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"love hardcore search and destroy"


whats the difference in price 10 a year big deal. #2.5
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danowat + 21m ago
I hate the fact you can't return the main screen back to full screen without backing out to the "desktop" first :(

just say xbox unsnap #6
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after reading that long ramble, I have one question what games are you playing right now. I'm playing titanfall right now and that is the reason I have an xboxone. #13.2.3
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To be honest i like the idea of xbox buying nintendo better. #21.1
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maybe on ps4, but titanfall will crush it on xbox1 #15.1
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here is the real question. which game will sell more gt6 on ps3 or forza 5 on xbox one? If gt6 was a ps4 launch game I think it would of outsold forza. Compare sales of these two games and it will tell what sony should of done with gt6. #38
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when will people learn, in business sales are sales and it doesn't matter the reasons why. If Microsoft can take advantage of sony's lack of production than good for Microsoft. Sony is not the same company it was ten/twenty years ago. Sony is making to many business mistakes. #28
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Microsoft has something called titan fall, and that will be bigger than infamous and watchdogs combined , and xbox one has watchdogs also #4.2.4
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i have over 15 years in the retail business. the reason why there are some xbox one day one editions becoming available now is when your a big company like best buy, walmart, target, or even game stop you order all your xbox one or ps4 into these big regional warehouses and not directly to the stores that sell them. the warehouses divide up the units by the volume of each store and then hold few from shipping for customer service, in case of missing or stolen units , or damaged units from shi... #3.3
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i decided to wait on ryse because of the low review scores and get other games first, then my friends started playing it telling me how great it is. #2.2
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I installed five games last night when I hooked it up. forza and battlefield were real quick. madden dead rising took a little longer. But for some reason cod ghosts took about 45min wish I knew why but it was the first one I tried to play #2.1.9
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what if it has to do with the rumor of itunes coming to the x360 and xboxone. #8
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didn't you here the 3d craze is over. #2.1.3
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who in there right mind would by a ps4 and not pay for playstation plus #5.2
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depends on how you look at the numbers. how many customers did Microsoft gain during the 360 era vs. how many customers sony lost during the ps3 era. that's how this next gen is going to see who wins too. #4.4.2
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bet you are still waiting for gears of war to make it to playstation. Since epic owns gears and they can do what they want. been hearing that for years now. #1.4.1
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30 million people who play cod love it. 500 people on n4g say it sucks. Makes me wonder who is right. The real gamer just plays games. i'm getting a xbox one and ps4. excited for both systems. Personally the single game i'm most excited for right now is titanfalls. and activision does not need to pay people to praise cod , they have the biggest fanbase . #1.3.1
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I completely agree. Chrono Trigger is my favorite rpg of all time. Don't make them like they use to. #2.1
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what you just said makes no sense to me. if halfway through a new star wars it switch to a video game it would still be better at 60fps than 30 fps. the human eye can't tell the difference between the two anyway. that's why movies stop at 24 fps does not make sense for a movie to go faster. But 60 fps second response time for controls is way better than 30 fps. you almost made it sound like going from 30 fps to 60 fps was like hitting the fast forward button on a vcr. #17.1
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the WiiU is as current as the ps3/360. it's next gen in nintendoland only. #2.1.5
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