that actually created the series though.

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Looks similar to BO2. Not a fan of space laser games much. Prefer modern weapons.


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This is just a "bbbbbut it's all about the gamez", unlike last gen which was constant "360 has better multiplats".

Honestly, if your spending ~£500 on a new "next gen" console, 1080p should be the standard resolution. If it can't do that, it's not worth the money or the respect.

In 2014, playing games in 720p isn't good enough in my opinion.

And before any calls me a fanboy or a graphics wh...

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There's a day one edition controller used in the demo rig in my local GAME.

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Crysis started off well but I was put off after the aliens. Shame.

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If she didn't look like such a meth addict, she might have had a case.



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It has a web browser. It even states if it you'd bother to look.

Samsung usb camera will work and has a mic built into it for audio/visual commands.

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Called it.

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Good. Means people will appreciate the money more now.

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GAME are a bit strange with this.

For the Xbox one all you need to go there was to tell them your name and phone number. But for the PS4 one you need your name, phone number, GAME card number and preorder number.


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PC has had gimped ports for years now. Nothing new.

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Pretty much sums up my lock in opinion too. It seriosuly isn't worth £430. The jump from the PS2/Xbox gen to te 360/PS3 gen was far more impressive and noticeable than the 360/PS3 to X1/PS4 gen.

If you have big hands like me, the new controller is a step backwards from the 360. It's more awkward to have you index and middle fingers on the bumpers and triggers at the same time than it is with the 360 controller.

The Dpad is better but I still pref...

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Tat like this better not count to the whole Guiness world record beef they have with Rockstar.

This is getting beyond pathetic.

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I wish sony would allow any USB headset to work to output both voice and game audio out into the headset. Would earn them move respect.

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