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Wow only ONE comment to bring up the Xbox. Didn't see THAT coming...... 🙄🙄

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The fact most ppl here dont even try to hide the fact they are fan boys is crazy to me. So let me get this straight. You're a GAMER but are bashing GAMES? I always found that weird.

I must be weird to want Mario/Metroid/Zelda to be great GAMES

I want Gears of War/Crackdown/Cup head to be great GAMES.

I want NieR Automata/God of War/Uncharted to be great GAMES.

But I guess I'm doing this gaming thing wrong.... ...

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Probably just patches for future hacks

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Maybe say "Microsoft exclusive"?

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I have all 3, im good

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Having a 4k player with the Xbox One X is pretty dope, I probably wouldn't have bought a stand a lone for a while.

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Hurts don't it?

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4k 60 NICE!

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