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I definitely agree with F-Zero. Such an underrated game. Me and a couple of my neighbors growing up played the hell out of the N64 version. The Gamecube version was awesome too.

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Apocalypse and Crash Bandicoot definitely could have made the list.

I was also thinking about TimeSplitters, but I think I'd rather see a sequel than a remake.

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I agree 100%. Using no controller with the Kinect is what sold it, but it can also be it's downfall, just because like you said, everything has to be on rails.

Some of the Kinect games shown at e3 this year looked like they would be pretty decent, but without a controller to actually control where you're going, a lot of the experience of the game could be lost.

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I need to get Morrowind on my PC. The extra content from mods and not getting dirty disc errors every five mins on my Xbox would be nice.

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Some people wouldn't agree with you on that

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Finish KotOR, you'll like the ending.

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5$ says that nobody bothers watching those long-ass intros after the first day.

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Yeah, I thought I would be playing this game for a while. The first few days I played non-stop, but now I haven't even touched it in about a week.

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Only because I want to be playing right now and not typing :P

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I would assume he planned on making more copies of the one he bought and sell them for a decent profit.

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I think more people had fun with rock band than those who didn't. It's obviously a very successful franchise and there's no arguing that, that's why it made the list. I just don't enjoy it very much, mostly because I'm terrible at every instrument on there except the microphone.

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Yeah, my Halo 2 midnight release was a real shit-show. Had no idea what I was doing, apparently they were using some sort of ticket system or something to call people up. It was such a huge disorganized mess, me and my buddy were there until about 3 in the morning. This was back in highschool too so we had to be up in about 3 and a half hours.

The way they do it now though is pretty cool. Literally takes like 20 mins to cycle 200 or so people through to get their games. ...

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Johnny Sasaki in the first 2 Metal Gear Solids and his relative in the 3rd. Always having to use the bathroom at the worst possible times.

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A well done RPG would be a really cool idea. I wonder what they would have to do with the story though to make it work out. Maybe set it like a few (hundred) years after Halo 3?

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That was a huge deal on the playground back in elementary/middle school if you beat the water temple. I felt like such a badass after I beat it, but then felt like a huge girl when I stepped foot into the well.

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You can never be too old to do something you enjoy. Other people don't need to know what you're playing, and even if they do, who cares?

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No Morrowind or Pokemon games? :( I'm kinda surprised.

I'll have to give what you chose as number 1 a shot, I don't even think I've heard of it.

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Robot Unicorn Attack, Hell yes.

Hell Tetris is addicting in a masochistic sort of way too if you've ever tried it.

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I would ask for it back after getting the game to have it framed.

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I know what you mean about them blowing things way out of proportion. When I first bought my 360 back in the day with Oblivion, the people at Gamestop had me convinced that I was completely out of my mind if I didn't buy Table Tennis too. Quoting their exact words it was "the best game they've ever played in their lives".

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