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It's a awesome game. Great story, action, love the music and lots of replay value.

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Love the fact Switch Axe won't lose sharpness when doing the explosive charge move. Can't wait for Jho 😎

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"Nope. Just a Microsoft troll. 😂"

Then why do I own multiple PS1/PS2s, 2 PS3s (phat and slim) , a PS 4, 5 PSPs, 2 PS Vitas and probably pull the trigger on that God of War bundle Pro?

Yes, you can tell I hate Sony...

And yes, I'M A GAMER. I play games not stupid politics for any company that really don't give two you know what's about us.

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Lol I don't see how even the PS fan boys can look at something like this and see how serious he is taking this. Like the PS brand hits his heart. Like Sony actually cares about this guy and would do anything for him. I'm sure loves you just as much. Ride that Sony Pony my dude!!!

"Xbox ppl" lolol

Omg I just can't.

All I know is I'm a GAMER. I play PS, Xbox and Nintendo systems. What? I'm not gaming right? ...

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*Starts slow clap*....... ""

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Bottom line, it's loud..

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"My pro is quite but the pitch of the fan"

Umm I'm pretty sure THAT'S what ppl are talking about. What else is going to make noise?

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Wow, talk about reaching just to Diss the Xbox. Love this site

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Nope PS fan boys said the same excuse if a game sells better on switch. These are actually PS fan boy rules I'm throwing at you.

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You're comparing the X to a portal system. Of course ppl are going to buy it because it's portable. You can't compair the switch to other Home systems.

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You said..

"It’s not even true 4k it’s mainly dynamic just like pro lol. Ridiculous"

And he responded with...

"Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy
----------------------------- -------------
PlayStation 4 Pro - 1440p

Xbox One X - Native 4K"

Them you responded with...

"and yet will be outsold by the switch edition despite being "4k&q...

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Your down votes speaks volumes about this site...

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I know! It's soooooooo funny right?
Let's all laugh at system sales. We are the cool ones...

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Wow are you 12?

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"Maybe not for the X1 fan boys, because they seem insecure in their purchases,"

Omg will you PS fan boys get off your high horse. Jesus you're the worse gamer ever. So you even hear yourself?

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Wow triggered much? Lol

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"The switch is doing a far better job of holding my interest than the Xbox one is"

Ok.... Thanks for that extra info...

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"Why are you being down voted for praising Xbox Game Pass? It's a phenomenal service"

Because N4G is a PS fan boy site.

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"This competition thing is getting really old"


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You mean just like PS fan boys wanted it to fail when the series went to the DS?

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