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"love hardcore search and destroy"


pre orders cod ghosts is lower than activision expected but according to gamestop and amazon the are still way way a head of battlefield 4 #20.1.1
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The number one selling car brand in china is Buick. It's sad but china is probably more pro american when shopping then actually americans. I think Microsoft will be selling more than you would think. #6.2.2
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yeah and how many were replaced under warranty that didn't count as an extra sale. I replaced two of my Xboxes but under warranty I did not have to buy another one retail. #3.1.4
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so forza does not work because you need do an online update. But you then say more people playing drive club and that's what ONLINE racing is all about. this sony fanboy stuff on n4g is ruining n4g. #1.3.9
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I don't think the Wii U would have a chance to out sell the X1. If the X1 fails hard and only sells 40 million then Microsoft will replace the x1 sooner. They won't let go of the xbox brand. If they replace it sooner then it might hurt ps4 sales, because it might cause sony to replace the ps4 sooner. In a way we need all three to succeed to extend the generation. People forget that the Wii, 360, and ps3 were all successful last gen, no mater who sold the most. #4.2
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then don't buy a ps4 you have to pay play online on the ps4. #7.2
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what does cross game chat have to do with annoying kids on call of duty. If anything cross game chat helps solve that problem. I have a ps3 and a 360 and the 360 does update and download a lot faster. You may not have a problem with download speeds because you are only use to playing on ps3. #2.2.2
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every gamer on this site should read the link you posted. That was the best example of what Microsoft can do with the power of there cloud system. I am more excited for the xboxone/and the future of cloud based gaming. Microsoft should hire that guy to help them explain it to gamers. #1.1.32
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with the xbox controller it is not just about the placement of the analog sticks but it also has better resistance when moving the sticks. the ps3 controller's analog sticks are to easy to move. it causes a lot of over aiming when you are use to the 360 controller #10.1.2
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to be honest seven years ago blu ray wasn't needed for games. the 360 started feeling the affects maybe within the last year and a half. Blu ray was needed for movies was the big deal then not games #1.1.3
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I always enjoyed the old sim cities and was planning on enjoying this one but, I just went through three weeks with no power due to hurricane sandy in new york. If I spend months dedicated to buliding a city to loose it because of some hurricane or winter storm for a day or weeks is a horrible design #14
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why can't I buy a Wiiu, and wait for the shocker, The Next Xbox and PS4. Nintendo this year, most likely microsoft next year, and sony the year after. I'm a gamer first i'll find a way to spend the money on all three. To many great games exclusive to each company. No need hate on any system. And if you can't afford to get them all, then pick the one or two that you think will be the best for you. only a fool would pass up a system based on graphics alone. base it on the games. #1.5.1
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I have both xbox360 and ps3. I have learned to buy only sony exclusives for my ps3 and buy all multiplats for the 360. multiplats seem to have better deals with xbox or less glitches, and even for the most part look a little better. Which makes no sense to me because the ps3 is a lot more powerful than the 360. #18
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I enjoyed the mortal kombat remake a lot more than i ever thought. Hope they keep the same gameplay with this. #2
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im sorry but did you play the medal of honor that came out in 2010. That had to be the worst shooter this generation. I understand that people may be getting bored of call of duty, but recommending medal of honor over a cod is a joke. #22.1
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Put my copy up for sale on eBay, trying to recoup my loses. Got up to a level 23 and just got bored. I gave it a good honest chance but in heart I am a brainwashed sheep of a cod player. I need the quickness of that game and I really only play hardcore search and destroy. I know the disagrees are coming. I do think bf3 is a great game, just not my cup of tea. #15
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Let's see in two months from now it will be 1 mw3 2 black ops 3 mw2. 4 halo remake 5 bf3. Where is bc2 on this list or that last hyped better than cod before bf3 medal of honor joke. That's right where bf3 will be in one year, not even on the list. Sorry people on this website need a reality check. Sorry edit I could not see bf2 at number 16 so maybe bf3 will be near the bottom of that list. #11.1
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Insanely fast matchmaking are you kidding me? Have you ever even played cod. Matchmaking doesn't get any faster than that. Bf3 you can't quickly mute messed up mics or annoying people, trouble trying to get more than four friends in a game, can't quit out after winning a match without waiting to start another or dash boarding. Bf3 matchmaking might be the slowest and the worst in all fps #9.1
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I'm sorry but whats so totally different about bc2 and bf3. It s newer more evolutionary, but not different. And the lifetime sales of bf3 will be great but I don't think they will come close to the lifetime sales of the first modern warare #19.3
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What throne was bc2 on? #9.1
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