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He obviously never played Monster Hunter then lol

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My girl would agree lol

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And bring back the Pimp Walk!!!!!

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"That who you call businessman son"

Yeah like the guy that price increased those pills from like a few bucks to a few hundred.......awesome ppl

At least now this game is gonna get some better sales (which it deserves). This, Nintendo exclusives and Monster Hunter is why I bought a Wii U anyways.

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Man, thinking of Super Metroid with the extra space and CD quality music :3

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This guy was a programming God. Thanks for the the things hes done for gaming.

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WOW!! New 3DS LL sales went up 80,000 from 28,257 to 105,629 in one week!!! They should be running to launch MHX in the West. Hurry up Capcom!!

...1,542,104 units in its first two days of sale...

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I dont see how, look how HUGE a difference their is between them. 1 and 8 spots are far apart. Never cared for Fallout personally.

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COD sheeps lol

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Exactly lol

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Was wondering which preformed better. Guess Im getting the PS4 version

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Ok, but what about the USB Music Player App that this is about.....................

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Kick ass game!!!!!!!!

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Wife beating POS

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Exactly. My 8 gig card is already full. Im not going to spend ANOTHER $30 just to be able to get more downloadable games.....

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Agg still no Dragons Crown sale. I might pick up Monster Hunter Freedom Unite :)

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Good, I'll finally have a use for buying them years ago now lol

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Same here. I hope to death they support it and get it right.

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Agreed,I never have to worry what system a game comes on :)

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