love hardcore search and destroy


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must be getting old can't tell the the difference. sometimes the x1 looks darker in certain scenes.

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I have the easiest fix for the xbox one version. I play forza 6. And if you have the ps4 version there is very simular fix too, By any other racing game on ps4.

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why does it seem like with 35 million ps4 sold to 18 million xbox one sold, I would think that ps4 games would actually sell a lot more than there xbox versions. Is xbox one attachrate that much better. remove the exclusives and compare the multiplats and yes ps4 games are outselling xbox one games but not by that much to justify the difference in console sales in my opinion.

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For me it is gears of war 4. But it is not the only reason I own a xbox one for!

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Who cares if it true backwards or not. It works, and works very well. Nothing plays off the disc on a xb1 or ps4 for that matter anyway.

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great game and even with the season pass mess. batmobile missions could of been toned down in amount.

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had a lot of fun with transformers. I think it is half off right now on xbox one.

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I think Bloodborne should win, but tomb raider in my opinion is beter than witcher 3 and fallout 4.

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do you really believe what you just wrote. Yes ps4 is the big sales leader, but i think xbox has more than a decent foothold in the us/uk, and xbox is making money for microsoft. I dont think you have to concern yourself if there is a next xbox or not

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why don't they bring up how good gears of war looks and plays online . Plus you got every gears game for a low price.

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only thing that anyone who actually owns a xbox one would agree with is the loading times, but everything else you just said is bull

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next year there will be a gears 4 elite controller. At least thats what I'm hoping for

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bought both rotr and fallout 4, and to be honest if I had to choose only one after playing them both I would pick rotr.

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if they were going to release gears 4 on pc they would also release forza 6 and halo 5

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okay we can reword it as sony does not have the infrastructure right now that microsoft has in their azure servers. yes ps4 could do it but sony is billions of dollars behind.

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gears says hi

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why would they grant a license for black ops 1, if they are not doing other call of duties. seems odd that black ops 1 is they only confirmed cod.

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It is now sold out.

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You do know that the game even on disc installs on the hard drive, so Space is a problem no matter if its a disc or digital. I spent 35 dollars on ebay for a usb 2tb seagate hardrive. problem solved, when that fills up I will delete the older games i dont play anymore and just incase i want to play them I will just reinstall

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project cars is the worst game I have purchased or played this generation

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